So the story of where I am in terms of industry and as per whether I am stuck and overwhelmed is a very well understood one but of course I am not in anyway; the reality is that Industry people spend their time doing nothing but getting their stupid thick headed children as close to you as possible because they want to ensure their money can buy your possessions when they don’t have what you do have – so whether or not damage to my work to that effect will form the basis of how I get to sell my books becomes the problem they have to worry about considering that present circumstances is that they cannot seem to make advertisement without provoking me. So they know when they are to sell cigarettes and decide that their advertisement will be more about that single unemployed guy who has not been with a woman or indeed anybody for 6 months being targeted with smoking products and they know when they are reaching for their core customers by setting out how glamorous smoking is and of course it is always up to the regulators and the government to decide whether or not they have crossed the line which if they do will mean they will pay as well.

The part about Politicians have always been as simple as what MPs get into parliament to do when they have decided if they tap energy from me and go off to gamble money they will make profits and especially so when it did not pay off as well and it is always before they complain about my actions when they are off to sell their Politics.

The celebrity ones do not in anyway give anybody any headache because not everybody thinks they are famous; they are nothing to me but a collection of idiots who believe in the importance of having my work strewn outside and blaming me for not coming out of my closet and therefore making me responsible for what they do with my life and possessions – so it is a case of deciding it is not going to happen and I know I have taken enough steps to ensure they keep to their level, I am just in a place now where I give the ample warnings before they get to have reasons to hate my guts intensely. There has to be a way in which the celebrities that are in my Court have an exclusive right to my world and to my life whether or not there are industries involved in these things and they have heard me warn before about setting them out by name until we reach a point where people feel me over music CDs I find abusive, never mind the part where I am attacked because my behaviour on the day had limited how much music CDs they planned to sell. There is nothing new about their popularity villainy; its the same old case of the girl who thinks she is the neighbourhood bitch gets around with the boys she hangs about with and their cars and they make a show of themselves for a certain period of time until an industry idiot shows them what they can do with my possessions which they feel has become a permanent feature of their lives because I am terrified of them. So they are people and can think for themselves hence everything they do to that effect is not to say they do not know what they are doing – they are not celebrities in my view, just very twisted popularity villains.

They do claim it is the same things I do with the history of their lives as well which makes no sense whatsoever; the history of their lives is concerned with the part where the very sight of me in terms of my faith indicates wealth and if I am trapped and used it can be enough for all of them; so right from day one even when the company existed only in my head I was watched and my life was ruined and set backs were created to last a life time so that I am now aware that the reasons I have an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else for devils talk to make people profit around me is because of the fact the result from this was that everybody who has an idea about why I should not be able to earn a living and talks nonsense about respecting your mother with it would be able to see outcomes from his stupidities – so this is a matter of achieving the impossible considering they like to think they can take me on even if they decided they wanted to stand together for a change in their stupid lives. So it is a part of my dispute with them I like to avoid because it will take us down that part where every family scum with wife and kids gets through his foolish existence with fundamental conviction that I should get through my life being upset and because they have this alternative lifestyles to go by their celebrities think that no matter how old you are, you cannot tell when you are getting hurt and when you are being hurt even when you are a man as it were. So this story about the history of their lives they have no wish to cease interrupting my concerns with will likely lead to more serious results as well in my view. Its a case of what would have happened if people did decide there is an argument out there which suggests to the whole world that people such as myself are not meant to earn a living else the means by which others get rich will disappear or dissipate, what would I do and yes of course the result has meant they are not hating my guts as much as they would have liked yet and so I am convinced that the next time they interrupt my business and my concerns and what I say or do with stories about respect for my mother it is their mothers that will be respected my way at the end of it as well.

They always pick up problems that are too big for them due to the various break downs of wickedness they can extricate from it means of communication at all times and that is always before I need to respect my mother. So now they need to sell wares and make a living and the next time they raise it this will be the outcome but either way we are now talking reality and a world where they are not living in an illusion anymore as to the fact money comes from activities linked with paid employment. So this is where we are for it does appear letting the issue resolve itself of what they can do with my stupid mother and her ideas about causing trouble with my notoriety which will cause white boys to feel like killing her children so she can get attention and become leader of a family that exists only in her head will never pay off since these idiots have a parliament they can use like their property to play their stupid games with.

