They say I neither appear to be Royalty nor do I happen to behave like one and I have no idea why it is such a concern of theirs anyway, I used to look the part once and it was not good enough for them anyway, now I need get some important matters settled and they have ideas of what my schedule should be like. Either way, I own them too and want to control them now that my whole life depends on them, control them like items to ensure I can decide how my life turns out, bearing in mind they own me in the same way as well and we are both with the help of Liberal America handling peoples incomes over the power their money is supposed to have on others, we are both talking about being important on the right hand side and being famous on the left hand side of each other – it is something they did not expect because they were real men apparently. So I hear I would not say it where it really mattered and where it will really matter will likely be one of those occasions at which politicians wrecking my finances and helping them build up a savings to boost that stupid confidence is no longer at place, garnished with community croons getting all over my health but for now, I own them too, use it to get things done and if they have hay fever like I do, they will understand the sort of stress that kind of stupidity puts on others.

They always tell me I will have to suffer these things forever which is utter nonsense; the fact and reality here is that they evil; the women have found a way to link money making with a process where I am fighting gangs for my life and they have continued to run off that nonsense that facilitates their motorist bullying stupidities and Political abuses all over the place concerning how an arse like mine should drop out of University and hang around society so they might have a hope of inserting their insulting penis some day; what they are now having to deal with is that it is not their Books I write and it is the simplest thing in the world for them to do, not to show up around it as I have expressed wishes to have them do – for my part I will continue to let them queer society and cracked up out of my league play those stupid games to taking it over a period of time while I then recover it over a period of time and it will be their time getting wasted back to back all round unless they want to tempt me further, that way I get to teach lessons about what it means when they see property in public which is not legally their own. As for blabbing about where I would not say what I say; what happens is that I pick up Celebrity and it helps to ensure what I do to support people getting away from tribalism goes as far as it may reach but it is never enough, same with journalists and so on, the job is never done and while I am good at handling culture and society trouble makers for it, Liberal America is good at stifling my finances to express the power of their money while I am busy doing so; I could never work out what their problem is that big mouth telling me I would not say it where it mattered.

It’s all the same story about being kings in their shithole about which others must pay attention to the fact violence is likely to occur on their behalf but the assumption has now become one that says I am so stupid that when they claim these things are just a matter of a kid like me dealing with rejection at the market place trying to sell some Books it is reality. What is reality is that Liberal America is providing leadership that ensures every professional fool is able to handle my Books to improve the prospects of promotion, prospects of sales and prospects of having top contracts and they have no plans to pay for it as well – since I now plan to trigger the defence mechanisms I built into the Books as well, I have been putting up the warnings about seeing an end to them showing up near the Books or following me around at academic institutions to chase my bottom. They do love to claim it is something that adds up to their right because they are important enough to have such rights which does not make any sense around here as being famous after an Arch Prince held office for years cannot make you more famous than he is but for my part, we are getting to the stage where I will begin to perceive it the same way I see the threat of Russia. As for the treachery of their women, that would be a case where nothing I say is ever enough until I dealt an equal amount of damage to what matters to them to ensure it is no longer lost in translation whenever I say it; but then as a whole, we can all see I would be walking around like a respectable adult is I were interested in their working class lifestyle the same way the insults they cannot keep in their families and those stupid fingers they cannot keep off my bum shows up here all the time and then I would have been respected enough to not have people show up to create me setbacks at academic institution while they cling to my Books and pass vaginal monologue insults at me talking nonsense about their women who can work security systems as well while we all know those would exist in a specific corner if I decided their insults should be rewarded by a process where those men who want women to have sex with several men at a time in order to cut existential deals, were waiting for them for it as well.

So it comes down to this story of what my people get up to and whether I am ashamed of state provided security, which I am not but they must have a life as well in any case and that nonsense that shows up here to own me all the time and blab nonsense about what state provided security does escalating something is starting to exist on borrowed time – we are here because my basic things such as paying the bills and keeping the systems running have been affected by their stupidities and there is no need for them to undercut me at the basics for a reaction like that all together, otherwise usually their stupidities are insults they wish to spend their time on and therefore none of my Business. What they are complaining about presently involves a process where I do not want to be objectified and insulted by their lazy stupidities as though I was a better possession to work their way through life with than women are, the way we see them do especially when it comes to insulting motorist bullies as well; it is not that difficult to decide they must live in queer society and so the same way I will get beaten up so they can move into my right hand or claim my public image to get rich and famous with is the same way they will get beaten up so they might live in queer society forever. It’s the same story of work place leaders or managers block heads who need to keep off my concerns as I am now completely fed up with the damage their stupidities do here, I have allowed it to run and do the damage so that those who have a busy body opportunism to shorten people’s life expectancy with can show up here and chose a side for doing so. We can see if I took them up on those greed of ripping up people’s lives and leaving me with the secret can of worms I must keep to prevent them getting killed while I get abused, what will happen is the racist who has had his life wrecked by them for years having a statement that says he was right and they were wrong and we know he will be determined to kill the scumbag responsible from such a moment on, same with the ethnic minority gangs. I am not worried about not looking like Royalty or not making a case of myself in public and they should not be worried about it too – put their nose where it belongs and keep their insults with their families, handling the Books will be their undoing all together. They always boast that I do not know how Politics works but I can clearly see people show up at Universities to rip up my academics while helping their stupid children to get on pulpits and deliver speeches that help them look like rising stars of the future; not to worry too much as such as each time I take that away from them my Business returns to the actual size it is meant to be, hence they are relying on me to work a process of a dangerous gimmick not being dangerous at all. I mean at what stage does it become the case that your livelihood is 100% dependent on people whose personal and public views you do not agree with, how much damage would have to be done to you and what would you have to do to develop a motive that lets your work according to these kinds of thought pattern if you were doing it somebody else?

So I get told that even against the best advice of HM Herself I continue to get involved with the Media but it is an example of how they get into a tangle with me telling lies and jumping on my finances – what I do with media only involves a little push to help women who frequent Church and behave morally to gain their freedom and mobility and if they had it when I gave them the little support they needed, those who wanted to build a their careers around the relationship they shared with me were able to without interference, none would hear a tale about me and we would not be in this position for obvious reasons. Of course its utter nonsense the idea I do nothing properly – these goons want to do business but do not wish to deal with the anxiety and tummy issues associated with it, want to work for others but do not want to work for a lot of money while having a lot of money – so the trick is to find talented people and make them different so while all those abuses happen nobody can tell what is going on and ethnic minorities can have a field day and decide which public instability they wish to enjoy in the process and use as blackmail so their lack of respect for leadership might pay off as well or they can just find vulnerable Royalty with lots of property that the owners cannot protect from the crowd. I understand HM wants me to spend my time with Royal Women as such but I am also keen to preserve what I have done as it would not have been a service from a Royal Office if it was to serve the Royals or the British Public.