The tale has now turned to one of me looking for trouble and then becoming an issue for everybody when I had found it, which is incredibly annoying as their stupidities playing out on my career as facilitated by Media and their disobedience can only get worse and worse if this is the prevalent atmosphere. The truth of it is that they get involved with other peoples concerns to make trouble over wealth and social inequality and yet here I am becoming a character they can attack and wish to harm all the time on account I spend information from my Books because it saves lives and they even so have trouble understanding that once the Books had been bound and placed in Public as a sale item their involvement with it only ought to exist when they are paying money for handling it.

They brag about me getting into trouble with them all the time while I cannot seem to make them mind their own business and keep out of peoples concerns with the Celebrity money if they are complaining and I am the one who gets around looking for trouble and then making myself an issue for others when I had found it. We all know that they can only get around acquiring money by providing services that industry goons who make money for the purpose of fighting others have amassed and will share with them for the purpose and then show up to keep up appearances about others getting oppressed to a stage where some are distracted enough to abandon their work so Celebrities may grab the markets and own all the money in the world, meanwhile of which there is no link between doing this and a condition whereby I feel sore all over or my academic work is damaged by the idiots who want to work with them as the brilliant minds behind the stupid fame all together and that stupid culture and society being damaged is what they were complaining about when I have not gotten my hands on it properly just yet. The threats in itself being a matter of how what I do indoors is the same as their own and what I do outdoors is the same as their own and if the fight starts it will be a matter of who belongs on the left and who belongs on the right while the victor gets the spoils being the fucking idiots have now recovered their stupid health I guess. The part where I make enemies at the Armed forces being the one where people have been reprimanded concerning the business of how the way they get around their civilian living involving a process of making a case of people diet, so that the community goons built up with ideas about what to do to others may get around chasing peoples bottom and churning peoples tummy over it and how it meant that what I have done on the internet means I had accepted liability for what happens with armed forces personnel on the field as stupidly as they can get, will never be explained.

They speak of my response to these matters being diplomatic as I am well aware of what will happen to me with that big mouth and how the main problem is the way I look producing false impressions of what I am really like – I do not suppose the fact they need mind their own business with the Celebrity money and stop running off their foolish media jobs on publicity I build for my Books was not a statement made which was lost in translation all together, blowing off that big mouth so the criminals and racist might hear them. I am still looking forward to a very near future in which my concerns will be quiet enough for interest parties to just read the Books they have expressed interest in and if they are not sharing the salary that gets to their foolish heads, its rather difficult to make out where they keep their thinking capacity. They claim for their part that I want to be in charge and it is what the big problem was which is utter nonsense as the reality is mostly that they enjoy ripping up my academic work and my career and the stage on which they do it is the part that is completely astonishing all together i.e. that I listen to others which they can take advantage of and that I care for people or provide a service that indicates I do care for people which means they can get involved with me and take advantage of me once they have me where they want as well; the case of not being able to handle them sitting at the centre of it while we all know its as simple as the day I lay out questions about what the celebrity culture job portfolio looks like and how they are going to keep off my legal studies going into the future. It fits into that old case of how I may say so but my books are still dominating people which is utter nonsense; I cannot point out an single person that will want to set up a Bookshop for the purpose of dominating people on this planet but when you want to make a statement that your audience may run with as a matter of what is happening around you which impacts the Books you write, it can be about domination which is what is happening, the reason it happens that way obviously are a series of facts that are no longer hidden from Public access in the first place. We have ended up here because Obama the US Presidential genius had set out 8 years of White House time for the purpose of getting them to explain their problems and understand it in terms of the sheer fact that I exist and now that they have been telling tales to build a crowd that understands their problems in terms of how what I do indoors is the same as what they do indoors and what I do outdoors is the same as what they do outdoors, it’s time to build a crowd of idiots with ideas about what to do to me and show up here for a fight in which the victor will plunder; entirely normal for a group of very stupid people who are also evil and always want to blame others for their problems, most of the problems which are due to a behaviour that they can easily change. For those who want to know why it is this way, it’s the same case of wanting to see me grovel for money because I set out a product to pay bills by on account I could not find a job, something of a condition people have always dreamed I will end up at because I am a Church goer – leaving me to spare a thought for other people who have a disability while they run off those stupid civil rights movements to avoid putting in anywhere near 40% of effort into what they want to achieve because it will make them smell – then there is my personal favourite that sees them show up to