There is that talk of course that I am a bad boy but we all know that is very far from the truth; I mean for the things I have done to people the reality is that of one side thinking they have plans to get rid of the Monarchy and that insulting me into seeing I belong in that plan and need to take it up and get the part I can do done is the way to do it, while the other ones simply think all their problems in life will be answered through insulting me in their own right. So eventually you take a look at yourself down the line and they have taken everything by insolence and the reasons do not exist or make sense and when you press for definite answers what comes through is that they have made good their greed even when you had eliminated the money factor to make them go away, so they have made good their greed by abusing me even when there was no money to do greed on or with and so that is the kind of situation where I am already a bad boy when in actual fact I have not become any such thing in anyway. I mean you take a look at somebody and he handles the Prime Minister’s papers and files but needs a balance of power between him or her and the Prime Minister; not my problem of course except that he thinks he ought to abuse me all the time just for the fun of it and when I seek definite answers what comes through is that I have somehow acted in a way which has upset his balance of power with the Prime Minister and when I ask why he would want a balance of power with the Prime Minister when he is just a bloody secretary what comes through for that is that the Prime Minister once acted in a way which cost him everything by being really stubborn and this is the sort of behaviour you get all over the Monarchy as well and they cannot, cannot get off my book sales to make sense of such stupidities either, they rather want to think I have become a bad boy along with their idiots who have two lives one on the media and the other being about insulting and abusing me in ways that are beneficial for the wider society – then they name it celebrity and popular culture and all that nonsense I could hardly have tolerated as Christian and then we hear them speak as well of the other issues where I got involved with pornography but we all know if I were to be candid about that, the reasons would be besides being afraid of them on account of being lumbered with more insults on account I profess to be a good man, while they claim they are rich and I have never been impressed for my part either, then what I am supposed to say is that my office is directly involved with the Church and the fact the Bible teaches prostitution to be a sin does not mean that I am comfortable with people latching onto my stuff to get around doing something about whether or not people are committing sin, so in my view pornography is there and they will deal with it – I mean in a general sense it is a fuck but they are lazy fucks and yet they were supposed to pleasure their stupid self harming selves with it in the first place anyway, so we have the lazy fucks all over the place thinking their relationship with sexes is something they ought to use to dominate me and therefore cannot exist without handling me or my work and or property to that effect talking nonsense about being rich and owning one company after another. Yet again I say it is a fuck and they were supposed to have pleasured their big mouth with it in the first place anyway and not staying off the book sales will end it very badly too and then we will know about a bad boy; it does tend to mean I do need to get around the City a bit because each time I had warned people about sitting somewhere to sip expensive drinks and then turn out to build on public press and media insults they discussed among themselves of me, they tend to do more of it instead of move on, FASHIONED OF COURSE FROM ABUSES THAT ARE IN THEMSELVES INSULTS BUT MEANT TO MAKE ME ACT, NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO JUST THE POWERFUL THING TO DO AND IT FEEDS INTO WHAT MEN THINK OF THEMSELVES AND WHAT THEY CAN DO OR NOT WANTING SOME OF MINE ALL THE TIME AND THEY CANNOT SHUT IT EITHER SO WE WILL SEE TOO AND KNOW MORE OF A BAD BOY.