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Very taken by those talk about the difficult situation I found myself and how their stupidities planned to make it worse each time somebody tried to protect me – the truth being that I rented space from the scumbags and the usual process of assessing how I had set up my social media in a way that tackled the trolls, being so good Politicians were drawing means for Online law making from it, how I set about putting Celebrity interests in me to an inventory lest I get sued for being me at a later stage of my life and showered me with a history of the worst sorts of abusive insults in case Celebrities needed to use me and I had ideas to the contrary or got out of hand, what the idiots are saying now being that it is likely to get worse, the more I press it unto them that my entire life had stagnated since their stupidities began – I really needed it as such considering what their madness did with University studies years before and what they have now done with and to my social media. The blabbing at all times is that I provoke them, while reality is more that I had a personality others would like to deploy to get paid for being popular which I had no wish to share making the fun bits of their stupidities, while the fact people do not think of me as a writer being the consequences of this nonsense meant that I had a fun bit of my own as well. Their need to keep making those stupid comments about my social life when they have got their own will lead to outcomes where I burned their cash and smashed their pride and joy.


They like to say I grab all attention so they cannot get themselves through but what we are really dealing with is a condition where sharing anything with them threatens all else including my very existence because they have been clinging to my finances and Book sales for so long. Then there are the women showing up on Media to get involved with me, backed up by silly Men who see me sleep with them all the time so their husbands can be entitled to everything I have – carries on until I feel I need to do something at civil rights to make a living where I find they were there first and will decide I am going to waste the rest of my life on it and so it shows up with a smile all the time but is a bloody idiot all together. The threats at good but the last time we checked they complained about somebody ripping up those civil rights that allow them bear down on me sexually and call on the boys claiming I beat them up and assault them when I do not let them get beauty sleep from my personality and move into my right hand; each time I rip it up the Politicians will tear down my finances and let them rebuild, each time they rebuild I have no right to exist and it carries on like that every time on that stupid media over and over and over again.  We even hear my activities are terrorism complicit whereas truth is that the Terrorists do not say so first of all and secondly they are pushing the problem on those who attend these Gigs that celebrities organise in order to build a memory for their families, the same people that supply the poor disillusioned lost souls that blow themselves up after being recruited by the people who raise the funds needed for it from their stupid neighbourhoods and where I fit into the picture is that its all some gimmick to force me to give away information while they play up their beauty parades of Politics on Media and chase down those who prevent their second income sources from being profitable – this is what they are doing. They also claim I never listen to others while they never listen as well i.e. I am a Book seller and do not need people showing up here to help me; it is the Royal Office that causes hurting bottoms obviously, not the Industry and the Media and the Politics as it were – they always say I am lying naturally but we all know if an Arch Prince puts down local evils and keeps its operations out of mainstream living, it is the loutish stuff he does after that hurts his bottom when people are chasing it over critical matters not the Office hurting him – contrary to their case of which the loutish stuff is the mainstay of everything while everything is always critical without reason; I am a writer Book seller and do not need their help.

They say I did the same with Europeans as well, which of course I did since what happened with those was that they simply got up over the worst financial crisis for a generation, to decide which businesses they wanted to slice up and spread around to build new market that the ones they possessed and invested in and bought shares in might make profit and employ people in order to bring about recovery; so I had to act in a way which ensured that our fate was eventually decided by what the National Banks decided to do with the Currency all together - since it amounts to a process where the little money left in the economic pipeline is something they have already set eyes on as personal property and does nothing to dissuade me from the idea that the most insolent Politicians on the Planet live in mainland Europe.

Its never unusual; this here described is what happens when these goons are willing to share property and possessions with those who own it – you should see what they get up to when they want to do their stuff the way they normally do it – top end up this behaviour being the Russians, those are always terribly important. We have seen what they can do with Media and Celebrity and popularity and Politics and Fashion; I have warned them about my Books enough times so far as it were; they have always done things there is nothing new discovered about me when I say it thus as it were. 