hang around my livelihood building me publicity about my body type and threatening me because doing the same for them makes them smell unlike the sort of pressure that is of global proportions and is a gimmick about my tummy makes me smell to their stupid narcissism pleasure in the first place, their own is that easy as it were, building up that stupid publicity about my body type when I have got a description attached to my Books in the first place, thereby suggesting I am selling sex. Its nothing unusual, same old case about municipal living idiots who want to work some socioeconomic disposition in which they and their boys took a stand on my work and got away with whatever they wanted and it’s a gimmick about getting off with somebody else’s life to befriend Celebrities and popular culture gits through him they build money making apparatus and business empires, I have never for my part done anything to prevent their society stupidities working out the schizophrenia that bothers them in this way, what happens to get my attention is that they hate the structures I have put in place to ensure they cannot damage anything they want around here; structures like the fact they are aware I can sell their culture and society for money and set about spending it to buy protection if I felt threatened and the Celebrities are aware of my ability to decide how their portfolio is to be kept outside of my legal studies business going into the future if I wanted and if they got rid of these structures, what we will have left will go from the business of setting out an original provocation that Politicians made laws on and therefore cannot be resolved as a tool for oppressing me with their big mouth, to one where they have continued with it and ended up with a bullying that is so clever people cannot tell them off until they got rich off it all together. I do get asked if I can justify my actions and yes I can; dropping out of University because the Politicians think it would be nice if their stupid community croons had a good looking person they can touch and feel thereof as if they were equals with the lucky people of the world that get to fuck the beautiful is too much to ask of me and I fancy them complaining about me every day for it too – likewise is dropping out of University because the Men want to handle me and exasperate me into responding to their problems to help them recover their strength and energy that ensures they had means to be rich and powerful too much to ask for me like we see them give their own to the frugal and they have achieved the dropping out of University bits, since then become frustrated about the results and its now time for their stupidities to move on. I mean there is no reason that a Celebrity would be paid a good amount of money by a magazine outlet and be surrounded by tends of photographers taking her pictures for the magazine cover, only for their main concern to be me all together, for the purpose of taking pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image and then when I plod on anyway, it seems that if I set up some Books at the shop today they lost money and the bullying got more intense and if I set up a shelve at the Bookshop they lost money and the abuses got worse as stupidly as possible and yet when those magazines hit the shelves at the shops there will be hell for me on the high streets as well, while their popular culture scum find some git that will do security work on their account using my Royal sensibilities, allowing them the means to take revenge on such a person over what the family would think is treachery by spending any property I have that such persons families would have likely wanted to get the hands on and it shows up here to invent one for me like that without reason – long way off from spending most of my time thinking about wanting to be in charge, while the extent of their stupidities is such that they now have a problem with any systems I have which ensure while they are busy with it I can carry on with my own living, so we find it regularly picks up my work to provide services for rich people by and gets off building a great big Publicity about me which portrays me as a twerp that will not agree to it even though I am complaining about a lack of wealth, that does not make any sense whatsoever, after which the idiots do not want to lose money while every 24 hours in which they are busy with such nonsense my trading bottoms out completely. This is all happening because if they want their boy to drop out of University so they might play stupid games with his life, it will be three years of hell for him at University until that happens, then general existence may continue thereafter – the Politicians as well are about wrecking the finances and academic work so I might be stuck with female school truants who are still truants when they are peoples grandmothers except most people avoid them hence they have not had a good man let alone a great and good looking one to touch sexually or have sex with no matter how ugly they are for years; apparently when I point out these sorts of facts they might as well look like they had done something to deserve my wrath. The women blabbing about helping to wreck the academic work because I support the Monarchy while I want to catch up with those that have gotten ahead of me is all good; I do see them go from stripper and escort at University to putting lipstick on it looking like they are in need of a good fuck, otherwise we are not entirely in disagreement on this matter; their insults and abuses are all very good but they might want to watch the big mouth and keep the money in peace, give me my space. The Men are a different story; the ones that chase the bottom hang around like a failed attempt at being a shop manager, making sure gangs and criminals follow me into my bedroom while they ensure I smell like my loo, got help from Politicians and started to look like idiots that want to pick up phone and ring equally stupid friends to keep me from getting a job – while the ones that show up on our media generally get it into the stupid heads that they smell easily when they face violent issues and that I have the body type they will force into dealing with violent issues for everybody as they got rich and connected – in the same way which if I mentioned it might just as