What I say causes terrorism and it makes me so angry since it is obvious that terrorism is a matter of their fashion and media and stock market mates who are always getting an unfair deal from the Politicians that they support and they do not wish to deal with terrorism and hence love to push it off on those who have no way of getting about it by saying things that cause their own wars to recruit mules from poorer communities. Eventually when push comes to shove what we are left with is the fact we have come full circle; after years of a process where every time a soldier is doing their jobs, no matter how small or how big, they have to keep up their confidence by saying something about a thing they need to ignore of what Media said and popularity goons said and these idiots say these things because of their security guards who have made them promises – so the goons are now worried that they have to risk their lives for terrorism as well and love to have a go at me over what I say for it, which somewhat makes me rather glad we have come full circle since if they are not complaining as well, what we find is their celebrity and media goons getting off to all sorts with other people’s lives and property, what we find is that they help political fools run spin doctor governments whereby putting on your light in the dead of night indicates you are criticising Politicians for a living which needs to be stopped but when they find you are not, then what they find becomes their property, my party piece being when they corrupt my state provided security because they have got CCTV at their disposal and have built up all sorts of fake nonsense concerning what they suppose the Monarchy should be thinking about me; they are affected too and need to work on their confidence regularly, we have come full circle.

They love that other case where I am said to be annoying at the Monarchy, which does not make any sense whatsoever; what happens is that some people want to talk about the coolest behaviour to exhibit, talk about the latest stuff out there in the world of popularity but every time they want to, their ego is best massaged if they decided an Arch Prince has no choice but listen to it and appear to be interested – soon enough it turns into threats but they will not stop it for anything whatsoever for their part, which helps them create the other idea that it is my problem hence the idea threatening me is perfectly alright when it is not. The way it plays out in a larger sense being that the only thing European Politicians want to support these days is a condition where they had a sleepover with some pretty girls and at the end decided to chase me about for some problem associated with the existence of Africans, which creates a distraction and lets them handle my Royal property and public image to make entertainment and fashion and other get rich quick nonsense and more so in the same Africa that causes the problems they are complaining about to ensure I am breathless whenever they want as well – apparently when I mention such a thing I start to become scary which means that they can always been clowns for every occasion as it were. The older ones are obsessed with tales about being more important, which beats my imagination all the time considering I got a Royal Estate at 21 and they have none, their parents had none before them either, hence difficult to locate how more successful they got; reality of which is that I was given the environment I needed and my state provided security to set out a certain cost and complete and academic endeavour to chase what I had to do in terms of duties attached; what happened was all out war that meant the more stupid they got is the more my life rewarded them until I dropped out of that but then again whether or not I pick it up again is none of their business, even though it should be noted that having been they realise I will have a challenge on my hands because I have to deal with culture and society while chasing my academics etc, their behaviour which they claim is competition is extremely destruction and unlike my response should not be allowed to reward itself by keeping its own achievements as well – this is what reality is. So mostly I get told I am soft on the matter and it will continue to get worse but the truth about it is that they show up around my concerns and want me to spend time dealing with the worst possible evils that exist in their culture and society without any help from state provided security and then they can deploy it on media a copy to become important people – such that apart from not seeing them around my Books which are products of an Intellectual property administration business attached to a Royal Estate which is something we have seen them achieve in their whole lives all together - never mind going out to the field to do it because it cannot be delayed on account others have deployed whole Parliaments and National Media and popularity boo boys to wreck the academics, we find that the society and culture goons are the same and then the Politics goons are the same and the media ones who have no respect for me whatsoever because they are in a place where their insults can be the most rewarding; all of them are one level of stupidity on top of the other, such that when they tell me they are more successful I am left wondering where on earth they are coming from – it does not mean I am soft on the matter.  It’s never really been a problem for me in a whole sense; what happens is that they are insulting and abusive like so because there is no way of convincing the Men that it is either they shut it about being more successful than I am or risk a process where admonishment will turn to action over that idea career means wearing suits and going out to cheat and steal and lie and bully and sacrifice others to make the extra cash that allows a Bollinger for the weekend, threatening me as well with a big mouth; so what happens is that they get to complain about the Women since it is obvious when I have enough and confiscate that stupid lime light, it is counterproductive to give it to other men no matter how poorly, so I have to give it to Women and hence their biggest story about me is that I get women doing my dirty bits for me when I actually do not.

