I understand the case of things I have said about Military matters when I know nothing about it but most of what I say about military matters I was never aware had anything to do with the Military and Civilian divide in the first – I mean an example is the case of being convicted of Murder in Combat – the reality that has not been accepted being that those who have been have simply developed a set of arguments that have nothing to do with their ethics or training or code of conduct and this has in turn fermented into various other dispositions for them too unfortunately while they are in Uniform facing the various pressures they have to until they ended up deploying government weapons for a vendetta that does not even serve them all together and a person dies at the other end of it, be that the enemy or not. Saying what I said about it to ensure that Soldiers who do not necessarily think in a certain way most of the time find the need to take into account health and safety concerning their jobs inescapable because it is heart breaking to fight defence Industries making weapons that do not talk our language for our soldiers to fight for us with and court more problems for homeland and then having to look at Soldiers ending up in prison on the other; it is not an expression of the fact what I did say about the matter earlier on at the website was actually the hard treatment, it was far from any harsh treatment of any kind. The reality is that I have people that are loyal to me in the British Military and those that are my fans in the American and even Russian Military and all others all over the world and this is one of those stories developed around the issue of what my problem seems to be with liberal people question of which the answer is that a decade a ago it was about me and them and my faith and the need to cause me enough distress to detach me from my faith and personal life and then ensure they can crush it to ensure it does not get in their eyes which I usually saw racist do over some really complex argument but has since become the main activity we see black people do since racists these days have no reasons to be to openly angry anymore for obvious reasons that we can all see as it were – now there are so many other alternative reasons developed around it that the whole thing is barely recognisable however which the same pattern of abuse and attack and bullying persists thereof – these are the hard facts; the sympathetic bit is that they claim they are terrified of everything that moves and therefore need to move into my life because they claim it will be the place where they feel safe, but this is as far as the sympathetic bit goes because even when they are given this demand only as a media perception they are already expressing realities about what will happen to me if I fail to behave as they want and how much trouble they will court for my life should they live there until  am dead and how it will mean also that they can have anything that they want from me and so on and on and on and it eventually culminates in the need to get into and become a part of my life in order to have a say about my prayers and my bible reading and my personal life and to either get some reward from the devil or ensure it does not get in their eyes; so I am sure their Politicians can tell me the real difference between this and some terrorist cutting off hostages heads as it were that there might be no truth. As a government operative you know that one fighter on one side is just as good as the other and what people do as soldiers is go out and ensure people are not a threat to the Country by giving them a clean and quick and good death but for us the government operatives it is an eventuality whereby things such as Taliban and British Army playing football while negotiations are happening and returning to kill each other after it fails – so I have no idea why people love to think Mr Obama’s rhetoric is important in these matters considering he and others like him live in dream world as it were and have a different idea of what is actually their fault from what is reality. Hence it seems that some of them have been working in the Military as well obviously; they do say everything they do offends me of course which is utter nonsense – I mean you are not necessarily going to be pleased that people who criminally handle your possessions to wreck your finances and fight to create a time frame that resulted in financial equality between you and them in a condition whereby they are superior while you become homeless on account you were unable to continue paying your bills, have turned their attention to muttering nonsense like their wives becoming more rebellious these days which determines the basis for those their abuses and insults. I mean I can always show them how to be their own wives anytime if they want but we all know it is when they use their own to do it as it were unless they are getting some media attention with which to pretend I buy media equipment so that they might take the opportunity to talk through to me. I understand they say I offend them and yes I know I have too but they think I have offended them not just because they also think this office is a phantom and they are living their lives through it but also because they think they can take me which they cannot and we hear the boasts all the time until when they have to complain about what happened when they moved into my right hand to live there and make a new life for themselves. The office is not a phantom, it is real and I can hurt them and definitely will too: our wives are becoming more rebellious and we need to find some war to get involved with so they might have no more social disposition to prevent us from getting what our hearts desire - when they are using their own to do it we have an understanding, when they get on that stupid media we have a problem, when Politicians fund and support their activities they feel me as well - it was all entirely predictable.