Their complain is always that I tackle peoples top end jobs with silly ideas concerning matters about which I know nothing nor am I qualified but I have always maintained my position is one about my Holdings in these Companies and a process of making money from it like everybody else; people might want to get employed in them and go into an Office to do their jobs, instead of spend all day pushing me into a corner where I have to reimburse every person that holds a share in the Company all day long and everyday. We all know that if the Prime Minister gave word that they needed to tackle a person everyday and all the Days of the persons life for example because they had some spin doctor government going for them, the only reason they will go after the employers and the family as well to ensure he is cash strapped and is in intense suffering is because they were going over and above and were narcissist enough to.



The claim is that I never take a stand on anything while we know there has no an indication that the person writing most of what I have written has not gotten a break from being threatened by ethnic minorities gangs and racists who work in the interest of celebrities in equal measure for at least a  decade – what happens is that they want me to be stuck with civil rights while they got rich making me work for money as they avoided work because I am sub human with their big mouth and the process would involve the exact stage at which I had stopped being generous with my life because I could no longer cope in terms of ethnic minorities and then in terms of racists the stage I wanted to escape from my own religion because it was becoming to hot to handle that whilst I was living at the mercy of peoples generosity I was pushing off ideas that more morality was the way forward. They have not stopped claiming these are privileges due to their insanity because racism tackles more of their stupidities than it does other peoples stupidities, fighting for my civil rights before I was born and assuming the right to handle and damage anything they wish telling lies and brewing conspiracies around here all the time – my point being that they are now out of their depth, ran out of what to say as a tool for seeking more conveniences at my expense while abusing me because they think themselves to be superior.

There is talk of this matter of Top Royal Family Members abusing Office and how I get along with it every time and I could never understand what they mean either – its usually a two part question; should somebody expect The Queen to get off State concerns and pay attention to her friends and if HM does get off State concerns and pay attention to her friends what does it mean? Its not to say I am thinking there is a definite answer to what people are saying, its just reality that there is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable because more attention was paid to State concerns than it was paid to friends who paid a price and if this is eliminated then we can work out what abuse of Office there is we have left. They always say that I am given an advantage at Court while reality is that I had only a very small task to perform and it was associated with the way I understood my religious matters and how it would make the smooth operations of Church and State matters possible – saying this 95% of the times usually means an idiot gets off on Media especially when negro to tell me there are more worthy people for my position unless I try and ensure everybody understood how small it was; so it does without saying I am a Royal Hermit but when it gets on my nerves I will be an Arch Prince and they will be responsible for the consequences. I am not responding to it because there is a general Public need to do so as such, I am because I am looking after a Bookshop I need to ensure is in good order before I begin to pay great attention to the Academic pursuits they have already once botched.

The part where it is said that I underestimate how much they hate me then says it all but it has always been a case of the fact if people decided they were incredibly uncomfortable before chasing the academic work and career, there will always be a question of hindsight as to whether they would have behaved differently – what is happening then being prove of what the outcome usually is when people had not done that i.e. my very existence makes people sad but its all temporary as I have always been known by them to handle the matter on the go comfortably, so I am about to rip up their Celebrity culture to bring about general emotional balance here, the way I see it. Its been the story all round, it seems as if I have not been tolerating these abuses for over a decade and a half while they look like some cracked up out of my league white idiots with friends getting ever worse and those stupid threats too will never change a thing about a need of mine to get them into very difficult situation so that when they complain it makes sense of what they are doing with me and my concerns all together but the part where they need to churn my tummy and laugh alongside their friends bragging about their group powers and so on, such that when I tell them off, their case is that they were very tough and promised I will be weeping and wailing in misery using my own to do it thing is all I get – so its difficult to understand what the Politicians who have gotten them into this state where its impossible to tell them they are hoodlums and stupid people because they have money, suppose that telling me off for it will achieve anyway. They speak of the spiritual aspects closely linked to the fact I always talking about their threats and inability to keep their hands off me as a major reason for a response on my part but I am a Christian and they need to understand that it is part of my faith to intercede for others, hence unlikely to allow that which I have suffered to be inflicted on other people, as it allows them speak of how violence is not part of my Christian teachings which is all good; it is not a part of my Christian teachings and I want them keeping their hands and imagination off my body parts so they might advertise homosexuality at me a lot less than their stupidities are doing presently and I fail to see why they need have a conversation about how much they hate me if they are looking like characters who need the services of an exorcist as soon as possible altogether.