Of course I do get told giving it away will put me in greater risk which is utter nonsense; they are the same old sad, sad cynical narcissists who have an inability to be happy persons, which causes them to seek success or anything else that may look like it only by making people fail at what really matters and this is the only thing that helps them hold themselves together - this narcissist happiness thing that does not actually bring about the sales they boast about at the markets as much as the destruction of other peoples property if people are not reacting in violent ways does,


I am said to spend a lot of my time getting others to do my runs by bugging them and it is utter nonsense – what happens is the damage to my academic work and finances because people want to handle me and some activities associated with their very important nepotism just is not too much in their view and this is what I am about to change as well, lest is occurs again. The part where they get bothered into running my errands will be the part where I can produce lists of the big damage that causes me to behave like that i.e. I have State Provided security and it gets corrupted to a point where CIA and FBI American connections are chasing my bum alongside Industry goons making out the age of 50 was a luxury while the results in which I smell like my loo is that which makes them and their children feel amused, it gets to the stage where my State provided security is the stage on which Society and culture trouble makers who are being protected by the Police from criminals fight the same law enforcement for conveniences and it has not shown any signs of diminishing – same as the women interfering with my Court systems that help me manage the vandalism of Industry trouble makers at this Hermitage to build up Boys from the neighbourhoods, whose crowd behaviour explodes onto my public image that then ends up in the hands of Media and Celebrities forever; then they claim I am losing my touch at Industry because I am always attacking and criticising people all the time while reality is that I have got them where I want them and will be rooting for the CEOs and Managers whose jobs they love to play with all the time very soon. The point is that what they have is Private security services Industry and it will do my bidding until the mess they have made here is cleared up by the process – I can think of ways this may be avoided such as harming their eyes and ears to end all access to what I say to ensure they had trouble sleeping until they relayed it somewhere or got onto media to build me some Publicity, the other alternative is the one that stares them in the face all of the time i.e. they need to stop watching me and their women need to stop itemising me as insultingly as possible, making those stupid statements about absolutely everything I do as if I did it for their stupid gratification.

The criminal sensibility, property piracy and plagiarism bits have always been a four part achievement story; Celebrity and Industry goons with a pathological fear of work and a need to earn millions, running around wrecking homes and financial finance base, alongside Media who become addicted to the personalities they take advantage of as a matter of those they know helping them to be like it all the time – Culture and Society goons with a sense of privilege associated with some space on their right hand side which they deploy to wreck the academic work and finances through problem based involvement that gets people responding to what is really their mental illness while they grab some easy means to make money and get about with beautiful and rich people – same as Popularity gits, except their case exists on the left – while the matter of the private security industry services was about the distant sexual abuses and building those communities with ideas about what to do to others which is rather the opposite of being able to secure premises and persons in public places; my point being that it only gets better when I shut all these things down and the reason I am not presently is that I get attacked by the Politicians every time I want to and then I get attacked by them every time they got into trouble because I didn’t, so I want them suffering enough to create the sense this is my life and it would not have mattered if I did or not.

It is a matter of a wider sense of reality; that when somebody thinks he cannot exist unless he extracts an income from your earnings the Politicians will say it is their civil rights, when somebody thinks it is okay to stand in front of your home to serve her sex work customers, the Politicians will say it is their civil rights and the list is endless in that way and I say those things I say about them on account I am a religious extremist - so that we tend to hear the stories only after you have your own business wrecked by Politicians and kept wrecked with government office on account if they take their eyes off you for a second you will recover since it is what you know and you are not a novice and now the result of giving them public funds in that situation to fulfil their social needs, have finally paid off and I can ensure they are free to roam and tend to roam around Politics and media business for that matter as well. 

I mean its a question of whether people think it is perfectly okay for a person with four little mouths to feed to leave home at 6.30 Am and return at 6.30 Pm to deal with them serving their customers in somebody's personal life and a matter of where they think they should draw the line between their inconsiderate behaviour and actually getting out of bed to wreck other peoples finances and then their lives in the process. So we are still talking about it because they are more interested in mobility and in that vein am I happy for the trouble makers to get around Politics and Media business.

Here in the UK their strong point is that this is an area the Law can do nothing about because the Monarchy thinks that Government is its Family business but we all know that even when you write books and are an ordinary celebrity, it is not safe either even when you have been stripped painfully and they are instead and has nothing therefore to do with what the Monarchy does or otherwise. Of which it is true that it is the business of the Monarchy to govern the Country.