The question is always whether I do these things because of a personal grudge I have against them and their Politicians or do them because I just want to but of course it is not just as simple as what I do when their MPs spend tax payers money on them knowing they are the deviant side of society that can chase peoples anus and penis and damage and spoil entire human beings, then consume them like human beings were products which cannot be achieved unless they take all the good bits and leave the ugly side and talk nonsense about those who don’t do what they want facing a tiny army of their own. So for the Politicians their case is that I should have come forth with these information earlier of which coming forth earlier has never been the issue when we are talking about their sense of right and wrong and a condition where if it were said that the only way to curtail the vandalism and intrusion of these idiots was either to murder somebody or set out some 6 years of your time to deal with them and get yourself in order again, whom exactly they thought was worthy of such task when they spent tax payers money on them to move them out from the back groud of peoples minds into the mainstream talking nonsense about wealth distrubition as they did? For me its a matter of the fact that I have decided for my part too that have it all society is the one I want to live in since last they decided the system does not work for them anymore and when they abuse me to get rich make contact with me again for power because they can handle me. For them however it is a matter of what I say indicating I am the kind of guy that likes to be used and abused by those who will at least thank him for it later on; but of course it really does come back down to whether or not they will let it stay at the background of my life and mind or bring it to the mainstream again, so the ball is still in their Court and there is no chance we will be doing this exercise again in anyway whatsoever at any future point whatsoever so they need to stay off my book sales so people can see their own too. Of course they know cheap insults like how I need to tighten my but then if I have no plans to comply with their wishes – nothing new of which there is to it in any case since it is the same old story of sitting with an employer that only sees louts and idiots that do peoples stuff for them and assumes that not only is it his privilege to employ me, it is also my loss if I don’t get his bloody job; the big problem always comes not when this becomes the way this are happening due to the PR they are getting everyday for their stupid activities but rather when the employer is to take advantage of me because I sat with him on an Interview table – it is where it usually manifests as reality that ‘I don’t care’ does not get to use my stuff and in a really big way as well. I hear they say I speak of these issues and attack a society that looks after the down trodden such as myself in a condition where I am not necessarily treated as equal but the last time I checked that was the White Mans doing as well, especially now it is time for us all to see their own as well. Like people such as me are not allowed to make a living and the lack of respect I have for my mother is the reason after they planned and set all that nonsense up in the first place in a society they know we have such problems as racism for example – it always is the case and is used when they stalk chosen victims to spend their means and income until they become the victims as well and then we hear the tales and it never stops and goes away until we hear the part where they are racists and at such a point must have reached the stage where they have anus and penis abuses corrupted everybody with threats of violence and girls at fame and fortune that means they are being honourable enough to look after women in distress – the blacks however largely always think their need for nepotism is so well worked out way before they had made any progress with those they clearly can handle and are beginning to live with the realities as well.

They do speak of power as we all know but it is not as if power is not without risks and it is not as if they don’t know they are provoking a person – the statements they make about their need to own another persons life is well understood by them as something they can have if the person is dead and I need to ensure I don’t bump into anything in my life for their stupid part in this matter as well; I mean I can imagine, its the devil that talks like that. Hence it is said I cannot speak without getting into a rant but of course whether or not I am stirred by hysteria as a result of people taking advantage of the Prince that works so hard he is not breathing means they have become powerful, its about settling the temperaments properly – in this case what set the tone for the conversation in the first place went far beyond the reality of Celebrities in my life having exclusive rights to do my work for me when I am not around unless people are looking for trouble the free for all because there are Industries backing popularity for a living and stretched into the case of their media fools and popular culture tools as well as fashion goons new found alliance with their richest bankers in the land who have presently given a fucking speech to address their needs.  

So how rich am I? Its not a matter of being rich – every property equity I have on my websites although patented will be recopied and placed in leather bound books that will be stored away at high security, so they are put up there for that precise purpose to manifest itself and so while I am doing that the whole condition of giving away my property alongside not advertising my books simply means I cam going to be cash strapped.  It is never that complicated as they make it out to be – only the part where celebrities in my life are to have exclusive access to my work and not a free for all nonsense because there are industries behind their stupid media and popularity.

