Starting from the very beginning will have to do with not letting out of the mix the part where there are western Russians and there are western Chinese and so on – these guys want to run their countries as normal and run their economies at the central government – Asia is Asia and Persia is Persia but the west is the way everybody must be, America is the way it is wished on media endlessly that everybody else’s country was – they say it is the amount of problems they can create with my work to show me my inferior place in the world, I say the books have yet to kill enough of them too in that case. It is never true either as the black ones claim, that I am taking out their trash with my slurs and so on, if I were, the reality should have shown that the purpose is to keep their trash for them where they normally get famous so that we can find out how the two will exist together hence make sense of them getting involved with me. They even call me the dunce these days and they have been doing that several times on several important occasions and on media several times at this stage and I think I have danced around that issue of attacking people who get involved with me rather than those at their size and level when they know they are block heads for long enough: the violent bits is just the part where everybody knows they always say there is nothing I can do but we will hear the complains soon enough and more so when I build a public life for it as well. It has never been a problem and I am certainly not taking out their trash either: the reality is the same as wondering what I am doing academically in order to extricate an understanding that the writing career is supposed to make their lives hell to back me up while I study – they do say that since there are book products from it, it is not a temporary thing and that I look for trouble so as well but of course they have sold music CDs for their part too and it is the main thing they rob in my face and get connected to politicians as a result of somebody they have extracted power from as well as the new found desire to connect with industry in the same way as well, so the books must be sold too so that we can find out how famous they will get. The part about violent threats is well understood but everybody knows people like to control the lives of those who threaten them as equally as everybody knows how nasty they can get and why nobody should do anything with respect to violence in their direction in a brash way when they could have had a proper plan and gotten them seriously beaten up as well.  I mean how do you tell them it is distracting and how do you tell them it is destructive and how do you tell them it is above all else very abusive – except putting out their trash for them where they are supposed to get famous? I have never thought it a problem in any way it’s a matter of specific vengeance for specific offences – I mean the only reason they continue to call me names is that they are frustrated about their foolishness and how much it fails them alongside their inability to learn and for that always get involved with me to get self confidence and run off to secret places that Politicians prepare for them to get involved when they want some tax payer funds spent on them and that constitutes my problem as well because their Politicians have no wish to have conversations with others without pulling my legs too which makes a senseless case of their complains over my activities as well. So for this the revenge is specific, for the part where blacks especially the women want to see me filthy and homeless because I am a Christian and hence handle my property to that effect the revenge is specific too and so is it for the whites who damage my finances because of the need to see fear in my eyes when they tell me to leave their Country because I have refused to give them something they want from me: so if they issue violent threats the revenge will operate with violence as well and we all know a process of getting out of bed to move into my right hand and threaten me is not a social issue and everybody understands how nasty they can get which means nobody wants to handle them around here without a very good long term plan as well. I hear they say it is corruption but that is not a conversation I am interested in either – I am only interested in stupid little boys and girls are frustrated because they are lazy and want to own what they see which clearly as far as they are concerned does not exist because somebody created it or paid for it as it were – this of course everybody knows progresses to a state of mind that means they are confident that as their parents told them you and the way you look and your nice manners means that you are prepared to tolerate all kinds of nonsense from them so they can make progress with their stupid lives: - it leads right back to the same old issue of having lots of expensive attention to pay them and all of it is about the one where I worked for fame and it became their own but for those who buy those music CDs, they keep playing a part for them and being an accomplice and we are not in the 12 year of Politicians using them to hold me down and exchange the personal life of a Christian for their own which is screwed up with all kinds of wickedness they have dabbled into for power – something they are needlessly happy to be a part of before we hear the other tales that follow as well and since it has begun to affect my own quality of life all together and they have begun to brag about how comparative priv8ileges of their wickedness has exchanged lives between me and them, it must be punished and I will give them something to buy as well. I mean if I saw people decades older than I am saying something about fame among their age group that are where I want to be and what I want to be involved with and the reason would be that I want to get a job at the end. So rechecking whether or not I take out people’s trash – say it is based on a misunderstanding they will have to clear up entirely at their own expense and of course do need to get involved with people at their level as well and leave me alone; yes we hear the part where it is about making sure I am publicly seen slaving away to create equality due to how I rob people but of course it is not just how being successful means you are lazy but also a matter of those alternative societies they have built around reverse psychology that they will work with absolutely everybody that is their fucking mate which I want to completely destroy because it means that once their stupid girls and women get on the media on account it exists pillaging my finances is something they never run out of ideas doing while selling deviance on my career is something it is not their fault they can do all the time with Popular culture; they always have something to counter everything I say to create security against them for my sales at the business on that stupid media with it and never run out of ideas because it has been allowed to exist, which of course is a personal choice I don’t want existing at my expense anymore – I have no clue where they found this dunce they claim to describe here all the time anyway and of course even with that the path to securing a none interference from them over my academic work to extricate fame and fortune is not yet a certainty. So if they think they have got the guts considering they fared very well the first time – then another attack on the lazy cunts that get away with wealth that belongs to everybody is something they want to kick off right away.

So if the track of what I have said is lost the simple fact is that I have written my books to back me up while I get back to my academic work and concentrate on my profession thereof and I have answered the question of whether or not it is temporary and it is thereof as temporary as their abusively insolent music CDs and the pillaging of my career like that to make the fortunes of popular culture they have today are temporary too. It’s been 12 years of their Politicians spending other peoples taxes to do these things and yet my leadership is open to everybody’s dip, they have got more wealth than I have and they are better leaders and better persons as a matter of fundamental existence than I am – all questions they were asked to supply answer for as it were, which is therefore not why it is this personal. It has also been a great opportunity to undo that silly myth that such actions are largely taken by those who are incapable of tolerating others as a result of a religion that has twisted their minds. They do say I have lost my grip on society and men on one hand and on the other say I bring these things upon myself – for the former I have no idea where they got prove of that anyway, since I am rather aware that getting out of bed to provoke somebody and run around the media having conversations with others by pulling his legs while your popular culture idiots cash into his earnings by leaning on him when they are nice and savaging his markets when they want power and will be fans of nothing else but those who behave in that way, it is clearly a social and political issue and not a process of finding out if you can get some trouble from him as well despite the fact you are complaining about getting it from others currently. For the latter however I am aware that if I do not annoy myself regularly nobody has the means to move into my personal life to sit in it and have peace while they make sure I can never rest so that they can use me as a weapon against their enemies but I do it for very good reasons hence I agree I bring it upon myself but it is about taking my work seriously in order to reach a balance i.e. when they are evil people unless there is prognosis that their wickedness is practiced on the basis on intentions to work it on themselves, then the reality is that sooner or later somebody will suffer for it, thus the question becomes how I control and run their evil lives for them without encroaching on their personal freedoms which is a bit of hard work but worth every minute as well. It’s the same old story all around i.e. if rebellion brings about toppling of tyrants and killers, is the Bible wrong when it says rebellion is the same thing as witchcraft? Of course not, if it is a rebel it is a rebel and leaders do not make tyrants, rebels do, so this is what my adventurous lifestyle to find out if the Bible is lying has shown me.