Recently tales of whom we should make Laws to suit has officially turned up on Parliamentary business but of course everybody knows that when people are law makers the dilemmas as that if they make laws on the basis of what is right, then they have to agree with religious people but if they do on the basis of giving people what they want, then they will be the kind that expect to deploy government office to gain access to peoples personal lives and mess things up there. I personally do not care which is which, all I know is that it is a load of very inconsiderate nonsense and these trouble makers will find no other way of making money. When I do mention it in such ways of course the media are up in arms but it has always been what the media specialises in from the first instance - the part where they will get involved with and really stir up and make a mess out of a problem because they are not the ones with a royal estate around here, nobody knows how they get involved with peoples personal lives like that and nobody has to as we can see they build it up on media and there are communities that are happy to roll with it and the list of great big landmark ones like these will go on forever if we talk about the media. I am not of the opinion it is an amazing issue or a major crisis for that matter; its the reality about the fact the rest of us would normally think we need to get everything right with the law so we can get around doing what we need or want to do without interference, they are wired differently, they think we need to break the law to create our own freedom to do what we like and if not our media powers will mean we cause everybody to suffer on account we could not have it that way.

Intellect, Security, Professionalism, Fairness, Access.


  • Security and Investment Alternatives.
  • The Office of HH The Arch Prince and General public Internet application of the conventional Secondary Governance.

The only reason I am aware of that people who make the internet unsafe for others business wise especially, do what they do is because like the Popular music industry, they have been using peoples lives and or property to get rich without informing the owners and that the owners have made a change which is largely about trying to run a successful business or moving on with their own lives, which has caused them a shortfall in this profit without informing them. I would do little or nothing if their complains about people like me hugging a Royal Estate and not sharing it was based on the fact they were good enough for the job, apparently the same attitude is what is happening at the World Wide Web.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, In : Measure of Civility and the Internet 
I am not of the opinion the internet privacy issues that come up all the time on public media are a serious matter for my part. I mean it is a simply fact that if you do not want something to swirl all over the world wide web about you, you never put it there. Except of course if the arguments are applicable to those who make personal conversations and communications with the use of the internet and then the problem will have to be the question of why on earth a company as big as google is fo...
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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, January 25, 2012, In : Measure of Civility and the Internet 

An old border stability issue that does not seem to go away as it were. Here in the UK, Labour continues to criticise the Conservatives for doing the things they do, which makes no sense whatsoever; they promised to bring about economic progress through a means of persecuting those whom they claim have energy that can bring about success. If the economy was built on their plans it would have gone well for at least 5 years and then it would go all wrong thereafter, by which time the rest of th...

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 I am aware of the biggest problem I face being the activities of private security companies but it is also clear when you have a Royal order, the shoulders of which are laid burdens of state, things you have developed to ensure you defend yourself against violence, somebody will abuse you in a sexual context and pick it up to go off and look good with his private security company violence, so I do wonder if when they talk about me going up against parliament, like the old case of watching me play video games in which I never play it unless I am beating them and they have spied on me and copied from it to tackle the armed forces with, it is a clear set out challenge as it were but their abuses are very well noted and those insults will be repaid and they had better hoped the Royal order is not damaged as well.

Now I am said to be writhing in philosophy and scared stiff of them but of course all them philosophy that come from me are clearly old new ones as it were and there isn’t space made by me for an opportunity for us to acquire some of those for our age and time as it were if they wanted. I always say security companies will only have done the things they do behind me and never in public because it is too much of a risk but for their social and Political idiots the story is much the same as ever i.e. playing stupid games all the time. I mean I will get beaten up by them from where they are as it were, which is not a problem if you stand to gain from beating up somebody and hence size yourself up as well as them and it becomes something you play with all the time because you are confident you can always do it all the time. It is not a problem for me either, its the same old case of the coward they were scared of but are not anymore because they continue to play those stupid games of keeping their wicked culture, selecting people to attack, taking peoples living, taking their money and then their quality of life and then killing them, so when they are killed as well in revenge, they get to win – they apparently have not met those who want to kill them because of the culture itself as it is and now that they have they always seem to be in my face pushing me and that is the problem i.e. have taken the part where their temper means something and mine does not to a whole new level and they need to stay away from me for this to go away. The part about their young people being the City identity all together because it is always the reason a teenager wants to see what a knife looks like if stuck into a cunt with a big mouth: my faith is the basis of one of the best jobs in the country which is mine and it is a none violence platform so the question now is what on earth I am doing with violence – which is why when it does kick off I will not be stopped when it comes to ripping up and keeping it that way every single thing that is the incentive behind their behaviour, because it is the only way to ensure people do not fund a process where their stupidities can flush my life down the toilet like theirs.