Now I am said to spend most of my time inventing ways of doing things people have expressly shown displeasure for and I could never make out where the ideas come from anyway, not that it needs to be resolved, as it is mostly a matter of the fact that some people have access to the tools that can help them decide what other peoples reputation was. However to chase the issue in its own right, these people are the ones spending time doing things I don’t want to me, while I spend my time tolerating it and experiencing abdominal discomfort for doing so all day long, they have even derived some new forms of happiness narcissism that helps them sell things and get rich from it and I simply have to rely on the structures I have built for the purpose of making sure that when they had become accustomed to it, they have to roll it back and experience the abdominal discomforts as well in the process – otherwise it still comes down to the one issues of not seeing them show up near my Books and academic work and an end to the experience of feeling them follow me around. I do get asked why it is that although there isn’t a real reason for tackling me, the need for them to tackle me is so intense but its an old story about getting rich quickly and making easy money – so they always promise that they will peddle my faith and personal life and public image irrespective of how much I had put up to ensure it did not happen.

They do always claim there is nothing I can do about them either way, while reality is largely more a matter of the fact that I hardly find else where the sort of assault that Media, Celebrities and Politicians conduct on other people’s academic work and career like I have seen them conduct it on mine; apparently no such thing was done to them, so they passed the exams and got three jobs, where one job provided them money that made them superior, the other was the business of handling me and the third was the business of getting rid of any structures I have built to ensure that when they had gotten accustomed, they had to roll it back and suffer the turmoil that I have, as for doing anything about it, we all know the reality is that I have simply decided not to do anything about it and it does appear that when people do nothing, they tended to carry on forever; so if they push me beyond this stage, I am really going to get into a habit of finding out what it is exactly a collection of lawless goons sitting around at Publicity apparatus to spend other peoples best made plans for the future and for living on their stupid selves, are going to do about me for my part as well.

There is this story they bring up that I am a waste of space and it is the reason people like to tackle me but I am not a waste of space, what happens is that these idiots decide when others are to make money and this generally means that while I do all the work, they run off publicity that wastes the income as I am doing the work, looking like characters the government needs a special task force to control. The first time it became an issue was when I could never stop bumping into subliminal messages in their stupid communities about peddling my faith and personal life and building popular culture to get rich with on my Public image – it led to the business of claiming that I prevent people from doing these things because I wanted to dictate how people made money, while their stupid politicians spent tax payer funds wrecking the academic work and finances for me, as they spent some more helping them out with their financial issues. What has changed since then is that they have seen me over a period of five years or more and I am still in the same place, so they are such nice people that love a good reputation that they want to decide when I make money, giving rise to this outcome where they can make out my whole life is now in the hands of media and celebrities and I could never get it back, as stupidly as possible.

I get asked about these other Court of Female Journalists I talk about all the time and its largely the old tale of the only people I have met, who do not spend their time being nice to me for the purpose of leaving their backyards and front porches and the roads that lead from their homes to let them access the world and then spending their time on me and on mine making trouble for everybody – like the other ones who ensure their imagination goes up my anus all the time because they want me to get into a fight and when I handle them, they build communities of scum with ideas about what to do to me and show up to run me down all the time suggesting I need to become a woman with that big mouth they have got and we all know that in their case, it is easy for me to show I am far more manipulative when I support security services by pushing them to shoot and stab each other in the neighbourhoods all the time. In the end its still the case of my academic work and finances being assaulted by society and culture and media and Political idiots, who need to keep away from my academic work and stop following me around if they are complaining about me as well. In the case of University studies where these things follow me around; we find they need to peddle my faith and personal life and public image and the popular culture goons have gotten involved with the way I had defended myself, made the money and did none of the work, leaving every local twerp to show up and gawp over my body type until I dropped out and that was only possible because the University ones got off on an angle of their own well finding some really bad black people for them to deal with for their part in the matter altogether, pushing off the punished culture and society twerps that want to live in my anus all together while they complain and claim there was a favour they did me which they were going to stop doing when they are really out of their depth all together – so this was in 2008 and the year date of this piece of writing in response to a day event is in 2019 i.e. Celebrities are people who meet crowds and help the crowds feel as if there was more energy than they thought they had, they make money from this but the life threatening problem I am facing now is what they do with that money on matters that are really none of their business – so the next time they threaten me, I will take up the business of their need to hang around somewhere being protecting by private security industry, spending peoples best made plans on themselves in the most lawless arrangement imaginable, for the sole purpose of getting them to prove what it is exactly their stupidities can do about me. I have no idea where they got this theory that I spend my time coming up with idea on how to ensure what others do not want done is being done. They gratify themselves when they claim this is all the British learning to live with the fact other people’s exist, while the reality is largely a matter of the fact the UK is a constitutional Monarchy and we do not have Aficionados that protect Fashion idiots while they insult, abuse and completely wreck other peoples lives to express decadence and dart around those insults that churn peoples tummy and will likely do anything for money but then again when common people say we need more sex as we are British, they like to make out its not just a joke but a sense of superiority – the British version of their insanity will be the part where I am speaking of things I have already done and its pointless to do so while reality is more than each time I return from any of these matters, I find my earnings are all gone because Celebrities are more comfortable earning the income that I should have been earning as stupid can get – needs to stop threatening me, if it is complaining and does not want to push these matters further. They do claim I think I can get my life looking the way that was which I can, provided I stopped them damaging my property to put up the appearance I have been affected and damaged by their stupidities, the way we obviously have in our whole lives seen them give their own to the frugal; I mean it shows up to cling to my Books and can never keep its mouth shut about anything and every thing that will make a mess of it until it become a plaything for civil rights idiots and then it is happy that I will find it difficult to make money and regularly shows up to build a crowd that likes me as a freak who protects himself from money freaks and twisted people who want Government office to serve them by killing their enemies – it never stops suggesting it has achieved much when I have not yet been talking about its career in an abusive way until it had ended up in such a place and will not stop getting on my nerves to keep up these appearances and still then again, there is the other group of fools who live in my anus basically and I will do nothing about these goons until the fact when these sorts of idiots think they can control peoples finances they never stop until big public problems had emerged starts to produce some real world results.

