So it is fair to begin with the story of how those who were never popular at school tend to inherit the world of which those who were not popular with the students would have been popular with the teachers who of course would never have mentioned that such persons were in the first place, thus the prognosis having no basis on reality. Like the story of people like me being scared of revolution when in actual fact revolution is a process where people who cannot do a job but continue to cling to it are removed from office and some are narcissistic enough to tell the revolutionists they will only be removed over their dead body which is exactly what happens but otherwise it is always a process of power hand over. What we have with these fools however is that it is the tyrants that are speaking and from that angle makes no sense whatsoever; these idiots cannot seem to be able to do anything without being seen getting a system of support that helps them keep their feet which is 100% based on telling everybody around them what to do and I was born and raised for this and know of course that with any position of authority comes another 6 years at most of peace and then after it all goes to hell as they become what they really are and it shows all the time, the story about where I belong and how HM took me into the Royal family so that a none royal can show them how to get around the powerful common people blah, blah, blah of which I will do their stuff again so they can better tell the difference the next time too as it were, so it does imply that their minds are not straight unless I am being told what to do and in the same vein they are in some way telling the Monarchy what to do as well, so we are aware they are tyrants and talking about revolution is not that which we expect to see from them or indeed should any normal person. They are what the Labour party is wholly comprised of and the Labour party has become too big for the rest of parliament not because there aren’t people that can control them but because the others seek their trappings of power to a state where you do not tell an idiot that a thing that has arisen on his right hand side or left hand side changing your body language so you can put your conversations and arguments straight to him while he does not have to pay you the same courtesy has nothing whatsoever to do with the order of the day because if you do, you will lose it and come common people will feel they are equals when you are actually trying to take their Royal possessions away from them, which then pushes something they all do in parliament to make the statement that sounds like you must give up all you have to get involved in politics into something of a provocation and a need for confrontation that they expect to be given a privilege of injustice from as well – so it has become bigger than them and stays that way too as it were.

The point I am making is that these people are pure evil and when it really comes down to it the only thing that is being done here between me and them is a tit for tart situation of preventing people from using government to wreck the finances of a Christian that is me so that they might be able to force me to commit sins against God for the trappings of power; they have turned it into a competition for gayness and do not like it very much when I mention slavery and slave trade along with civil rights movements and how gay they can become with that too if they wanted, so in that way they have a real problem. The last thing we hear is that the main issue black women especially have with me is that they consult their juju in the morning and before mid day they have come across an activity of mine which has created a reality which means it has no purpose and that it is the reason they attack me all the time and the need to have sex with the Christian has become a National issue; what we hear is insults from me towards women that are older than I am who if they have sex with me will definitely have had their last fucking sex in this life and the next as it were, we hear from the men that I dont like it when people boss me around as well and that it is important for people to teach fans of tyranny like me what it is all about, when everybody knows it is a matter of my leadership and the Nation being the centre piece for all that nonsense i.e. I can never be and nothing else will exist until they and not me are leaders, so maybe they will destroy enough, like we are talking about it at the moment on account they pick on me when I am not eating properly and make media statements of it and then I will step down and then they will become leaders and people will never accept them until the Nation is totally ripped apart – so until the value of every penny of tax payer funds spent to make me commit sins is recovered they will never be free of me and it is never as simple as things I get myself involved with and then complain about as much as it’s a matter of the Christian committing sins being something that government funds and international media are trying to accomplish because he has no right to exist as a decent human being when they are around on account they do the devils work for him with their own hands, leading to one more threat of revolution and then the whole process of containing them and twisting them to extricate their better half and use it to run a business will give way to the fight they seek as well. It is the way to ensure they understand I am only guessing that their newly found need to do business and industry must be the challenge at hand; for an opportunity to show the claim it is all a force for reaction and not biblical wickedness as equally as the one about how it is a matter of competition will not suffice. We do hear the story of a an inclusiveness problem with the Church and I still cannot tell why people think those stories are worth telling or listening to myself: I mean women for example have a Church activity known as retreat and it comprises of leaving everything and spending a day or two with the family at Church, some fast in the process some do not, sometimes the Church leaders impose a fast for everybody - questions are why they call it a retreat and how it shows the inclusiveness of popular culture - why popular culture people raise these issues thinking that Christianity is fundamentally intrusive as a result of its gospel and that every woman as this case may apply, who gets involved with them is in trouble in the sense that they will never be able to get involved with anything else on account it will have cost them more and more of their dignity everyday because they think they have all the aces at their disposal, of which is not actually true. As for me, they say the two questions are that of what I hope to achieve by my activities and of course why I never address the issue of how insultingly I treat others - of which the answers to the former are that I have with my Church teachings of morality alongside a strict discipline code which means I have to be an upstanding citizen, have done nothing wrong to deserve being kept out of my studies and therefore a good working job for 14 years and counting using the highest levels of public office and government funds along with National Media, so like people say I want their companies and possessions and need to have the problems alongside it as well when they are the ones stealing my market after wrecking my quality of living with their personality competition and the answer still remains the same i.e. when they now have to decide what they want to do with popular culture goons as well since the last time I checked, those were really the people who deserved to have financial problems and not me. For the latter question however, I am the one suffering insolence here because people expect me to do The Christian that is Royalty and is all over the place but I have only done The Christian that is Royalty and that is it - so the result as it stands is that no matter who I am, there will be no respect for me, and they do need to get out of my face and spend time on their own problems, even though I have to confess the reasons i do not mention that they need to is the simple fact that a process where people expect every bit of involvement with women to mean a sin against God and thereby turn out to get through the defences that God had built for your spirit to corrupt it and make you angry all the time which then becomes a National issue for their Politicians and media and for them something they can confiscate when there is a revolution, which is the same things The Labour Party and their Scottish Nationalists Counterparts do, hence an example of how Tyrants have realised that staying in power for long means being a fan of the Royal Family and winning elections at all cost, is nothing but pure evil and the convenience they seek from it when it is not their business so they can extricate decadence later will not suffice.