well perhaps set out that they deserved my wrath. I do get told I let it slide but I don’t – this is obviously what they want to do with their time, such that when they are stuck with it and start to think some kid has a public image they may secure an exit from, it will start to get serious – the society ones are likely to get serious on two fronts i.e. either the part where they chase my bum to sell things at the shops and let gang idiots and local criminals as close to my bedroom as possible to make me fight for others and stop being selfish with what I have got, giving way to picking up the phone to ring equally stupid friends and ensure I cannot get a job, once they had secured support from Politicians and civil service or when they too have gotten into trouble and think some boy has a Public image they might get an exit from; it works for me because it means people can get involved with my Books and sit around chasing their own madness instead but if they can see there is enough trouble in the world they will of course let me sell my Books by myself and not show up to waste my time. To be helpful, what happens is that when these goons address a crowd others end up with serious problems but we all know people address crowds all the time and yet they do not complain about the effects; we need to see what happens when people are part of the professional body of Medical practitioners for example and some 2000 people have gathered in a room, all of them doctors, some address the crowd and are celebrities in that world – so it is worth pointing out in case it becomes a war on Media that I get out of bed to attend to everyday all together, while the story of coping out with Royal duties will never work as the reality is that sometimes is enough work to make me feel sore, other times I think it a death dealing experience but I am having fun anyway; They never say this is what the society version of big brother and big sister do nor will they point out the media version picks on people in the way I have described their own here as well without reason or purpose, what we hear is that I will get into trouble for the way I have responded to the fact the bigger they are is usually the stupider they got, so when they are angry others pay with everything and my bottom hurts these days all the time because they target me so often the extremist are paying too much attention and we all know extremist can be just as stupid too. I do get told I am desperate to be heard besides which the way I talk makes people want to fight for me and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that this is how I work, I dropped out of University so they can play with me and antagonise the government to stop only when they were a part of it by so doing, I need to ensure they know what I know at all times and I therefore do not have to pay the price for their stupidities like that every time on account they believe me to be on the side of Democracy and freedom to such an extent, the gimmicks about this life I have ending up in the hands of Media and Celebrities where I could never recover it will never work – they always brag about how it will never stop and I guess that will be tested when I build myself a Public image on it as well, if I just wished to see how they plan to keep it going when I do not want it thereof. I have been told also that they have their uses but I don’t need them; we all know if I am running from certain terrible behaviour my parents exhibit for instance, I do not blame it on them and we have never seen my parents exhibit those behaviour on them either, we also know I have expressed such facts through my Books – so we are here entirely because of their insults and incredible disrespect that they have gotten accustomed to over the years, labelling me as a child they can play their stupid games with in the process as well – I do not need them.

They have insisted I behave like a child hence the label and its utter nonsense; first of all they have mentioned my thought pattern is similar to that of the younger version of the Millionaires we have today, I have been told that I have a selective memory to a stage where I need to accept what I am and have never had sexual experience, so this nonsense is all a matter of an Industrial scale level of disrespect channelled at other people because although they do not wish to work for money, only fame ad fortune will do. We see it feed into the story of the way they prepare and groom us for their stupidities meaning we work longer hours in the UK than most European Countries and do not tend to produce more for it too; we know Royal Mail used to be a staple source of employment for students, it had only just begun a socialist arrangement that meant every worker had to take out a pension plan and young people had to wait for their turn under the Labour Party just before the economic crisis struck and then the government bailed it out soon after but the Labour Party never mentions how it works government office to actively destroy Public wealth in order to facilitate its silly disposition on wealth and inequality issues – so it has always been a matter of the two corrupt groups of people i.e. the Unions and the Politicians, especially civil service Unions and once these two groups of people are teased towards money in a certain way they will never stop fighting each other until they got what they wanted and everybody else was a scapegoat – it has always been how we create ourselves structural unemployment that leaves us with a conundrum at the jobs market where if we employed too many people they became poor workers and if we employed too little we will work them too hard, hence we have to employ a certain number and ensure they understood that they were meant to go the extra mile. I get told this is the thought pattern of somebody who likes the way the Country works but not what must be done to make it that way, while reality is that a Policy of making people bend themselves into difficult corners so we might show how great British we are is that young families pay the price at the end and we know Politicians are always doing peoples thing these days on account these young families are marrying later than they have ever done in modern history, then there is a knife crime issues about which I like to say if I promised to hand