Why it appears to be the case that each time I am sitting in an Office wondering why people think it is okay to handle my Literary work making Films and documentaries and Television on my Public image without any permission or due credits whatsoever, to an effect where I am unable to stop them to building up in a way which encourages their society goons to chase my private parts and make me smell like my toilet, at the end of which I am then promised a beating yap yapping all the time, the outcome is usually that they have already started making statements about how I have been made to behave. I really have no idea why it is that every Liberal fool on the Planet likes to think those conferences attended to provide them those stupid speeches that makes them think their madness amounts to a form of wealth distribution, like to think that if they pass insults at people it automatically means that what they have said is correct;hence a start to corrected behaviour on my part from the talking point of view first. It does not bother me half as much as they love to claim it does - what has happened is that they appointed themselves to decide what happens with my Finances and Academics, otherwise the reality is that if I spoke of it, I would only have been trying to make straight what is already crooked; they appointed themselves thus and were successful at it because Politicians support them as per that is the kind of Country we live in as it were but it is now blabbing so much insults at me especially concerning how I am being made to behave. It began some 16 years ago when the stereotype was that I was a moral person that kept to myself and that moral people who keep to themselves always come up with ideas about how people can ensure some people do not live a life the way that they wanted, I was then checked up and socially searched and they found nothing that could bring about such outcomes but then decided they had found talent and it meant they had found their kid on whom their future depends - that part was not discussed because as I said the Politicians support it since it is the kind of Country we live in except when it bothers their stupidities that is; now I have written a Book and they want to be the people that are criticised in it at all cost.

Its never the case that I have a problem with everybody as they claim; what happens is that they force friendship on me via some very abusive and violent form of discriminative tribalism that is aimed at getting rich on their part and this means that I ended up with botched academics and they have since completely failed to appreciate how their stupidities have caused a decade of nauseating financial problems for me. I hear I do not know where to stop as well and I suppose that makes a nice change too; this business of a need they have to make money that is made outside of the help that Politicians have given them so they can show up in public to say they are not stupid people if they have money to play with, which I have publicly made sense of, was not meant to be part of the picture, it was never supposed to happen and never will; hence it is usually explained by the story of how those who Published my Books are their allies but all that means to me is that they know where their rights are actually located. The part where I will get into trouble beats my imagination all the time; we are now in a place where the Men are still unable to see I do not want them to do civil rights and activism and politics because it is a threat to me, hence really difficult to locate how I shall get into trouble from there as well, while they claim they need to do it to support the systems that allow them get jobs and make money, at the same time of which my equities are never mature before they are deployed so they work anyway but only after I had lost all the money and my Public image has been construed into something others can extract an income from using Media, really difficult to see what trouble I can get into while they are already fucked and need to get off my Books supposing I imagined they wanted a piece of advice that is. The women ones are an old story; half the time it has moved into my right hand and churned my tummy forcing its friendship on me for all the wrong reasons so I am unable to go anywhere important since I smell like my toilet, the other half the time it has decided that violating me considering I am a Christian and a Virgin will allow it to develop the powers it needs to have to get involved with Police work and Armed forces that will give it the privilege to do whatever it likes with me and show up on media to exhibit its stupid self for that purpose as well – by the way of which I am sure there is no way that they can ever stop showing up around my concerns to play up big sister and mother roles over my work and my person and my finances getting round me endlessly; so we can see that they still doing all these things even while I have it all under wraps as we speak. I hear the problem not to be that I am not their friend and we are socially not mates at all therefore while I have a Public Office which means dealing with bad people that will never change they are showing up on my public life to perform these stupidities, I hear the problem is that I am Royalty that wants to be a Celebrity of which reality is more that I am Royalty that wants to completely destroy it, one that wants to get into a position whereby one more damage to this Estate will see me sack it all together for my part too, considering it has now become very obvious not least for reasons of their need to cling to my finances and cause me to sort out public matters at my Office on a shoe string – the bit where they claim they are fighting my battles which is utter nonsense as we all know they are just messing around with me to get shot at by the enemy doing my stuff at a limit, which is not to say it will not be the last time they see that stupid culture if I saw it show up around my concerns again as well. I could do worse, I could unleash the dogs on them since it is rather clear each time bad people that will never change get the better of me the platform was developed from their incessant familiarity and the intensely abusive insults that come with it and yes I get told I overlook the good parts of the celebrity culture all together which is utter nonsense; we will never find in the world of normal people, it being said that people built up another persons public image on media over a series of years of intense insults concerning what his existence should do to make them comfortable, then start to come up with a plan that will allow them become more famous after and