They say Interfere with other peoples relationships and it is the one which when explained shows a bit more of their twisted and queer side that people will like to see; I mean its a matter of keeping my relationships which ensures others who want some form of involvement have to show some due respect and do so on grounds of what is happening at the Estate and how they might not make a mess of it – these are the cracked up out of my league idiots complaining about their own as well. They always make out I am unable to explain that what is happening is a grand and very intrusive mess that does not allow me work in a world of Publishers who print my Books + me writing them + me dealing with any issues associated with the Clients and therefore means they are borrowing it and making use of my public image for as long as they need to play practical jokes that will make it their own in future. So I intend to explain it through the light of everything that ensures I cannot have any other existence apart from Royal Estate, Me and them and recent outcomes where we find them starting to tell me which parts I have lost, alongside black idiots striking my bum, meaning I am set to put forward a date when they will get to stop doing it, if telling them they own nothing here and have no right here is not good enough. Their white friends say its to do with what effect my position causes and how it affects them, its utter nonsense naturally; what we have is the same stupidities where it is borrowing me Empire to exhibit its stupidities on my public image for the sake of fashion and celebrity and we can see clearly why I have to destroy it as a means of explaining the takeover of my patent margins which makes it impossible to just go into an Office and work that is happening here – its as though when a person is tired and sick of it, they start to get violent all together while reality suggests that was the point it should have stopped but what it is really about at the end of the day is a process where they have the right to my existence and mine needs to be exchanged, better explained by the claim the hate black people express towards me is my business with the Royal Family that has caused it, while reality is that they have always set out Church guy as the person that should be killed so they might do whatever they pleased and so everyday means meeting the guy that should not have existed and I do not plan to allow any insult that develops from it go lightly; we are always in a position where I do less if I am stuck with the Politicians that are just as stupid all together. They do claim its the love that the Royals have for me that predisposes me to most of these behaviour which is utter nonsense; its a matter of what I brought to the Family being this guy that Theatre and Entertainment people really fancy, so when Royal Variety is put up for instance it becomes this really great environment for dignitaries to enjoy themselves and discuss ways of living in peace at the backyard – feeds into the case of the claim I do not recognise their own forms of entertainment and wish to destroy it but reality is a matter of where I have been i.e. they will just claim black women are making a mess of peoples lives and careers and when I am set out to get killed by racists and do something to control them, not only is my academics pillaged by the same people who made the complaints and then an alliance developed with these career criminal individuals so that they might be able to dominate me with any new found wealth that will let them make more and secure some social status alongside – so what I will do is control the whole system stringently, ensure any who has not had something said by his or her way side, deploys my life or any system that allows people make popularity at this Estate, at their own great peril bearing in mind this nonsense has persisted everyday for the best part of the part 15 years and the same group of people are the same culprits in every turn just like Mr Obama's Presidential leadership. So eventually they say I dream of being big and strong and powerful all the time, which makes me so angry living in an environment where people are always chasing your tummy because it distracts you from worshipping God and fasting and praying as evil as they come – I have been clear most of the time about the fact anger brings the lust and that their women who cannot keep off my finances when male idiots ask them to will bear the brunt of it. They always tell me that it does all come down to the money which is utter nonsense; what happens is that the Police encumber the finances of criminals who want to get a public image alongside their criminal record and the Politicians encumber mine because I attend Church, so that we end up saying the same things i.e. does the crippling of my finances cause me to regret what I have done? The part nobody can actually explain is what Media fools are doing with the whole thing all together be it a given that the actions of the Politicians can be explained in the first place: they do say I am big and strong in my own right but clearly they are complaining after talking rubbish at me dragging me out of University to sit about reacting to their societal stupidities because it is not what I want. I mean there have been two world wars in the last decade and nobody can actually say they do not know that the way it happens is that reckoning thousands get killed and then how to fight the war is discovered from their sacrifice and then another get killed in the process of fighting the war that how to win it might be discovered and then they can start to win the war on both sides, so it is never really clear what these idiots want but I can see they will likely show up and throw a punch at me to give me my personal space because there has been a bad smell and then I will try my best too to ensure it ends very badly.