It is never true I have a problem with the Labour party and do not wish to see it elected by the Public of course – what is true is that the Labour Party has become a small business progressive Union effectively and has no platform for government work all together – sp the way that millions of idiots who have not got a clue what they are doing trying to make money and finding beauties so called that they can trap to that effect which is supposed to ensure they are rich and immoral and their insults are profitable rather than what they need to work for getting an effort from them operates government is to find people such as myself to cling to with violence and abuse and because handling me is so difficult they now have to explain to the tax payer that what they are doing with government funded time that they are paid to take up for a job is concerned with wealth distribution and social equality which then also means they can do whatever they like with it if they get to explain their actions away as wealth distribution and social equality and so all there is left of this is the case of the part where people say it is all my fault and I say it is as well so it might all be that way permanently too.

Its like the story of what my case with Americans really is which makes no sense whatsoever – after all Obama does not attend Church in his life so I find it impossible to locate what he does suppose he will discuss with a Christian anyway who by the way does not want anything to do with him. In effect we should not be having conversations about why I am stronger than my adversaries but instead what their problem with me does seem to be in the first place, otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever but at current conditions I personally think the conversation they should be having with people is not what is wrong with a certain picture that has to do with me and my books but rather the fact they are block head bullies. Reality is still therefore the same old case of people doing things I had already done in a condition where they expect to roll back time and create a condition where I never did them in an atmosphere where they are superior so that they can ensure that I never got to do them and it is not the first occasion I have to put up with insults from idiots talking nonsense from the really stupid other ideas that existed around things I used to say or said in part considering the ones I wanted to keep to myself or think about when I was a teenager but was either too troubled that people might not listen to me or think they might suppose it makes no sense whatsoever. In the end its a matter of the fact those insults do have an effect and they should never complain of their own effect as well while they are at it since we are all adults and we face the same challenges and have bills to pay and what it considered popular problems do not apply to me like it does to them because I am actually better than them and then a little respect will allow them to make use of me as well otherwise they can power and they will burn and I will watch.

They are not a barrier for me, only the illusion I continue to have that I must get a job from them to raise funds to market my books becoming more expensive. There are those things they do like the movements on my webpage to ensure I feel they watch me every second and confiscate anything that comes out of me and therefore own me with a big mouth only and some homosexual culture they will very soon never see again as well as it were, then there are others like a certain problem with a picture that would contain me and my books and then there are others like screaming people over anything I write on my websites which means that if they cannot hit me with a fist or a weapon that is what they hit me with etc but these are the things they have no plans to discuss with others as it were, so I am just passing through them.