 The talk of how my books bring people problems has at this point reached its peak I guess and its about time to lay that to rest and the larger matters are of course that of Americans running such shows as it were, so it is the same old story then; that every product people create are meant to solve a problem for the consumers who buy them but they chose to take advantage of others by turning out to immerse themselves in the problems the product deals with, get on media to make a show of that and then start some kind of abusive nonsense that becomes a means to making money and getting connected on the basis that the persons products create problems for people and he has not yet solved enough of those either; with respect to which I believe they should be informed I am not American and what they are dealing with is something about which they have not in any way gained any kind of control, besides which these insults can always continue as it were and nothing will happen to make them pay for it in a very personal way.  The British ones that do it have a reputation for their foolishness of course since we know that you fill a Royal Office when you have seen it all and done it all but its been damaged on account of your being made to do it over and over and over again and we all know it is a matter of culture and the reason for it is to create somebody whose life is dedicated to serving the Country and that it is of course a Country and not a club obviously, so when they start it is the same story about British self harming idiots with Politicians that will make me go back on what I have done with a big mouth and I have no idea, it really should be inquired of them what their real expectations are. I don’t think that they are a problem and I have been clear by the way that I will make them pay for those insults in a very personal way yet as it were. All I have to do is think about what I need to do about money idiots playing games and community croons backing them as well – these two groups turn up so often especially when black and have a culture that I truly belong and is an excuse for wrecking my life and also thinking it is funny to do so as well when we all know it is a factor of their greed and laziness, that I feel like playing them up against each other regularly, to the effect of limiting the development of the rich ones because of the fact that whilst I am a man who has male friends and allies and spend time with women I think are important to me, they are the idiots that do the same in order to dominate me and grab my earnings claiming it is business and for the community croons, ensure they get such a bad deal that have to do civil rights all the time as it were which of course the ones I have done is not hurting badly enough yet so far especially for the American ones and their favourite son Barrack Obama. The problem with thinking about doing it is that it is forbidden for me to do it and hence I have to leave it to the Men as it were because of course once I had started off on making them pay for their insults in a very personal way, the most important question will have become that of whether or not they think I will not do it, then it will be war on everything that ticks me off which they will win yet again as it were. 

So I have to think about the job I need to do on the matter which means that things will move rather onto the matter of insolent lazy black women who are on the rise again and talk nonsense about themselves making reference to absolutely anybody they want if it is possible for them to and like I said this is not the decadent 1970s to 1990s either and since these things will have no limits and they never listen we will soon have to pursue it. Which leaves us the matter of being handled by stupid tories that are convinced they want to have sex with me while I rather think this is not their section of society and if I wanted sex with a Politician I would have it with the male ones who are clearly not of such low social standing as the female ones are – to which they say my duties for the Church does not allow me to be homosexual which then makes even more sense of their insults and therefore the claim that I am noisy which is out of place for royalty and yes of course I may be but they will die as it were, none of it is funny, none of these are funny never mind the need to handle my work to stay out of the problems they create by it as well. The Labour Party ones are clearly doing very well telling lies all the time that the public can run with on account it is linked with wealth distribution, the tory ones are saying they want to change the mode of my operation with a big mouth. Its as though they wish to find out what I meant when I said that  any new ideas by them will end badly and what I meant is what I meant of course; that these things happen because all these while the purpose of excuses and financial destruction here was that black people and Politicians were rummaging around me to control me from behind and so that is what I am going to do when I want one of those fights they will win as well and then we will have a bet and find out. They say my disposition is some kind of a mental illness and that people like me would rather die than give up power and control and ever since I stayed off the power and the control and the violence, the insults have gotten worse when I don’t even know who or what they are, insults gotten worse over the need to be famous in my stead which forges a disposition of excuse for damaging anything I own to keep a lid on my finances when the public already knows that public work I do is my public work done by me, hence the reason I usually ask the question of what is funny about it as well. The black ones say they always knew this is what I was right from the beginning as it were and yet they knew it is what I was but have always thought that those whose Offices are split to serve Church and State will tolerate their popular culture being imposed on them through state sponsored financial bullying and more so for reason that black on black would be shameful while the white man gets away with it all as it were, which I think they do on account they must be convinced everybody is as stupid as they are.

