It’s a story that never goes away a behaviour which never stops, Politicians telling tales of how I think I have done what my office requires and all day time is spent seeking out pitfalls, once located an abusive activity of a violent nature which runs on a National level ensues with Community goons and Media fools getting imagination up my bum. Then they say it appears I have problems that never end and its utter nonsense as well as the reality is a matter of local hoodlums doing what they do best, such as the condition in which I dropped out of University because the way I was taken advantage of behind my back upon renting a space from Asian Muslims, replicated because white people want their own too, which they leave out of the story since it has to far built me 17 years of hell with no pocket of holiday in between, whenever they complain about my attitude to the Politicians. It’s just hoodlums and there is nothing that can be done about them; it’s like living in a pit with shadow Hawk and it’s not clear if people say something has to be done about it because they needed to get rid of Shadow Hawk which is a Scottish Identity thing (don’t know which shows would depict the English one best so I have used a Scottish example) – it feeds into those stories that the Police treats white and black people differently and it carries on endlessly while it was quite clear that those who told such tales could not back it up with data, except they collected some from their Political friends. So, we find those racist scenarios are usually complicated circumstances that happen to people, but it never really gets handled that way because of what they want to do with it to enhance their fame. This are the sort of facts I would expose to clear up the issue about dealing with nausea associated with financial complications because of Politicians but the response it gets from them instead is that they know they are unable to handle these cultural issues but the bullying that helps them win a competition for a salary worth tens of thousands can be further progressed by making sure that I was serving them without pay to pick up all the abuses associated with it, thereby justifying the systematic destruction of my career, finances, academic work and public image – producing an outcome where my career all the way to the shipping yards exists on one corner while they and their children who usually engage the gangs and criminals while I am puff, getting imagination up my bum, took up the other and both were destroying each other. The outcome of saying this is the good old continued case of being handled with obscurity from ethnic minority fools who wreck and gain and use me as a tool, a rag in fact to tidy up what is bugging them in their lives, which is the same behaviour we see exhibited towards my Bookshop i.e. they are using it to make themselves feel better about how their personal decisions have made them into what they are today and it’s an old story of bringing to bear the way that Northern Africans life to get imagination up peoples bum and make friends with Fashion gits and Celebrity who never get involved with people’s concerns legitimately, South Africans who do the same but in terms of Politicians, Eastern Africans who play abusive market gimmicks on people, and some Western Africans who can never stop passing life changing insults at others to grab public image, being put together with a handful of idiots in control, as one big happy ethnic minority family which comprises me as well. I have tried to resolve these issues by making it clear the case with the Politicians was no more than people you can gain from hugely if you got into a habit of picking a fight with, as their work and Office is such that it is possible to blame them for the things you had done to harm yourself but we can see it is completely ignored, so it’s now 6 years of doing this which I did the day before and the week before and the month before and the year before and the year before the year before and it goes on like so every day, all day long.

The story has always been a matter of having been given a Hermitage, facing issues with big brothers and big sisters because the one who gave it to you had an Armed Forces in Her Command and this was likely to be manned by big brothers and big sisters, so the purpose of their insults and abuses always goes beyond a process of fighting so hard every day to maintain your business and personal relationships while they boast on one had that it is how it will operate for the rest of my life, while on the other hand complaining about a lack of civil rights without any evidence of which one has affected their families, stopped them running a Bookshop or ended their ability to carry on with a day job. It developed into a tale of laying claims of ownership to everything I am right down to the way I sleep, in order to build communities that get imagination up my bum while displaying their stupidities on Media as indications of more worthy people. They always boast that this was a big problem which is utter nonsense as we know that I can develop a prejudice for their Celebrity culture as well and get them stuck with the complicated parts of Armed Forces work, and we know that we can only hope in such circumstances that the blacks who are the sole developers of these extreme forms of abusive activity, were not the community that was worse off. They do boast that they have destroyed everything I have and its utter nonsense as they are simply looking for trouble and I am fed up with it too – I have tried to move them on like I have tried to move on the Politicians I.e. we are a Nation Governed by civilians, so we have an Armed Forces quite alright but they appear to be the only group of people who solely engage in a daily process of wrecking what allows others to carry on the daily concerns in relative peace and security and until my fame is about a process where they got to fight the fight of their lives to protect those things that save them from a process of smelling of what they ate, their alliances with quasi criminals who clearly hate my guts because they got imagination up my bum and showed up somewhere to complain about me because we all smelled on our way to work over it, so they took their revenge by building up my concerns somewhere so it might be possible to tell me my life is over, will I believe not come to an end thus and this is the story of the last 6 years of vandalism they have wrought in this place to hang around with Media facilitated public attention blowing off their big mouth all the time – the wise would probably find an explanation for it I suppose.