I do hear time and time again the problem is that the Conservative party is destroying alliance with Europeans because in terms of controlling me it is not as profitable but of course first of which they are the party of the Nation and secondly of which it will never play out the way they think – starting with Labour where they thought that it was okay to have those social goons with which every single body language from them is a threat while they handle other peoples possessions – now they are living in a world where the Muslim ones are travelling overseas for Jihad that we fear will one day return to the UK and with each one that travels away is a lesser sense of threats coming from the way Labour MPs make conversation with others, while from this side they are not faring so well either. I mean its a matter of the things that are relevant to being an MP and the things that are relevant to selling books and the things MPs do which are involved with bullying me and the things that from it will remain a permanent feature of my existence which is only workable on the basis of my fear of them; so all I can say is that it will be exciting, after all Hitler thought blacks and none whites were inferior especially Jews and I it seems am used to set a new standard in the sense that I can be followed and stalked for 14 years and bullied everyday in all that time to ensure I build an empire in which the financial side and customer equity side ends up somewhere else that does not mean it belongs to me. So that what we end up with is a collection of idiots who have done this but cannot deploy it for profit until I am locked up somewhere giving them a day to day filling on how exactly that is to be done with a big mouth. They do say they are quietly confident while I talk and it makes no sense the Sons of perdition being quietly confident of anything around when they can see they need to shut their big mouth and keep off my book sales; I mean we see their insolent saloon cars everywhere with a sense that if it will not create serious and difficult social issues that is beyond them, they will not wish to dominate and if it will not create dichotomies that are beyond their control they will not want to have sex with it – I mean if I worked on Media would I have wanted to deploy my job to find out if I can prevent others from getting their own, first because it is popular culture profitable and then because they sleep with my wife? This is what they mean quietly confident especially when they want to put it in context of a certain media brick wall I cannot break down, looking for trouble of which we all know they have an uncontrollable capacity to provoke people and have no plans to drop the behaviour as it were. Its nothing as serious as they get jittery about, its just that the whole process of media publicity and political publicity around how I am the guy on whom people are supposed to get off has become National and Global and it is my turn now so we can find out exactly what they are going to do with the tough talking yapping all over the place and yes they need to keep off me and take their problems with them, it does not matter if such an outlook is discriminatory, I am quietly confident.  It does not mean I sabotage what is done at the Monarchy to protect me, I do what I do because if we all pay attention to these fools we can easily lose what makes us excited i.e. the Longest reigning Monarch – 3 Heirs to the Throne which means good people can never be oppressed and for those on the fringes we can never run out of fantasies about security and even that eventually pays off – I am happy to put my work in the service of the Monarchy as well to that effect and now I can show every day if I wanted a new face of Monarchical freedom in this world that even more so makes the Monarchy better than it has ever been if I can achieve that part too. I am quite content to follow all Political fools up with political and financial violence as well: they do say other Countries have people that take advantage of the under belly of the sale of Politics to do wicked things but I am only interested in British ones but of course it really does not matter which one I am interested in – I am now the guy on whom people get off, if they don’t seek new beauties with which to progress their stupid selves too and it will end very well too – as equally as it was fun when it was fun to spend a decade of my time to make it happen before I am allowed to get on. So they do say they have seen the way I operate on the streets and that I am scared of my own shadow but of course it has been 14 years of a fight that never happens and I am really tired. Of course we do hear the talk of how it’s a time of decline so the Royal Offices of England have passed to men that are lesser men than they are but it would not have meant that if they did their paedophile fantasies on me it would prevent them from abusing Children, in fact when they abuse Children I have become the guardian of their satisfaction so that when they do kill those children it is my fault with a big mouth. I sit in this office and keep abreast with what happens with the Pornography Industry and I ensure my Celebrities are not worse off when every Industry scum feel they can handle my possessions, in order to ensure I don’t lose important allies and if I need money because I have run out and therefore get a job the process of doing it is nobody’s business or is any means by which I leave home to do it, so I have no idea why they raise the issue when it is always easy to tell the mistresses that are where they are to be there on their account and not mine and tell the ones that are never where they are to get stuck somewhere and haul abuses at them on their account and not mine and then I will cease to be Royalty and they will be greater men. I have made myself clear on the matter; they can sell their Politics and every idiot that thinks they need to take advantage of the underbelly to defile me needs to continue until I cut up their civil rights and erase it after that for them. So they say I blow hot and cold on sexual abuse but that has obviously come long after the need to threaten anybody that gets near my public work or office as a fan had become a major preoccupation; so it does matter whose own it has happened to as well and they need to keep their insults where it might be better appreciated. A typical example is the story of what Obama and his people care about and why the world should note they will not be silenced – ridiculous of course since the idiots have not got a bloody clue what they care about save the case of civil rights and how they need to mark out an important Christian to take their problems out on when they think they don’t want to be nice guys anymore and I have been groomed for it with the worlds insolence here for the last decade – it was fun when it was fun and the finances are damaged, the biological clock is ticking and now I cannot escape what they wish to do with my personal life at any rate with a big mouth so it is important for me to know my filial sensibilities what it is exactly they care about and when finished we can talk about who is preventing them from caring about those things as well. It is not true that I am scared of my shadow – the truth is that I am satisfied with what I have done to them for the damages they have done here and for their insults but they have chosen hysteria and the process of interrupting my conversations that does not concern them as a means of getting their own back and bringing their problems to light in the world as well and so this idea they make people weak enough to be bent by them via their intrusion and stupidities and can thereof force people into things continues and there are more things I need to force them into or force out of them yet too as it were.