There is no such thing as being trapped and taught a lesson by Politicians; The reality is that if I must attend to the four matters of Media idiots and my daily breathlessness so they can grab anything they want off me along with their culture and society goons physically, violent society that spends a lot more time in conspiracy when you kick them as well which means they tend to stay off your personal life thereafter, playboys society and their local and average lifestyle which means they can play with especially the most important and intimate things around my person and work at will and Politicians talking nonsense and throwing off insults all over the place, before I can get to work everyday, it is easy to see this is all a none matter but a process of people staying out of my personal finances becoming really difficult work – meaning that apart from the issue of seeing them one more time around the Monarchy leading to problems as that big mouth of theirs goes, there arises a real need to do something physical to check this kinds of theft. 

Of course I am very well aware of the complains about my promiscuity but I don’t want people to be fed up with it, I want people to go beyond fed up with it and into regions of other feelings like tired-fed up, loss of energy-fed up and so on because what happens is that we hear all the time they do the sexually deviant things they do as consenting adults but their need to handle my physical endowments does leave questions as to whether that is actually true, considering they are so good at lying that the only explanation as to why their sexual preferences may offend you is that you are an extremist. Of course it is always said that I pretend to know what I know nothing about and never listen to anybody for my part as such; I say the use of my work and the denying me support and progress for it is all very well but what do they want? Obama does surveillance because it is his power, what I do is my power as well, they need to decide what they want or I am going to break them over that stupid idea I am a toy they can get on media to fuck with as much as they please. They do have a job and are not supposed to work on me and be it militant socialism or not Royals like me are very conversant with the nature of organised crime and terrorism, we will at this rate need to test exactly what it is they can do. The UK needs to get off feeling it is an empire and go out there to integrate with the world they say and they will not start with themselves – what they think is that they have located a Country of nice guys to take advantage of for a big break before they get off to areas of the world where real men live and they can free to come round for it too. Its not a complicated matter; a lot of the time we see people do bad things, it is always largely because others are trying to prevent them from doing it, so a nuclear deterrent is important, the only plausible argument behind the reasons the SNP wants to get rid of it is that they want to make Scotland into a leisure and tourist haven for Financiers and Politicians and so if not that kind of Country they will not live in it as it were.


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 Now the recent claim I have stolen the jobs of Church leaders and so on I should say is where this whole matter of where I steal jobs is supposed to come to an end. I mean I have been stealing every single job in the world so far and it is a good excuse to get around damaging my property when people feel they are stupid and strong and it is a good excuse for others to ensure I get off my office and get entangled in a fight with them too but the reality remains the same which is that these are all things they do to replace respect for me and what I do with a process of abuse and twisted behaviour which eventually leads to a means of seeing me at present and imagining what I could have been which can be put into context as something others can make use of to create fame and decadence and it tends to occur 24/7 on their stupid media because they have nothing else to do with their time and their Politicians are funding it with tax payers money hence the important jobs I get to steal.

I do not think these matters are a problem it’s just impossible to figure out what they are complaining about for their part, more so of which the way to run a business is certainly not to show I know what I am doing but to get on my sales derivatives whatever form they might take every day and of course people certainly are not expecting to wreck my academic work while they keep theirs all the way to the International community’s because it is a certainty that when and each time they do I will deploy their own to make it correct the issues – I have been clear on this matter of what they need to do to ensure they get off me and how a business is run and the alternatives they leave me with their vandalism – they think they want to talk about how I am the reason young people feel they have nothing to live for because they feel others might be richer than they are but I am something they can always beat and it is not looking good either.

I see no point in doing the vandalism and complaining a discriminatory nonsense that nobody gets to last as long as I am around, when they get attention for anything - I have had quite enough of all who do these things. 

Making sure these trouble makers especially older men of the society type do not continue to tell my customers and fans what my books are for or whether they are permitted to buy them has never been a complicated task - its all hard work to ensure that everything which disturbs the sanctity of my office is punished and the punishment is visible for the world to see, instead of being concerned about whether or not where I station is shameful and will cost me a piece of my importance if disclosed, which is always completely pointless like the complains we get from black people and homosexual idiots after their biggest problem with me seems to be an ego I was supposed to apply to a Royal Office concerning which I have scored a zero - but first I must make them understand they can never be more gay and they can never be happier than I am and to do that I must beat them at competition for it every single time.