Of course I have mentioned something about the internet and search engines and their purpose recently and my stand point which is that what I put up on them is meant to provide information that gives people the opportunity to create products I want for the business I have put up on it. it seems that means I will get into trouble with search engine providers etc. This is not a new thing in anyway as I have been getting into trouble with them for years now; if you put something on the internet, somebody is always bound to find it, this is the truth but in my case there is an exception which means I must provide money for advertising first because the money people make with my work on account of my putting it on the web is just too dissatisfactory for their money making madness, so it applies I need to bring more money so they can make even more by using me. This is no way to respond to peoples products or talk to people and there is no reason I should let them get away with it because they are search engine or social networking sites providers or anything of that sort. I am sure that with respect to the issues they are referring to they have read the entire story of what I wrote. In each case all I can do with my business is damage the aspect of it which gives them the access they get but each time I do will result in a process where they make new access of their own to something even more valuable like some Liberal Nazi arrangement that cannot give it a rest with financial blackmails and the idea it is funny with the use of wrong Publicities about me I have made so very clear I do not want but it does not matter as far as they are concerned bearing in mind their cultures have only the attitude of violence towards me and the destruction of my finances as well.

The big matter over how deep my problem is has more to do with Politicians and their friendship with idiots that always have girls that can do absolutely everything I do which makes money because of whom I must be detached from my means while they again get rich with it, this is not to say they are not moving into the business world in order to have those girls as a problem then use their connections with society to have it all.

All I am saying is that people need to leave alone my book sales or I will kick them again, nothing more and nothing less. For search engine providers I have had enough of them for the last 3 years especially not to mention the things they get to say to me and at me or in my direction on Public Television due to their obsession with blackmailing me and with terror and how funny they think it is, not to mention this uncontrolled access meaning the process by which I can be asked for anything bearing in mind they already have their hands on it with respect for what they loot from my work and property and market place and therefore just need to make it legal if not socially acceptable to.