I am well aware of the complaint that I disturb people with what I am doing but I would rather have preferred just writing the Books everyday instead of talking about it, except that would have meant that this place becomes so noisy with the busy body opportunism of popular culture, media and stock markets, that I have to select the least stressful route to do anything I want to do because I think I will not see the age of 60 – the primary premise being that writers are usually famous people and or celebrities and I am neither of the two, so people really do need to be disturbed from my point of view as it were. The other story they tell is that the Americans are killing my career but no such thing is really happening; what happens with the idiots is that I wrote a Book they found disturbing, so in order to ensure people did not get disturbed, they wrote one that they could sell on the market I had built and its an example of why its so difficult for people to explain why they hate my guts unless I had explained it, especially on the matter of the idea I think I am very clever but I am not – what we know of this being that they were A Grade students who had not sorted out their mobility problems, soon after they will have issues with elitism as well and I will be the one who has the answers to the problems but by the time they are done, I had dropped out and yet it was always as simple as regard for others and not being such a selfish jerk all the time – whereby the Celebrities think being friendly is when you are stuck with society trouble makers which is the dirty aspect of their great fame for instance, even when you have not asked them for any friendship, the clever bits being that I am not an A grade student, just able to give the Culture and society trouble makers a bit of a paddling if they gave me one without failing the exams and it is so important that I was allowed to pass them as it were. I do get told I have no means to deal with society and culture trouble makers, which is utter nonsense; I built myself a Court of Female Journalists at the age of 23 and that was more than a decade and a half ago, while they can never stop hurting their bottoms by claiming I belong on the left when I don’t – so what they must be talking about is the fact that I am young with good reputation but have no money and they have been in the work force 20 years before I was born, had time to make enough mistakes for a life time and build a savings they can persecute me with; I mean talking about it in terms of the fact that they are simply prepared to put up their money and hurt people by is dangerous, same as going down the route that suggests they should be made to buy products whether they liked it or not which means either I or somebody else gets into government Office to make it happen, so as they say, they can look at the goods when they think it means something to them but have a problem paying for it because the money will make me successful and respectable but they are not allowed to touch it if they are complaining already as we speak – its much the same when I talk about the fact they come up with these strange ideas when there is an economic crisis and we wished that they had when the economy was healthier but that will never happen at any point in the future  because they covet, they are evil and twisted and do not mind wasting other human beings for their gimmicks, they covet and so a recession tends to reveal how rich people live and sets them on a path to war with young people who are broke but have a good reputation (in terms of the business of disturbing neighbourhoods, I need to ensure they knew what I know, so that I do not have to pay the price for their stupidities all the time, the way we see media help them accomplish, on account they believe me to be on the side of freedom and democracy to such an extent; the part of their financial needs worked by media of vandalism wrought here with the help of a media that allows them extract an income from my reputation and public image as disobediently as possible has always been done with a sense of ultimate achievement when they wrecked my personal relationships which they do as a method of making sure all the hateful and evil and bad feelings expressed in public places end up in my life and that of those I have a relationship with because there is enough love there to absorb it, creating a world that men feel comfortable to live in and thereby facilitates the getting rich bits that they sell on as equity, they have always explained their position as one of hate toward me over it because although they have done it before and knew what potential consequences would be, on considering they were so superior to me, they did not think that those consequences whether or not they existed would have affected them).