It goes without saying their careers have gotten to their heads at my expense for long enough and this is where the fact I am a writer whose work and property should be respected by them has begun to take up prominence as a main issue. It’s never clear those insults about how I should communicate in a civilised way, how you speak with a group of fools who are so successful that they saw a Literary work and picked it up to kill off the sales with bad publicity, so they might use the author abusively on media to obtain the services that were offered through the Book – I have never seen anything like it and the abdominal pain that comes from it every day is unbearable (when its stupidities are blabbing about what it has completely destroyed with a big mouth). We see the same apply on claims that I would rather work with the Monarchy to oppress people than get along with those who fight for freedom while reality is that the Head of State who controls a House where people learned their profession at an Academy and another where people find a way every day to settle their daily concerns and to conduct it in peace and security, while taking the rest of the population with them carry out most of their daily affairs, had given me an opportunity and the question still at this stage when they blab like that is what opportunities they were offering me. It is supposed to be the stage at which they made sense of their stupidities and how it fit into public and civil living and stop making a mess of public interests in my Bookshop or pass around those deeply rooted insults well enough to divert public attention from it until they took an income out of my earning margins and breached my patents without having to answer to law in order to do so, which further strengthens their big mouth. I was in the fight of my life already as we speak having this system where I must facilitate people finding money to look after the body and chase my interest which meant that most people who were denied opportunities by them would flock to it and any instance where people were unable to find money to look after the body and chase my interests will spell a threat to my survival – the part where existence meant war with the entitled and insolent men who had penises that were just as big as the ones that Police have to deal with all the time and then they show up here with their own gimmicks every day with this. They do claim they do that they perform the civil living better than I do which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they cannot keep their hands to themselves, I get hurt and push them into difficult situations which leave them to rely on German social efficiency gimmicks that they make sense of to prevent getting hurt again by getting their foolish imagination up my anus all the time, so I would cease to go as far as I used to but the bloody idiots will kick off again if the stakes are high enough.

I am said to have driven myself into a very difficult position which I have not in anyway, what is really happening here is the kind of world we will end up living in when this gimmick about people wanting to release money from my Royal Hermitage as much as I do, led by Liberalist gits who claim that sacrificing one Royal to create equality in the world solves the world’s problems and people cannot be allowed to run their own concerns on a schedule that works as such, while they pillaged the finances and burned towns when they had no money at the same time – I am referring to everything associated with their need to pick up public interests and trends associated with my Bookshop and use it to sort out the dirty laundry in their personal lives, need to come to a dead stop, as I am left here wondering who the hell they think they are. My personal favourites will always be the Celebrities and the Media, they pick it up and doing and they run all day. Failure to comply with this generally means that I am about to progress from this stage where Industrial trouble makers had given them money to help maintain a lifestyle, next stop will be a setting up of businesses to tell us that as long as they had lived business has always been profitable, with a sales army behind them to raid neighbourhoods by – to one where they got to find out what my mostly feeble response to their abuses are trying to avoid, if I got the slightest whiff that they are getting involved with Politics to enforce their position and then we will just end up living in the end of an ear for it all together as well. It has never really been a problem, I know people are concerned about the way it targets me endlessly but it has the right to as there is now a pattern emerging where it follows me around to chase money over my concerns and wreck my career but 10 years later, I will continue to find it living on this as sign that it believes its abuse of me to be its greatest achievement, so it’s never really possible to just draw a line under anything that did and carry on with daily concerns because it’s impossible to predict where they will make the stupid financially profitable abusive comments and which Clients will be affected, the only way having always been to go right back to when their stupidities first began, in order to sort things out; it’s the thing that people love to enjoy naturally – insulting people and then using work created by their victims to make themselves financially better off, preferably without buying it, so we have reached that point where I need to categorise them into general public, media, politicians, celebrities and so on and to deal with each section in the best way possible. They have a right to target me because when they look back at their lives now, there is very little popularity left and so believe that none should get away with a process that left young people’s losing the future in such ways but this is the 18 years we have been talking about their insults which run all day with respect to a Royal public image that they can clearly afford the last time we checked. Their Politicians continue to abate this by claiming I had no discretion and we all know that what I do and say all belong to me, in the service of the Monarch and that I don’t work for them.

