The case of me being a coward that is afraid of everything that moves, which then makes the source of all people see me do beats my imagination in every case every time – I mean it does not make any sense while the reality is still that the gits involved in telling this story always need to set a stage for me to get involved in a violent situation and never listen to anybody because its all about what they want and even in terms of setting a stage for people to get involved with violent situation, I am doing better than they are in the first place. Such that if this were to lead to an outcome in which I got involved with a violent situation and it contravened all of the teachings of the Bible and nothing could be salvaged from the way that I had behaved, I had therefore lost the Office of an Arch Prince, it would not have mattered because the jobs their stupidities have which gets to their heads have always been far more important, looking for trouble their stupid Politicians will secure some privilege of injustice for them to cope with by. I mean it is usually said that in the world of evolution, the most beeline is usually the strongest and we know they have been complaining about me a global stage protest twice in a row so far.

The other side of this story is then largely that talking about it makes it worse but I am not talking about any of it, I am just setting them some work of my own that they can do as well; if I have not mentioned that they are narcissists who like to hurt other people and tell lies about it so they might continue to a point where they cannot be told off then I have not been talking about it – if I have not pointed out that when they had spent so much of their time doing so, its impossible to work out how they are to pay their way in the world, their stupid Politicians show up at Government buildings to spend other peoples property on them as mine has been handled so far, only so start off insults at the other end that encumber recovery on grounds of whom their stupidities think should be handling problems, I have not been talking about it – if I have not mentioned that we have done all the rounds to prove that it is usually better for everybody concerning their need to get the hands up peoples bums, rip up the academic work, finances, health and everything else, that they were poor and hence allowed people some personal space simply because of the sheer distance that has existed between them and their prospective victims, I have not been talking about it. So, none of my activities have been set out for the purpose of explaining what they are doing to the rest of the world like their foolish media goons have continued to make out it has.

The suggestion is that what this shows was rather that I have not been taking a clear position on the matter while they continue to claim that inflicting them with poverty to ensure they kept their distance is that which I would never get away with. The reality of course is that for my position to be clear, we would be talking about whether or not we lived in a consent based society and after which one more case of a distant sexual abuse will mean I start my own gimmicks to ensure they saw the end of their popularity and alternative lifestyles as well and I am sure this is not what the insolent politicians really want. As for the business of not getting away with a process of inflicting them with poverty, the reality is that I will as I am an Arch Prince and got a Royal Commission before they became famous never mind minding myself an equity Empire during the same time, so for those who would lose jobs over it, probability is that they got the top job some 5 years after I started equity broker with the Company that employed them and I have my justification as well i.e. everything in this world at this stage, from Celebrity culture to media and commodity markets and stock markets are now being operated on the basis of abusing people and these things were not done that way before they were born. The story of how I cannot stand their stupidities being financially successful and comfortable is not an emotive one either; if it does not tell me like we were mates that its culture which I would not dare handle is where everything about me can disappear never to be recovered or get replicated for stupidities that can show up anywhere to rely on me, it will have nothing to complain about besides which I have had enough of it at this stage and plan to sack it for them if they have trouble quitting while they were winning.

It is still a matter that got completely out of hand because of the involvement of the entertainment industry with my concerns; they pick up equities I have developed here to support people with self-provided security and set off making films with it, not long after there were school shootings and cinema shootings and I was a twerp that had no money while the criminals bought more films and Liberal American Politicians had great ideas. So I really don’t know why I do it for my part all together bearing in mind the scumbags have not yet decided they want to get involved with me only when they had bought and read copies of my Books which define my career in the first place. So as it stands it’s the amount of work I have had to do to get everything running again and to get everybody finding out where I am located via social media – now it has become obvious the Court I create for Celebrities exist to help me oppress them as well and that if they were complaining about this being a product of their alliance with the criminals they buy their Class A drugs from etc, its not clear why we are having this conversation on the basis of claims that I am a coward that is afraid of everything that moves either – so at this stage I know I can oppress them if I wanted by means of a Court of Popular culture Celebrities that will likely pick up bits of my work and get off to somebody’s music studio to seek a career if they cannot sell and buy their drugs without getting up peoples private parts – I know I can do the same with Society trouble makers with respect to the Court of Journalists I built for the purpose – I know I can do the same with Industry goons with respect to the Fashion Models’ Coven I had built for the purpose but the one with question is the Film stars and this sort of talk about me being coward is an example of how they start, then look like they want to kick it off talking nonsense about how I would get into trouble with the might of Hollywood if I tried anything unusual, it will never likely mean that I sack it until only Film stars that have arrangements with me are left standing, likely to be the only condition I may be a happy person, at least in terms of what the Public sees for a change. Criminals do not buy more products than normal people where I am from even if criminals spent more money on products and of course it is delusional to think that some Entertainment Industry Politics has taken precedence over the concerns of this Office.