Of course there are always stories raised about how much better parents homosexuals make and so on but everybody knows that it is a lot less complicated to share a home with a good friend and adopt children that you raise together, than to be homosexual and complicate what Children know about sex. Bearing in mind more so that it turns out that way on account some children do better in an environment where somebody who is a friend plays the part of a parent than they do with an environment where somebody who is an actual parent of theirs plays the part of a parent. So this matter is rather far from Church idiots abusing people with distant sodomy if they are not ordaining female bishops all together as though nobody is aware of where the idiots who do those things come from and that they hate my guts because I defend myself from them and defend women from them and their need to cash into people’s personalities and some of them have become so provoked they have decided to become priests as well; I have been waiting for them at Church for years and am fully informed about that – like their toy Prince who plays with their toy wives with a big mouth. I am content with what I have done and will only likely step it up if provoked; my relationship with my Court was meant to be as simple as we set it out to be not something that is used by some of them that have been pressured to, to manage a process where some feel like wielding the white population majority power against me and since last that aspect of activity was created into my Court and they had become obsessed with their media abuses and I have warned them those women are not theirs anymore, it does continue to appear to them we are still playing games with each other as well, especially when some are homosexual. About which in any case I don’t care if they are when it has always been clear that provoking me is what leads to trouble and if homosexuality is a disadvantage I will exploit it as well.

I am not saying I am innocent in the matter; what I have done to homosexual communities is a function of the violence they have stirred into my life and work and what I did before then was a function of their homosexual based abuses; the part where they must get involved with you through a violent corruption of involvement and then threaten you in order to damage your personality with it, which is itself a follow on from the fact that every time you see them you are seeing them acting to destroy something, maybe a person’s reputation, maybe a person’s finances, maybe a person’s property, maybe a person’s family but it is impossible to see them without seeing something they are destroying beside them and hence you notice that written all over them is the violence their parents have suffered and their teachers and every person they have come into contact with and because that bad history must be exchanged with you due to where they want to be in their stupid lives that corruption of involvement must be forced on you with threats and very obscene abuses – where the only form of friendship they can offer people is a homosexual relationship which particularly applies to me and the benefits of how my Christian activities have affected my personality, using job centre and government office as leverage as it were. I mean I don’t know how I am likely to react when I am married, I just know that when you have children you have to have vision and then you have to lead on a daily basis for at least the first 20 years of the life of each child and so it is what people do with that vision and the person of the child that leads to the things that you do not homosexuals and not the fact they are homosexuals, hence a lot of the times it is the fact they are homosexuals that starts the trouble in the first place and not a set out provocation of any kind if  you need to measure justice. For me it is a simple case of the fact I have always thought it hearsay blown out of proportion when I hear my parents speak of people who get out of bed and get dressed to get out and look for trouble; I mean there are violent ones but ones that seek an outright war in society is another story all together; so now I have met them I know nobody was making things up and they have exceeded my expectations. Not unusual of course since you can either say the Bible is wrong and untrue or you can have an adventurous lifestyle and find things out for yourself a lot of the times. It is never true like they claim, that I am a person whose leadership has become a plaything; I am not – it does seem that not enough of them have died yet as it were, I mean I did dish out the violence for their communities like they measure one into my life for me without reason and turn out on media to think it funny and make it out to be something they do because it has become a need they must fulfil everyday; it is still the same parameters; I put up with insults from them and it will be a race to the grave that they will win, for those of them with Children that can beat me up since they have no respect for anybody and in order to flush my life down the toilet must ask me for what they know makes no sense and when I deal with them as a problem send their children in to keep the violence going until it becomes a part of every fibre of my being to talk nonsense more so about being homosexual because their lives are too violent when we all know what we see written all over them as a result of those they have manipulated violently thus far including their parents, which offers disposition for corrupt parents to enforce their will with the civil service and so on, then a conversation with the Police about trust when it does appear that I seem to have a trading relationship with their own parents; - these are the things that make that process where it is a race to the grave such an effective means of social control because when they speak of their big powerful and violent children I will get into the race with those and they will share with their parents as well and we will hear the tales from their Politicians. I am only saying I am not innocent in the matter and my leadership has not been a plaything for anybody and that the topic is not what we are talking about presently.

