I am not of the opinion the internet privacy issues that come up all the time on public media are a serious matter for my part. I mean it is a simply fact that if you do not want something to swirl all over the world wide web about you, you never put it there. Except of course if the arguments are applicable to those who make personal conversations and communications with the use of the internet and then the problem will have to be the question of why on earth a company as big as google is for example will want to deploy your personal information to bring about processes of identity theft, it has way too much to loose and is way too big for it, except that is that somebody employed by the company decided to act unilaterally to create the identity fraud against you which is therefore largely a function of how you behave and not a need for an internet law that you think is supposed to apply to everybody. The point is I personally do not appear on the internet because there are people on it that I know personally, I do because people on it want something I have and I want to buy something they have and nothing more, so it is important we see that those who complain about Internet privacy are those who personally know somebody in the web browser service companies and they meet them and pay bribes to have their products plugged so they can get rich quick and sometimes those bribes are personal like sex for example etc. I am not suggesting that how people run their businesses is something I want to change but such a suggestion is likely to become relevant if the habit of damaging my property to seek some standing over internet privacy on Public media after cheating to make their products sell will do any good for the current position either, they have to see that they are cheats and that whatever changes there have been and a proposed internet privacy law therefore from their point of view will never be something that should apply to everybody therefore. There are of course another group that go onto the internet for the sole purpose of doing damage to other peoples businesses and property and I do get to wonder what becomes difficult about locating them therefore; of course there are options like learning to develop viruses as well in order to strike back but that will create an internet war and make things worse so the best way is to target their business establishments in the real world for the purpose of defence, capability and deterrence because of course unless somebody intends to make money on the internet there is no point whatsoever of getting on there in the first place which is much the same with defrauding people because you will be found out at some point in the long run. In the end present huge problems associated with the internet are created by get rich quick idiots who think that the existence of a property about which the owner is not physically present suggests the right to acquire it and do with it whatever they please whereas the law says something completely different i.e. that everybody who walks into a shop appropriates the items in it and the only thing that stops them from being arrested for for doing so which is theft and robbery is evidence of whether or not they have kept it for themselves or done with it as though it were their own and it is all in good time for them too because it is soon enough that the government will have a clear and sustainable policy on the Internet.
So in the end there is the suggestion I speak of facts that mosty law makers are already aware of and I for my part do not mind the career piracies especially the violent ones, however what I am talking about here in a nutshell since it has become impossible for me to say anything on my own enterprise without explaining myself to those whose jobs I steal by saying them, is the vandalism of my business and livelihood by their friends and idiots with respect to laws that have been aware of all along; the idea people have of what my view about them is, is terribly flawed for the most part I find - for of course we would not be struggling with economic difficulties at this point if the men, the so called self claimed leaders as it were, knew a wee bit, what they are doing in anyway whatsoever at athe arts, at the media and or at the politics and at the leadership etc . We tend to get only one thing from them these days i.e. "it will come to me" aka bearing in mind everybody is experiencing the economic problems, what do we do to deal with unemployment and settle up on the path to proper local price base recovery, of which their response is always that securing political power is more important and then when asked when or how they will work out how to operate political power along side economic interests in the same vein they always respond it will come to me and so the big problem arises over the matter of how to make money for the time being and that is where I am always a target, so what I think of them is not half what they make out I do in anyway whatsoever and the physical handling of my business to ensure they are making those their stupid desires work will not actually produce a result they are safe from with the use of such excuses as their names and offices such as Politicians who have vanities, since I am not of the opinion politicians is the name their parents gave them and every cruelty and wickedness can always be repaid.