It is an old story; we know it will abuse and insult and tear and rip but it comes down to the same case of what happens when you got it into such a difficult situation that it relied on German social efficiency to manage its concerns, had to look after its physical appearance, hurt your bottom all the time and try to be nice in a Hospitality manner. They do claim that teenagers at the Monarchy behave in a more dignified manner than I did but I don’t know if those have to deal with being targeted because Terrorists have ideas about what should happen to those who are party to soldiers doing their jobs to return home to their families, I have no idea if they are targeted by organised crime sympathisers who waste my property expressing stupidities that suggest celebrities were desperate for money, so I guess I will not be saying too much if I said that they have never really taken anything seriously for their position at the Monarchy in their whole lives saying such things. They do say my position is still confusing but it is not; what I am doing now does not apply to me in anyway whatsoever, I am a Hermit, my history is very clear, such that there is no culture, society or politics in it, if I took my clothes off in Public, only to say on a later date that it was a particular time in my life, I would get away with it – of course I will never take my clothes off in public, I am just drawing an illustration of what my history is like and why I can do what I am doing. The trouble makers do claim that I am dangerous but the British Government has not yet worked out a way to control me and I understand that too; I mean the Canadians are no longer able to control these goons because Germany that can never be seen supporting anything else, is able to put chains around Europe and drag it into any gimmick invented, the activities affect us in the UK in such a way that it’s impossible to tell somebody we will hang around in the city centre with the biggest financial Industry to tell them we can look after their personal finances while terrorists run wild with mid-range silent millionaires, wrecking peoples careers and tackling women all day – the Americans will be stopped all the time naturally but once done, those who did could do nothing about Politicians being so corrupt it became impossible to control what Armed Forced operatives did with ill feelings associated with being hard done by. The entire time, we were all unable to tell what the role of the Germans in the various alliance arrangements we had actually was, save one inventive idea another about those they ruled – which gives way to dispositions where people ask them how they rule Europe if they are using it to fatten their economy, about which their response is that Europe is lazy and they had to provide because of it, such that Europeans will be left wondering why they joined an Organisation that they hated so much. In the same way is it said that I think I had alliances with Communists and China to be specific but I have no such thing and until I say so, it should be seen as work done on Communism because of the need of racist society to pervert public and National interest in order to sell state secrets and control ethnic minorities – in the end I do have several instances where China has agreed or approved of what I am doing and it is very small support but it is significant, plays happily into this case where it is said that the British and the Americans are off deciding what happens with the entire world again.

The story about Celebrities on the negative side is that I think I can handle them but cannot, that said, the business of getting people off my income by stopping them running off trends associated with my livelihood to solve their own personal social issues, where it applies to Celebrities is usually institutional – i.e. its response to a Book I have written is to pick it up to make some show business about which it applied patents which are corrupt and perverse in the circumstances and builds a business community that enforces those patents and since there was an earlier date before then which certified the property to be mine, it is developing into pure attrition, all of which are wholly avoidable if people stopped saying I had a Royal Hermitage in my imagination and my Literary Empire existed in my head as it allows these gits to pick up work that adds up to property broker with companies to play their gimmicks with and leaves me with something as perverse as hanging around somewhere fighting for my assets. So far they believe they have the right to forge an alliance with culture and society goons who get imagination up my bum, so that I might ensure they smelled on their way to their daily concerns all the time as well, causing them to build up my concerns somewhere so it might be possible to tell me my life was over at will but I have not gotten accustomed to the pain inflicted when they hang around blowing kisses at criminals on my public image, to appear on glossy magazines that are sold at the corner shop down the street. They do appear to have the only careers in the whole world where people get into people’s livelihoods to announce how important they were but more serious matters are now starting to emerge like when people  pick up my equities to chase money through it, look after the body and pursue my interests, like they gather money to look after their bodies and spend time on this nonsense and somewhere in all that I had to tackle the matter of their society goons serving security operatives in the sex industry, all the way to Asia, while the colloquialism I have with Law enforcement is largely more a matter of me keeping an eye on the large criminal penises, the extent of disruption thereof of their very important fame and more so with respect to other careers where people handle characters that have very strange imagination. So when it comes to whether or not I can handle them, it goes without saying they need get off my income if they were done campaigning for social and wealth equality that involved making money, avoiding taxes and keeping their incomes in overseas accounts, such that we are quite happy with this condition in which they have now got money and need do what people usually did with money, as the slightest whiff of the idea they are soon to get involved with politicians to impose their will on others will make it into a more serious issue – for others, they need consider that if a criminal knew that an Officer they feared usually dealt with the emotional stress of handling them by having long periods of quite time, they would ensure such an Officer did not have it and we would live with disturbed Officers and Criminals at the same time, such that their fame will never get them into trouble if it is about breezing into people’s careers to introduce themselves as very important people, personally however, I really wish to know if they have yet thought about their Celebrity position as civilians who do not have law enforcement at their beck and call and as such have to sort out how they carried through their concerns safely by themselves most of the time, they can confidently say that they are handling a Public image which belongs to them and not me.