I have continued to warn the way I see these matters is that they are attitude issues and not social issues, people provoking me at the neighbourhoods and getting to make a conversation out of it with Politicians; this is how I view it and it is important they do leave me alone because I will never allow them see to a process where it affects those that it should not – I mean you can either take the way the Bible speaks of the wickedness of homosexuals or you can explore it about which it would make no sense if you complain about what you find. I for my part know why I am worse off whenever I am worse off at anything I do and I know it is under control and I know it is important they and their media zip it and let me be or the whole issue of having to deal with violent louts like these who fear to read my books because it is too difficult for them getting involved with my affairs to continue the damage they do by corruptions of involvement will continue to lead to bigger consequences than what we have already seen.

I do hear the part where what I must watch out for is Mr Obama’s Position but of course there is nothing to watch out for there – mean he never does what he is advised to do and never thinks about what he has decided to do if he has not been advised, so that the filth of his community croons are all over me so that he can be the most important black man in the world around a condition where all people want is money. Good but since then it has continued to remain a matter of how he must blow up the world with his temper combined with the US nuclear arsenal. For these idiots however I have not got a clue when they got involved with my affairs and turned my working Court through abuses and insults and violent threats into something used to determine if or not they beat me up which in turn create serious social issues, which is what the ladies do these days all the time while they pretend I was never going to get provoked about violence being incorporated into my Court. I mean in the end everybody knows they entirely deserve what they get since the male ones are all about my toy wife and my toy Prince and the atmosphere they kiss, kiss to create so I can get rich while the ones that control kids like me who are male are all about forceful homosexual nonsense, so yes this is just the beginning and Mr Obama’s position looks very good indeed as it were too, bearing in mind all the previous warnings. They do love those claims I have been forced to take care of violence so their stupid children might make progress with their foolish lives as it were; I have never done any such thing either for my part – the reality is a simple case of when women push the agenda of profitability of crime to the extent that they do and the reason being that you have decided to face up to community idiots who are toy soldiers looking for professional violence they can copy to do gangs and crime with and talk rubbish all over the place all the time about not being a good person when it comes to money while their prostitutes work with community croons to start it off in the first place on grounds my Christian temperaments have obliterated the status quo they had in the atmosphere with which they own neighbourhoods and streets with a big mouth. Where we are now are things I have done to their politicians who regularly decide people cannot be seen doing anything about people that are as good as they are; hence wreck my finances and spend tax payers money on them for it too – now they get what the warnings on my part looks like and they understand I have decided to continue dealing with the issues but are aware the last thing they want to do is do such things again too; those sorts of Politics as it were which are the only means by which things can get done.

Of course there is never a shred of truth to that disturbing nonsense about how much I try to prevent people from writing what they like and singing what they like these are just goons following up some huge game to create over enslavement into my activities claiming it will better their bad history. The reality about it is much the same as the game of women pushing the issue of profitability for crime to unknown extents while community idiots pick up copayment of jobs that armed forces do to make themselves toy soldiers that seek gang activity for power in that when it comes to money they are not good people and everybody should be informed of that in a big way but each time you manage yourself it is women and pop stars doing love that squander everything and oppress you with noise making and media every blessed day because it is an issue you have taken care of and therefore an issue they can take advantage of you for even though a lot of the times they need to make those stupid songs to be free of the communities and the gangs all together but where the test of it comes through is always on the matter of the fact that if I wrote a book and published it and somebody took it away after it became a global phenomenon and made it their own so they can make money like I do as well – at the bottom line I have made a lot of money and have got my brain to write another book with, so it is never clear why they fail to realise their attitude can make an animal out of a perfectly normal person and therefore turn out on media to make money that they don’t actually need except for excesses at the expense of those whose work they deploy without any sense of regard whatsoever being a bunch of fame seeking inconsiderate fools. The part where it really gets to me is when they claim I speak of things I do in the sense that when people take over my work I refuse to give it up of which the books had to be published and famous and made me wealth first before it can be seen as something others can take away otherwise they are still blowing off their big mouth over what is their civil rights apparently. The response is always from them that it shows they are more important than I am which does make me think they live in a fantasy world where they are not yet aware I have had enough of them.