I am now told that I am some sort of point for the Monarchy to engage in corruption of power which is utter rubbish. The reality is that the reasons the Men followed me around to churn my tummy with practical jokes and wreck them academic work, which they added to my history through their violent lasciviousness and continued on that trajectory that describes me as the kid on whom their future depends, once they are done spending their time on deviance that makes them real men, have not really been explained – what is now the fact that their Politician can no longer deny is that it’s all about their insults and the money problems they have got. They always point to what I have done about the culture and society which is good but it can only carry on until I got my hands on it properly and set about making sure they never got to see or access it again as it were. It’s a very simple matter that if they were complaining about me every 24 hours, they needed to give me my space, as I was not having any fun with their gimmicks.

It happens all the time and this is not an unusual occasion; where they spend their younger days on deviance that makes them real men alongside odd jobs, at some stage set out others as kids on whom their future depends because they want to play games with social discrimination and markets in order to multiply the money they had made, into something that allows them compete with wealthy people socially. The problem now is entirely a matter of the insults I have to put up with which can start out with something as stupid as claims I am a character they bully in order to feel like they were important on leaving home to attend their daily concerns and when they return, then hang around somewhere building a crowd to tell lies about the reasons it churns my tummy and makes me smell of what I ate, issuing stupid threats they have not backed up in years, looking for incentive, the cowardice of the old game of those stupid incentives being eliminated here setting the grounds for most of the complains they push around at my expense in public places with a big mouth, looking like they intensively want some of mine too. I do not think it is a crisis either but they should not be setting out new stages to escalate it complaining and petitioning people about me for attention while they enjoy their insolence so much, they ought to simply get on with it.

I have been asked what it is that constitutes the main clash between myself and these people but it’s the old case of them claiming it’s a matter of politics and power while they set themselves out as the educated idiots in suits at my expense, first for the amusement and then on realising what my abilities were, to complain about wealth and social inequality – whereby whilst those they bully over wealth and social inequality are worse off than they are financially, they continue doing it, as their version of wealth and social inequality was the only one that existed. The threats are all good but it has now reached that point where I can say I am now completely fed up with the business of putting up with it while it wrecks my life, the business of putting my own inhibitions on the need to rip up the stupid popular culture and the society where their mums boo and coo and ho at me all day, setting a stage for them to adopt a media presence that sets me out as a trouble maker while their stupidities should have figured out the consequences of their insults on society long before then, fed up with the fact putting an inhibition of ripping up their popular culture, society, Celebrity culture and Politics makes me sick, while I am still doing it; I want them to understand that letting me have my space is very important not hang around somewhere blowing off the big mouth at me.

The part that bothers them so much is that I had completely pillaged the popular culture lest their kids feel greater need to get imagination up my bum copying their stupidities, on account their Mums encourage them to do it, claiming I am a bum and they were important women – much the same as I have led them down the path of spending the source of all my problems i.e. ageist money from low jobs that give them an advantage over those that are starting out at the Jobs market thing on getting a new life and new investments that are not going anywhere. Their stupidities were clever enough then and are clever enough now to continue pushing off the insults every day. It does make me such a happy person that my academic pursuits were wrecked, therefore their corrupt and insulting involvement with me against my wishes will likely receive positive responses I should say, the last time we checked. It goes without saying it’s all German influence and they might want to stop getting on my nerves for it these sorts of responses too – blabbing how these sorts of responses are not going to help me, will not help them either.

They claim it was meant to be a matter of duty on my part for my Office and yes it was; the Military and Police service being two of the biggest parts of the civil service itself but their role in it involves being bruisers for some cause or another; so I have now gone from bearing the business of seeing them take over the jobs of those who deployed my Royal Order to get tasks done, which outcome is that we could not get along since last they took up those Offices, even though it makes me smell, hurts, churns my tummy and leaves them something to tell lies, issue threats and cause financial losses for, to the business of trapping them in it, so it’s reasonable to assess that the next time I will see me make a weapon out of their situation against them as well.

I have been told they would like to see that my role had a definite arrangement that meant I was not everywhere anywhere naturally which is utter nonsense since the problem is that they are now out of their depth for their practical jokes and we must now see if it is Islamic trouble makers killing people on my behalf until I criticised their religion to make enemies of them that will get me to spend 90% of my time or more on matters of my hermitage or indeed getting beaten up by society idiots who have been hounding me for years over what they can do with my personality to get rich; I should say then that it is also up to me to ensure it is none of these things that get me spending enough time to run a hermitage properly on doing so.

They claim I am vulnerable all the time and I have no idea why they complain about me so often if I were anyway; we all know there is no reason for a handful of idiots to hang around shopping Malls as security guards clinging to my Public image and personal life as the tools required for men to spend their youth on deviance and secure enough money for retirement, complete with features such as building communities that can get imagination up my bum anyway. The fools do have their middle management friends that are just as demanding as they are, to spend their time on, both personally and professionally, instead of doing this to me and blabbing about vulnerability thereof, looking for a proper response. They claim German Policy fosters wealth and social equality while the British one does not and its utter nonsense as we know we have to put up with idiots making statements about what German power wants others to share, who have no respect for other people’s right to establish personal relationships nd cannot keep the big mouth shut about victims not having a choice in the matter – what then happens being that it shows up to hold the financial concerns of a business to ransom until its stupidities got rich off the market built first and it feeds into terrorism where nothing done for a business is ever enough because there is no money spent on the needs of the boys with ugly upbringing who ever feel like they were human beings when chasing money and regularly express their stupidities by going on a shooting spree in public places where less well-off people get round to private and public business and the outcome is likely to be that you lost the temper and asked them to hold it to ransom one minute longer, blowing off the big German mouth somewhere to see what will become of it.

They do claim I am as weak as hell and it’s an old story all round, where it gets jobs in German Companies to spend time building me publicity that denies the existence of actual equity property being brokered between this Hermitage and those Companies to hold my finances to random and come up with new forms of marketing on it without permission – when it says I think I clever but cannot pass exams as it leaves its work to the bullied women and draws breath to get into the academic system and absorb what a teacher has to say, then show up to flush my life down the loo and pillage my livelihood – like when it cannot be told enough times to stop winding people up a freedom is weak story, bearing in mind it always gets back what it puts in – like the fact this is a simple task of how they plan to buy the House and the car for wife and themselves, send the Children to school and pay taxes, which does not warrant any of these nonsense I have to tolerate, no idea why they complain everyday but think it’s a game, like they would really love it to go all haywire.

They claim the property equity I speak of is a simple case of getting around making trouble by wanting a lot of things for nothing in other people’s lives and careers but as ever we can see what the challenges of intellectual property administration is with German, Russian and American influence being the biggest players – as what really happens is that I work with people who want to be part of the trust at random and with social media where it is also displayed the way their stupidities affects general civil service, the insults and money issues, I build publicity for what we are doing to ensure less of the wrong crowd is attracted when we try to chase money matters and multinationals come in to pick up invest and hold with me the equities in a Trust which gets me developing a position for them as Client brokers; this was completed since 2008 but up till now, it has been impossible for me to sell Books since while these fools have not been sharing the salary, what they complain about being that their society gits are stuffed full of knowledge and what I know that survival for me is no longer impossible due to how stupid they get at other people’s expense, especially the private security Industry and the problem they face for my part is that I have been unable to sell the Books they did not write.