have now decided my whole life and career is something that they should have been doing to be more important than I am; it does not happen outside of the world of criminals that people have to respond to whenever they want to start asking questions regarding a process of finding out if they are homosexuals or not. I mean the Celebrities say that they are famous but their whole lives will involve organising photo sessions of themselves claiming I am stupid and I am nothing, they are important and matter in every way and urging people to continue with the show and disregard what is going on with me while they are handling me to do it – time and again the warnings for the insults will produce complaints and then threats, while the Liberal Americans can easily provide leadership where they all claim to be the lost tribe of Israel and build popularity culture from New York to Japan across this Estate expecting no consequences since it is full of further audacious insults as the fact I have said something or done something important and the boys from the neighbourhood will not allow them a moments peace until they had deployed it at Celebrity and Popular culture to get rich and that it was all my fault. I hear I am not at odds with all Celebrities of course which is quite the case; it is usually a matter of when one ends up with mistresses – a product of me having the so called problems that women can solve and thereafter I get told the issues are out of control because I never do what I am meant to, while reality is that the insults develop platforms where goons that will never change take advantage of me and make a case of themselves on media as I am never just allowed to be rest assured I end up with mistresses from the Middle Classes, broker my Equities with the Upper Classes and the Lower Classes are always keeping my History – we are here because of the insults, I cannot do anything else save pay all my attention to bad behaviour they wish to exhibit. So the big idea is that saying what I am saying does not actually bring about change and I am not thinking it does either; locally yes but if most of these abusive insults are coming from fans of Germany of Spain, the stupidities about which I have much to lose becoming a trend as such, then its not going to stop, all they need to know is that there is blabbing about my problem with women because they are in there again while we are not friends and I am not their mate socially, in there again getting around me the whole time as insultingly as possible and so the main problem is finding out if showing me that culture will not add up to a point where it is the last time that they get to see it too. Its similar to when the Politicians say I have sorted myself out and left them in a mess which is precisely what it is all about; the effect on me is that they have a need to support these things in a situation where it should not have been allowed to permeate mainstream living hunting other people down and then making sure all I do is spent as I do it but do not want their Political parties and public careers to be set up the same way – I am not therefore responsible for the steps that they have taken consistently time and again, to ensure that their position is untenable, all I can do is voice the opinion that it would be better for the Country if they had all retired. The story of me being outdone by these matters is not really the case; at public office it is always a nagging concern that society wants to exist separately from the Legal system and that Politicians are always supporting it and this is why their support for it intensifying led to actions I had taken to ensure that their equities are never mature before deployed so that they lose all the money while everything about it is effective anyway unless they are paid from a set out salary system like all paid workers that is – all else is a function of celebrity insults that means the trouble makers that will never change get the better of me all the time; the last straw was the University one were the first three weeks was fine and then after it became a case of seeing that girl who gloats over me all day while everybody understands the problems of the hood that need be solved, does it and makes me sick while the lecturer is perfectly okay with it too and then the smell of my tummy doing strange things a lot of the time without my knowing it intensifies the bullying right up to the top levels of government and Media – I dropped out of University in 2008 and its 2018 now, so they need to move on and screw somewhere else promptly; find their mates if they want a piece of advice or I am about to completely rip up the Celebrity culture, in which case it would be a public service they deployed those degrees for a set out job and stopped persecuting me. Of course they say I am really stuck and cannot bluff my way out of it which is utter nonsense, as I mentioned before, I do not want them to do any more civil rights, there is enough of it for many lifetimes and for all the wrong reasons too – they say they want to see me lose a royal Estate but do not want me to become one of them after that as well with a big mouth, now their problem is that I cannot be left alone on my own. The bit where I am scared of them is a story the Media tells all the time but as long as they are the ones complaining about the effects of their own insults I suppose there is not that much to do about it anyway – it comes to a head when every time it turns out that really stupid people have been getting the better of me because they are not planning to change their ways and the reason has been the insults of a celebrity providing platform, this is when the complains usually increase in quality and volume as well. However with respect to being scared, everything done about their culture and society goons amounts to some form of discrimination even when they cannot stop using their celebrity culture to pass insults at me meaning I want to ensure they have it no more – they are always making use of my personal space and my personality and something about my so called body type and it reaches this point where I can hear them snore in their bedrooms while their dirty minds and habits is the one that means every time spent at the Office means I am always kicking against the thorns and then all their insults will be about imaginations concerning the tummy and the posterior and so the bad smell they complain about which all I am feeling is mostly tummy upsets and so if I did anything about it, I would have had to act on the fact that whenever somebody does something important or unusual or talented, they always face some form of abusive