Some have said that for all my hate of Celebrities I am the one that uses them to accomplish my needs the most and its utter nonsense; what happens is that I end up in a position where I invited people into my life to hurt myself by while I had really not done such a thing. The Celebrities that get involved with me worked as peers, so producers who brokered my Equities knew they were off somebody finding out more about me to immerse themselves in the work roles; since I am a Hermit and never likely to get on well in a relationship with people who are pawns of Industry goons or used by society gits for whatever is devised and hence predisposed only to relationship with poor people and these are clearly not poor people, it’s not clear why it was difficult to see that this was a closed arrangement. I mean it was a type casting situation in which I was aware I could play up games to get them more work in the show business Industry if I needed to but what we face here is that the type casting had ceased to become a tool for bullying but the problem people had with us in itself – a little problem I too have handed over to them, such has helping younger people manage the way that organised crime affected them at school, had long been established as something they couldn’t do and had to acquire more rights for homosexuality in order to live with all together. It all makes sense of people saying I am the whimper, whimper Royal who never stop complaining while none knows why it is that when I brokered creative and property equity with Companies, they ended up deploying the same equities to solve personal and social problems, made possible by the years of abusive insults they had gotten accustomed to – the first time they achieved such a thing at my expense, what I did with academic pursuits was used to explain their bullying to such a point that even Politicians do not now have a discourse by which to reason with them about stopping it, if I thought they were a handful of LGBT twats. I do not consider these matters to be a crisis either as a whole – what has happened is the fall out of security operatives keeping us safe – so the other one who is a Fashion designer and have never gotten involved with other people’s business in a legitimate way, says that the other one who got involved with my concerns to chase peoples bottoms on my behalf because he was using it to make money, had to be stopped or he will destroy my business, while the one that chase peoples bottom on my behalf had decided he would get rich handling my concerns for me, so my Bookshop existed the day I met him; ask the former why it does it and he was probably a terrorist, ask the latter why he does it and I had done something to stop him continuing the abusive vandalism of my career, finances and academic work in order to get around with Celebrities and fashion gits, so he was having his revenge – the entire time we know Politicians encourage these activities naturally and had a job to do making sure I did not end up in a position where all I am since the time I took my SATs exams is being completely destroyed in this way, publicly and with their knowledge and approval – hence my work with Communism helps to ensure I did sort myself out lest I become the character who works in the interest of Public security and had as such turned on the elected leaders for it. Where the Celebrities are concerned it did begin stupidly enough with an expression of how much they hated what public life had changed into, features tales of how some like myself were meant to fight for civil rights, while others got rich and famous and both will share later on. It was all meant to be a simple 45 year plan to secure my pensions, 10 spent on the women I am surrounded by, 5 spent on settling my own personal and social matters and I can deal with any arising issues as I got along but look where we have stifling my Book sales every day for decades without reason or purpose ended up – so we can see where China Interest fits into the matter and why I will not allow the Americans wreck it even when Obama was such a Genius, he consolidated them and got them to discuss everything that bothers them in terms of the very concept that I existed, hence being what they have been getting accustomed to – we see that once they had forged a relationship with their South American friends, they had become the European, African, Middle Eastern Liberal Americans and nothing would stop them exploring peoples private parts, save they were made to see how easy it was to tell them they needed to inform their bosses to keep the eyes on the shop floor and ask them to keep their imagination off peoples bottoms; where they believe I cannot handle them being the one part where finding out what their business with Royal Public image which they cannot afford really is added up to all I have mentioned here and make sense of every fool in suits who pretended they lived on food banks on my earning margins and to make sense of it with respect to the way local hoodlums that want to befriend them target me all the time, we would end up talking about the end of an era and the time period of accomplishing it would be very brief.