It is said that I am provoking a lot of people, making enemies and being hated in high places and it is all utter rubbish as no such thing is actually happening – what is really happening is the usual business of goons with Media to play with failing to acknowledge that no needs of male population is worth another person dropping out of University so that he might become an ingredient in their plans to get what they want when he spends his time reacting to the stupidities of their society, such that the history is enough to be stored and used for the purpose into the future, I am sure their Celebrities and Journalists did not drop out of University, so it is quite obvious they did not experience the same treatment. This is the problem and each time they show up around my concerns to remind me that they believe I do not have the right to sit down somewhere, blame myself and have it all resolved, each time they show up here to play up their practical jokes because they think it has worked, I always tend to find it impossible controlling the temper.

I mean it’s more credible to point out the fact that they believe they can do whatever they liked with me because of my Christian upbringing that means I will never likely respond to it and can never have enough of doing it because I am a young person who is broke but has a reputation to go by. We have seen that their women will start off with gimmicks about how I provoke them by attending Church as if it is the religion I am to practice in their personal life instead of mine and by the time they had become confident they can damage anything they wish around here, it will have turned from a case of claiming I am a Man who has been chosen to be homosexuals so that women might feel powerful, to drawing links between hurting me to be happy and selling things successfully to get rich when they are happy, meaning that hurting me helps them make money, which then give way to the assumption that will never go away, that nothing will befall them if the idea is upheld that it is their civil rights to threaten me and get all over my Public image each time they have money problems. What we hear them say mostly is a case of things I had done which has caused these matters of be visited on me, utter nonsense naturally as the only thing I had done was to not defend myself until I dropped out of University and have since been a subject for their media abuses until my whole life and career became a practical joke toy for their civil rights gits – so in their case I have done something to deserve it because I am always looking after the personality and the reputation at their expense, so whilst their children cannot stop attacking me, it does not yet appear the prospects are that since these young people attack only when they had successfully detached people from the objectives, there was no outcome that will be worked out in terms of making sure they hated my guts and made a global announcement about it because I was looking after the objectives at their expense and it relied on them thus, hence its another one in the making as it were. They leave it out when they tell the politicians all about it, that they spend all day churning people’s tummy when they know their victims have had enough of them, using daddy whiles.

They expect fear naturally but the reasons we avoid talking about it the way it really works is that doing so facilitates discrimination i.e. you are not afraid of him while he enjoys urinating at your front door every morning, to tell you nothing about your life will progress unless he is first of all rich at your expense by counting pennies around the best parts of your achievements with popular culture, until magically ending up with millions it cannot account for – very difficult to keep your hands off characters that comprise of this, so its not the ideal to discuss these facts. They always claim I will be handled instead naturally but its an old case of how it is that when Media and Celebrities have killed their loser image they become even more of a problem because they had realised they could hurt others if they wanted – so we find these gits who prey on young broke people that have a reputation and work some insane industry with their Public transportation trouble makers, have this living of looking for trouble, then deploying the life and property of the victims to do any fighting that comes on, which means the victims always lose and we can never be free from the idea it would mean that we are all always afraid of them and afraid of them so all of the time. It still is at the heart of the problem; no amount of needs the male population has is worth me dropping out of University and spending some years being abused by silly communities they have built up to invent ideas about what to do to me, until I became an ingredient in their plans to make money and become financially comfortable, no business of men getting what they want is worth it, at least I think so and those who are complaining about the consequences might want to as well. There is no such thing as me thinking I can walk on water when it comes to women either – as I mentioned, it says that the reasons it builds up stories I am a man selected to be homosexual so that black women might feel powerful is because black women’s vagina is thicker a texture than white women’s vagina, not long after we will find it’s a 50 year old school truant to make a mess of me and beats me down in my bedroom all day long nursing a real life hope that a criminal will hurt me, while every fool shows up to take advantage for the purpose of popular culture, stock market and political busy body opportunism and the Politicians will say she is a nice person who has simply run out of money – so the outcome is that I got a Commission from The Queen and caught up with anomies suggesting that I think the Queen is important and they were the Queens in the neighbourhoods, so I had to show a Royal Commission is as important to me as when I wrecked the culture and society and did not get killed because I was determined not to allow it end the way they think it should. It does this and then I become flustered and it means that people can beat me up while I am waiting to lose all I have to them, so their abusive behaviour becomes a matter of personal or physical short comings, none of which happen to be improved by the abuses that are actually making things worse – so I have been putting my hand to finding out if they would look the parts of target for abuse and discrimination if I sold their culture and society to make money which I spent buying weapons if I were to be provoked for doing so thereafter. It does need to stop threatening me, especially when it has money issues and wishes to be able to make out that its civil rights work like that.

