They do claim I did not like the current King of England very much and it was becoming a problem for everybody but if I said that a bunch of idiots building communities to finger my bum after appointing themselves at society, the persons others could go to if anything was needed from my privacy and teaching their stupid children to run the applicable insults associated with sharing my privacy on the streets and reading my birth sign whilst claiming somebody else had married the wife I was supposed to at the Monarchy, had nothing to do with the King, they would immediately have become so important like they currently are, that they were able to run my life with the social activities of criminals all the way to the Monarchy and the King would say that he had been fighting wars I should have engaged in but did not because I was too much of a coward to whilst it has nothing to do with the King and if I mentioned that those who wanted to copy this activity were free to as punishment for failure to serve them on my part like the King who when Prince of Wales had continued to insist that I should not have been saved by his mother but led as lamb to the slaughter to facilitate the progress of male Monarchy and leadership which was his inheritance, were free to do so, they would then suggest it was a statement made on my part without regard for powerful people I did not wish to mess with.

It all happens apparently because HM is Leo and Leos always want to be in charge, same story that apart from insolent Virgos and abusive Scorpios talking nonsense about being disrespected whilst it wants to pass its habits at a Libra with a big mouth every day, just part of the stupid things the other star signs did with peoples lives whenever they were chasing their own financial wellbeing. It shows up here every day, with a favourite insult that threats to build up a scenario where I wanted a competition that could get violent on who was the better narcissist, a favourite insult by which with a little publicity, its stupidities put itself in charge of my affairs every day, does not read a Book for its interests in a Bookshop and cannot keep its mouth shut, whilst the other twats who claimed they wanted to attack me over the smell issues associated with their male society secret meetings that showed up in public places to order my steps, never got to do it, to start their own as well around here as it were. I am as such told that from my point of view, reading birth signs was a bad idea, but it is, not because I would not fancy being flattered endlessly on the fact that my good side outweighed the bad by a lot but because people seldom get to control the bad people who were born under the same birth sign as they are – we know instances where it had led to catastrophic results, apart from the fact it is possible that most unsolved murders were committed by Libras, if it so is the case that big mouth Scorpios messing with a Libra Library and Discipline usually drives them into a habit of serial murder – we know JFK was  Virgo who put down his character and did well for himself and the world but never stopped messing about with Libras and the bad people who were born under the same birth sign as he was, got killed by a Libra who made out the communists had gotten the better of the pie but we see the same instance showing up endlessly, not just the claim we were good people but inherently vulnerable and the lies their low lives who make use of our personal space abusively tell about what they do when we are not looking, it will cling to my scruff for no reason whatsoever, 20 year career mess did not pay the fees at University and is not paying the Bills now, running off a favourite insult that puts its stupidities in charge of my affairs and then boasts about the way I came through on the need and relevance of doing violent things after it made money from the process. The first time it got on my nerves in a big way would be the part where its need to share my personal space gave rise to that need not being met as much as their stupidities would have liked it to be and therefore the thought process that provided me a career provoked them and stood in the way of sharing my personal space, then it claimed the health related consequences meant that I am different, when it is not dead yet or crying out for some civil rights help – now it is encumbering a Bookshop to make money, calling me names and changing a narrative for the authorities to go by as will find a way to make out that this was all my fault; so the best piece of advice at this stage is that it needs to stay away from my Books and my Clients or I will work the stupid society together with the famous idiots in terms of a need to access history of a time when I did nothing alongside another instance of a narcissistic insult that was brewed from the idea that my history of failure hurt their tummy, which would be my start in this matter as well. I mean usually we used to tackle these kinds of nonsense in the past by doing the academic pursuits, picking up jobs as fat cats, so that we could raise funds and make statements that will safeguard the well being of women whilst we find out how much they loved the wealth and social inequality, it seems this time we got soft on the wealth and social inequality and its stupidities now gained access to tax payer funds that were being spent on business twats and famous idiots to engage with market as though I had lost something important until it was self-fulfilling, so I have to tackle the problem another way.

It is never a matter of control as suggested, I had achieved that a long time ago, it is a matter of passing up the way I stand up for myself to a bunch of idiots that are likely to give some scumbags that got elected into government office a certainty of power, their twats at the secret services and British Monarchy, having been they had run my life with social activities of criminal up to such a sage, the stupidities of the men from Europe, have since progressed from security services incompetence to security services corruption, getting my nerves as though I write their Books in this place with a big mouth that was unable to keep its hands to itself, then it shows up here with a favourite insult that puts its stupidities in charge of my affairs to assist famous idiots that were entitled to spend my property being backed by somebody stronger and the other twat that assists them at the local authorities does not wish to pay up on the unemployment support anymore, so everybody now hinges on a 15 year old Bookshop that they continually stalled, it needs to shelve the insults and show up here to read or I will stop it very badly – a completion to find who was the better narcissist here and those gimmicks where it seems that it knew better how those who had need of its skill for servitude, will easily become the least of their problems.

The Celebrities always suggested I never had a chance but we are now in a situation that highlights the favourite insults – the history of not responding on my part which is the foundation for everything they did and was regularly explored each time I got them off making a mess of the career and my history of failure hurts their tummy, so they build communities that will bully me into success as well, which when explored one more time will see me begin a process of taking jobs with it too. The favourite insults that puts their stupidities in charge of my affairs with the help of a little bit of publicity apparently, for all the client partnerships and public interest in my Books, there is yet only a handful of people from Communist territories who were curious enough to buy and read a copy of it. I could run a Bookshop in peace everybody knows this, just as much as everybody knows that if I took up shoving their own really hard and saying that it was the way we were to spend the remainder of our working years, they would retire before I did and I would still win but I suppose I am a lot less tolerant than that. Currently it was a matter of years working on a Bookshop, the Client partnerships, the public interest, the engagement with engine of economic growth and nothing to show for it because a bunch of idiots no longer wanted to sleep around on the streets for money, if they hated the jobs market but loved a narcissism where their insults stalled my Bookshop.

It is not said that have underestimated that this problem had always been faced in the western world and my work was welcome but I have not, I know that the work I did was good and I would not do some of the things I have done if I was not keen to ensure that we did not face another situation in future because the last person whose work targeted the problem was too polished about his approach – I mean things like swearing for a Hermit Prince is unbecoming but swearing happens in the western world a lot, so I should not fear it to such an extent we ended up with a new problem. I also know that I have achieved most of the ascertained aims of the work for the Office and Governmental Diplomacy matters, it simply would have been easier for me to have completed University, instead of doing a lot of heavy lifting because I knew what the job was but did not have the qualifications to sit in a chair, however it has not been deemed an acceptable result for male leadership, now the extra complication was to do with their goons at the local authorities working to make me homeless and if I took them on over it, the idea created would be that I loved to live on Universal Credit.