behaviour from the stupid people in society and that would add up to some form of discrimination. In the end those who claim I cannot tell who I am any more would be insane largely; reality has always been that these things are started by insane money mad civil rights money loving women who use people like human beings were items, showing up here for practical jokes concerning ownership of me when they have been informed and there are consequences to show all the time, that they have no rights here, hence every time I make an example of them, which should serve to the rest of any society associated with them as the stage by which they get to make use of me at a limit especially when I step out of my door, the society idiots always take turns and move into my right hand, then later on brag about how I talk but they are set for life and all that democratic and free nonsense they think has gotten the better of me but has now been proven to make money like a legacy so that bad people can hunt it too; so where it really kicks off is when the bad smell thing because of the tummy ache happens and then their fingers are perpetually millimetres off my Bum because the smell of my food is privilege they should enjoy and because I am being disciplined for making bad smells and this is where the outcome is usually that everybody has to head to work with their toilets in the head and the big mouth discipline will then continue for ever especially for the Public transport ones. We even hear I am difficult to love, difficult to be with while in reality there is only the problem of foolish Men playing games – recently they have only thought it was cheap to chase my bottom and the bottom of any female person I am involved with in order to select the women they can have and chose the ones I can have using the charming effect I have on women – mostly however they are very taken by this need to build a history of me having sucked up to them at some stage and how that has created me a certain mentality that allows them adopt a position where they cannot have enough of exasperating me but it has always been a problem of narcissistic women showing up here to play up practical jokes with everything I do to get rid of them all together and its sort of women who are likely to spot and ailment you have hidden from everybody that they might deploy it against you type of women, people should just need to be locked away for sometime so that others might discover their ailments as well so to speak. They claim their media abuses are a function of what I have taken the risk to write but so have I made it clear they are free to put their own up in public and sign their names to it as well; I mean in terms of what I write, if I said it was a matter of the fact their orientation towards supporting others is sexual because they think of satisfaction as something another person gives them and so the problem that has made me different is that I am a Christian who believes in sex within marriage only, thus my orientation towards supporting others is conviction, I would have been encouraging a sense of integration but the reality is that it is completely irrelevant as the real issue is that of others working to eliminate anything that looks like respect for my person or what I do for a living and it is as though they want to show what they can do in a push comes to shove situation and want to impress me by it with and on their stupid Media. So I do get told I expect to just get away with abusing media staff; but as I mentioned before, the Managers might want to note their staff do not understand 10 years of nauseating financial complications due to processes of tolerating their daily practical jokes, practical jokes that have now become a habit that they are addicted to as well – we hear them tell lies and claim I do the same things too while the truth has always been that they built up my Public image and were starting to show signs of trading it off bit by bit, which is what has brought us where we are today – their managers can speak of protecting them of course but I can see myself handle their case the same way I have taken fashion connections from the fashion bullies so they might hate my guts for it, the media ones have been at it for years now without anything being done, so it seems I will have to make a real case out of it all together. Now we hear the claim being made that I have professed that I have been attacked when I have not been, showing how much of a gimmick at my expense these stupidities all are but then again which I have always made clear what I have said and I have maintained I have a Public Office to look after in which I secure my funding by selling Books that I have written and I would like them to keep their stupidities off the Books. We can already see there is no probability of compliance because the foolish celebrity and media scum have secret service power behind them for instance and I suppose I was not the one complaining about the fact it was getting very very difficult all together too; since it was rather fact everybody else was aware of, that given the right tools and proper measures, secret service staff can be made to allow others get on with the duties of their Offices without too much of a mess being made – all together it does seem that the whole thing gets serious sometimes and we secure some complaining from the bloody idiots especially the Media. I mean such gimmicks as stupid women from areas of Africa where Germany has an influence showing up to chase my bottom and get round me is an example of the ways I may not have my Office to myself and if they are complaining and doing the hate bits I suppose I am alright anyway but I do think that they can understand when a person is fed up with the insults and when they really do need to move the whole thing on as it were. I have mentioned it before; the problem with their tribalism is that they do not have the money to fund their superiority and it has always been a matter of pure evil – where it is their choice to live an existence of wickedness but everybody knows when they have it, others will be fighting for a living existence in the neighbourhoods on account they had come up with an excuse not to practice it on themselves but when it is taken away from them cliché will be mentioned and people will be punished for the rest of their lives over culture damage claims for doing so and I have always warned them enough about showing up around my concerns, dropping out of University for me was the last straw and none compliance means we are set for a very rough ending over it too, especially when I am out of here with a public image attached to it.