over my Public image they would not stab anybody but I never will as whatever it is that is bugging the criminals will wholly depend on me from then on. The competition with Europeans they think about being utter nonsense as although we are similar the reality is still that when beaten down, we pick ourselves up and carry on as British but Germans for instance respond differently i.e. they set things in the correct places and life takes care of itself and since no matter how much we get tested we respond in these ways for instance, we say that the Germans are the most efficient of European cultural behaviour. On the issue of longer working hours I have found that since last I began to respond with indignation to Politicians having a need to build themselves a history of public riots for every time they spend in government office while showing up here to burn my life at Industry for it, I have come across time and again their need to achieve those conditions where parents kill their own children and Politicians look like the Political system was powerful enough to kill people and get away with it as a result – so if they want to tie to me but it will never stick. We all know that a University graduate can do exactly the same job as their Managers and that the only exception to a case where the managers spent more time at the Company than they did, which made managers worthy to be managers will be those rare times when the manager is exceptionally talented but it seems that we are a system that has quite fallen in love with building ourselves structural unemployment with Government Office and the Party of the people that invented it has not yet owned up to this creation so far. I do get asked if I am aware that dropping out of University was really a sign of my thinking capacity which is utter rubbish; at the time a broadband dongle was sold at PC World for about £390 and you had to sign up for a credit checking payment plan, so I only had the option of installing a huge satellite on somebody rented accommodation or spend more time at University all together but then again which if I was not spending most of my energy clearing out the trouble Politicians and Celebrities created for me I would have gotten on a Bus each time this needed to happen, so since the dropping out bits, I have not been allowed to just sit down and decide what went wrong and how I need to resolve it, looking for a response that they are about to get too. I do get told that I myself get involved with the culture and society trouble makers which takes up my time and it is utter nonsense; getting involved with the concerns of culture and society trouble makers is what I am supposed to do at academic institutions, apparently when I mention it so, they are not so worried about showing that guy that fails his exams all the time might well have been the child of a Millionaire that has never been to school – the Politicians and Celebrities still being the problem i.e. when you have picked up a personality that should rightfully belong to those who make decisions that affect the lives of criminals by being paid at the tax payer coffers to make the laws of the land, then it is not in their interest for you to shut down access by completing the academic work – if people enjoy exhibiting themselves on your public image to blow kisses at criminals and make money demanding adulation from random crowds, it is not in their interest that you complete the academic work before the great minds that will work with them to maintain the fame all together – the media on the other hand like to get me into trouble and theirs was a bunch of idiots who are stupid but have not really cares that extremists can be just as stupid as they are and that they can become quite a burden because their case appears to occur every day.

There is eventually talk of how I never sell my products which is not really the case, as it is not for me to decide if my products need selling; if sales people spot an opportunity they would definitely let me know about it, all I need do is protect the products and ensure its out there for people to see; so the most important part of it these days is making sure Media, Celebrities and Politicians kept the hands off my earnings and stopped following me around. I do get told most of it is my fault as well, which is utter nonsense – what happens is people getting involved when they would not even follow my profile on social media to extract money from my work and so we find that ever since the great Liberal American greed got invited itself into my concerns, it has become a matter of perverting my whole Estate into something of a process of sharing wealth or being seen to play with the crowd in order to raise funds I can pay my way by, which like I handle most evils around here I have allowed run right up to the point where they have no more lies to tell and have nothing left to say and its now time to move on – with respect to which I am aware the way people handle my work is due to what I have told them that they can do and the system is built to allow me set out rewards for those who have worked the equities I have developed, so I always settle up some apparatus by which I can make that clear to them when they need to go ahead with the rewards etc, point being that if people are having trouble over some behaviour I put them up to I have a history of clearing it up and besides this, there is so much trouble around my work that I intend to ensure absolutely every aspect of it is streamlined and controlled by me and every stupidity about black people or any other ethnic group playing harmful practical jokes with me is going to stop in the process, their way or mine – biggest of them being a need to invest my asset equities without buying my Books to keep me on a leash as stupidly as possible each time they have some money, buy some products to sell, get support from their political idiots and decide they would not get rich quick if they were not peddling my equities whenever they were selling the products, led by guessed it, stupid Americans – leaves me wondering how much they suppose the Books cost in the first place, showing up here to prefer ripping up my whole life to get rich on account I wrote it in the first place looking like they wish to convince me they do not need the services of an exorcist.