I do then get told it’s a dangerous mind I have got which is not necessarily the case – its civil rule and each time they invent these sorts of nonsense, need bear in mind there is enough time for another that would fit them very well to be invented for them too. It feeds into the story of me chasing them while I know they are out of my league while what really happens is that they invite themselves into my concerns, make a mess of it and surprise me later when the boys show up on my Public image to say it is now in the hands of Media and Celebrity gits and I could never recover it; it was always annoying by its very existence but as I have grown older I have gotten used to it and hence avoided the paths of discrimination, we have seen their case will involve my body type and the way they have made me different in an irritating fashion, if they could, and ultimately how stepping into Church annoys them enough for them to feel like handling me physically as if   the religion was to be practiced in their own personal lives. They speak of me picking on Celebrities while what happens is that Celebrities spend money they have made by abusing structures I created to help women support themselves getting jobs and money from peoples music studios because the boys will never let them study, into a tool that can be used to ensure people felt a sense of equality and then superiority over me by earnings my income until it was all gone from the markets – so some of them had taken it one step further and we have seen them describe a bad year as a process where I looked to my corner well enough to prevent a problem on account they were in league with some secret service twerps that will support them while they were at it.

They have always said that it’s not clear what my problem with Celebrities is while the Celebrities continue to make out a decade after wrecking my academic work chasing me around and trying to ensure people got to peddle my faith and personal life and public image on account they had realised I found it intolerable, which soon gave way to what we have today i.e. whilst I am engaged with my own concerns, I find each ending means the finances have been taken by others while I was concentrating on something pressing on account they have been running off that publicity around my concerns about how even the matters I resolve are a stage for creating me more problems that I can solve and that the enemy of their enemy is their friend on that account, as stupidly as possible. So it’s a three part story where they say that I expect them to settle for a sense of equality that does not involve free plagiarism and processes of earning the same income I earn exactly where I am earning it, while we know that at the same time the idiots have never stopped complaining about the consequences of previous occasions in which they had behaved like that and the culture twerps never stop getting involved with my concerns until they got one from me as well, while the society ones have not yet stopped fighting my battles all together for their part in the matter – the second part being the bit about publicity with respect to this new found equality, run off on the basis of how all I am doing is just the beginnings of achievements that will add on to me being worthy of who I am and that all the rest people have been talking about were fables, which then gives way to the third i.e. that my Books I will have to engage with and respond to all the stupid problems that beset their foolish lives and then perhaps when I had solved enough of those, out of pity my Books may get attention – giving into the argument that getting angry at this would mean getting angry at the sense people should be successful and upstanding people, is what I have done theoretically for too long and its purpose has been to ensure that black people ceased their abuses. Speaking of the abuses which they always claim they have been fighting my battles but have not been doing any such thing – all that have done is make up ideas of what they want, then I feel sore all over due to distant violence and cannot link the soreness with the Books I write or the academic work I may have spent time on, then they extend it to any person that gets involved with me, talk much nonsense about something I did on their right hand while looking like they want to complain about not getting their stupid selves out of mine as we are not mates in the first place and the business of living out my own life in a way that says I ought to ignore it and let it buzz at the background while I carried on with my own concerns will not be good enough, while I will supposedly need some incredibly stupid appeasement where I said that although my Books have worked with respect to them and these stupidities they exhibit, I am not seeking their audience for it, which makes it my Books and my life in the first place; hence the reason I think that if they are complaining they need heed what I am saying when I had informed them their stupidities and its effect on me are completely unnecessary, while the business of not tackling all these nonsense will ensure culture and society gits who think that I will get a break from them if they got empirical prove that they are very stupid people first of all, show up here to exhibit their disobedience all over my Book sales, while their worst of civil life twerps and the fashion idiots and fame freaks that will kill for fame build me hell on the high streets with anything they can do alongside media fools and the tabloids – that if they did not stop these things should my writing the fact apply I have pointed out what I really want people to stop doing around my concerns, I would not have done anything about it, is a gimmick that they are about to ensure got on my nerves. The risk of not getting into a habit of bullying and suing and lumbering Celebrities with familiarity insults that their insane culture fools inflict on others due to mental illness on account that their attention was drawn to their chosen victim, is that you will be subjected to these things when you are paying attention to something very important and the outcome will be a link drawn by their stupidities, between doing it and making money, so that nothing will happen if it did not stop is another theory that they will likely watch me test to smithereens.