Now concerning matters of what I do to offend Ministers of Parliament, there are no such deeds – what happens is the actions of a collection of very insolent people who feel they can get in touch with those that are in some way a greater power than you are in order to get you to behave as they want because they need your personality according to them for other things they wish to achieve. Some of them even say these things might have happened anyway but when they have happened are consequences that befall those who mess with MPs who actually have spiritual and cultural power to drive them mad and it does not mean I don’t find it insulting when I am the Royal Prince and they are the Politicians just because I do not have a big ego like their own. Those of them who do not recognise my royal position however will never do so because the Royals have them as people whose houses are used to deal with whores in the Country and if need be depending on their behaviour around the world as well, so I know this is why they attack me all the time and there is violence associated with everything I do to that effect. The problem as a whole is that when you look at them as a society; from the parents right down to the toddlers, they have spent years training themselves on insulting and abusing you in some way and making up excuses for it, chief excuse of which is that it is something you can take and I have made it clear as well I have a lot of attention to shower on them and their stupid children and they do understand at this point what kind of attention it is as well – so do the MPs understand if I implement most of the consequences they have turned up here to show me are possible it will blow up and do need to leave me alone and mind their own business and try to stay off my book sales and stay off my finances. It comes down to a few questions that need answering and the things I have done to ensure they are inescapable; they love to make out they have great ideas about wealth distribution and that it may have involved finding some rich person to rob of their money and bring them to the lowest point where they can be tortured with poverty endlessly but the question is that of the cost to society as a whole which is a question they don’t want to face up to and will never be free of me until they do so because of course they continue to act as though I have not had enough them as well. Much the same with the one where you look like the fount of all wisdom and their children like to train themselves to abuse you for self development because you already look like a leader when you have led or done thing – much the same with the part where you are so inferior to that it is worth it for anything to be done to you and the consequences to wider society to be ignored as well, it does rather seem that it is their own duties to society all together that seems to be the biggest problem they have too – hence the cost and the cost and the cost will never be avoided around here; it is one of the best pieces of advice I can offer their insults, perhaps I might see the fucking back of it thereof.

I never said rich people are saints, I am aware the ones that bother me along with their money freak minions are very vulnerable to a condition where the problems they create accumulate to a point where it becomes cheaper to round them up like sheep; they always assess the situation and attack them first and then they attack them anyway even when and if they are not being attacked. The point is that they always start first and have this great ideas about wealth distribution and the proper path to it may exist, the proper path to wealth creation and wealth equality may exist but the ones they wish to chose is the one where some person who is talented is set out and crucified for everybody else to be talented with impunity and if it is just a few selected here and there all is well with the wider society and when they have an opinion can be asked whatever on earth they suppose they can do with all amount of humour that could possibly be offered – its just about time to pay the Price and by the way of which those who don’t take advantage of others to get rich such as myself are the way we are because we are their plaything; hence they will win this fight and it will never be over until I say do, in order to find out how my privileges will be cleansed of me if I don’t suffer violence at their hands directly with that big mouth and we all know this wickedness very well and the fact it never goes away, hence I am only putting it to the test. The proper way to follow wealth inequality exists but it is the one where I get stabbed by idiot with a bad childhood for an excuse who wants to see what a knife feels like inside a person so they can have homosexuality and modern cities and rock and roll they want and if not that there will be no other alternative with a big mouth and it will never be over as well. Of course my Books are never about telling people about my problems and how important it becomes that I tell it somewhere else - its just a fact that some people do not feel okay unless they are playing with what is valuable to me in order to exasperate me and make palpable atmospheres out of my ill feelings and I do not think it is a problem either, I have simply mentioned it because I bring it up to get attention and have no plans to cease the complains they make by stopping it otherwise take it like me and shut up. No Books written here are about telling people about my problems in anyway whatsoever - it is a question regardless of how much favours those books of mine and the sales of it they want to spend their wickedness and time on does them as it were, of whether it is worth such a Price for another person to pay so that they might keep a straight face when they have problems and chase money successfully thereof? I mean if you mention worldly things like the need to feel the Country belongs to them, it is such a thing about which the Christian will never be seen putting his hand up to say that is perfectly alright and that he wants or needs one but because they do happen to think that my possessions and anything that is important to me is a subject for games and fun and vandalism and this is why they need to shut up and fight when they have no plans to stop it and what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet as well.

They will not stop playing with my possessions and valuables you see; if it makes me money it is definitely something to find out how much fun they can have, if it pays my bills it is much the same and if it is valuable to me even better. The Politicians do speak of dishing out violence for me as well but it is always because they have forgotten we are here in the first place because this was one of the issues that were sorted out a long time ago before we even got to establish normalcy as well on the basis of the fact they will be willing to kill a person to grab his possessions and the rest of us have simply got to live in a world that is of that sort with a big mouth. I can understand they say I interfere with culture and society so deeply Politicians cannot grasp their jobs anymore but I am sure those who say so have heard me warn their stupid Politicians and have  heard me warn them I will hurt them seriously as well before their games with my finances and talking nonsense on International media to exasperate me comes to an end. It appears to them I have no right to attend my daily tasks without being intimidated by them and their idiots who have violence in their stupid lives for a lifetime and way beyond it and it is one of those things we will likely put to the test as well; after all my books are about my problems in which case I guess they would like to explain that to people as well and tell them if they have read the books and if in part that they have read the whole thing and if they have read the whole thing where they bought their own copy as it were.