An old border stability issue that does not seem to go away as it were. Here in the UK, Labour continues to criticise the Conservatives for doing the things they do, which makes no sense whatsoever; they promised to bring about economic progress through a means of persecuting those whom they claim have energy that can bring about success. If the economy was built on their plans it would have gone well for at least 5 years and then it would go all wrong thereafter, by which time the rest of the world had recovered and the only reason people will want to work or invest here would be that there is market of which other countries have better and bigger ones. It gets worse thereof bearing in mind that their game was based on those they persecute to bring about riches. It would never be like they think their first come first serve insults would have made it, it would have been their worst nightmare imaginable.

The Tories on the other hand everybody knows like to make people look like they have just come from the sewer while they have just finished school. This they think is all that but is nothing because it is simply what they want to do, which does not prevent me from doing any of the things that I want to do. they would claim this is the African way of doing Politics and that they can raise up campaigns about how Africans are ruling people without being elected because of me; it is not-the fact about it is that when people do wicked things especially for the purpose of money whether or not they take advantage of me it always has a limit, money limits, social limits etc but in this case they do these things to get rich by taking advantage of me in conditions where they entangle themselves with every step of my daily affairs and that means it has no limits. All I can say is that they are good at bringing out the worst in people and that it suits them very well. Forecast is that it wouldn’t even last a year because I am a Christian and do not think the things of the world to be very important; therefore the only way to get my attention so I can be provoked and a process of provoking me escalated would involve contact bullying and then making a mess of the economy which would then be blamed on me, this is I take into my hands and deal with would not last a year and would not see me cause as much damage as I want either because by the time I am about 15% into it I would cause things to happen in society which change life as we know it totally, hence their big mouth come to noughts.

They always seem to say that thing they say about how what I say is very flattering, like some son of theirs trying too hard to impress those who have moulded his life. This is a much more complicated issue than the way they put it because it is responsible for my cash flow crisis; it is the reason employers take a look at me and decide I am not ready for employment and this is because there are stupid girls and women that think they are really feminists getting incredibly privileged with that part of my life which is even so really funny to them when I try to find work; it was always completely expected when Political idiots give people tax payers money to get around claiming they know me and did things with me in which they were my Boss. However the way it applies to how I must detach myself from my sense of imagination in the service of an employer is that while they do these things and it affects me in such ways they think they have the right to get off in Public or say things in Parliament without being interfered with and when I ask them why they think that they say first of all that they are white which is one up for them but it goes downward from then on and the most important they can say is that they were born in this country which makes no sense because being white and being born in this country does not necessarily mean that you can come from this country. There are many other places that you can easily come from instead and hence we have the situation we have in the country at the moment about which they are not doing themselves any favours stifling my book sales as well so I can continue to have need of a stupid back up job that is being used by them to play these games.

I do not get all bothered about it because I have everything I need; I have my royal estate and I have my books and should be making a living from that. The reason I am not is because I am setting myself up which if I do not properly things will become really difficult along the line when the career really takes off, not because of them; it is those books that will be their undoing all together, everything they do points in such a direction. This is the part about career; the part about my personal life all together is the old story of the number of people that have departed this world because they cannot stop getting somewhere to claim they are my fathers while God is trying to work with me. They might not believe in God but it does not mean I am not completely certain that he exists. So there is always that chance somebody will talk their racists blasphemous rubbish they think they have told people they need to in order to wind me up and get God to kill their enemies and end up having lighting strike them one day without causing a stir for all I care, their problem and wickedness never seems to see any improvements. The way it usually happens on the other hand mostly is a condition where they cannot stop following me around bearing in mind when socipaths get rich and famous history gets rewritten as it were, so when they continue to interfere with Gods work to claim they are my fathers one day sleep and cannot wake and have to be buried. So in the UK I think it is likely to also happen in one of those ways in which it is possible to ensure people die for their heresy and blasphemy without there having to be a miracle so people do not believe in God because there was one; such as flooding and strong winds, broken trees etc.

It does not mean that they have deployed their bullying of me to control what God gets to do which means their insolent secrete society fascisms is really powerful. That is the usual way it works with their big mouth. There is really no such thing but rather something about a Heavenly recognition of Earthly justice i.e. if there is a huge miracle on the matter of them and people turn to follow God because of it, some of them will get into the House of God and go mad for doing so, while others will simply become architects of incredible levels of destruction which will engulf them all as well. This does not mean that the rules change in either way either; the rule was that he who repents shall be saved, not he who suffers enough genocide shall be saved-if some killer gets into positions of power to murder 90% of them there is nothing that means God will not kill off the remaining 10%. It was repentance for salvation not suffer genocide for salvation. I for my part do not actually find it impossible to be like other Christians who give up their stuff to wicked people when they have it taken from them, I can do that, the reason I do not is that each time they go they spend tax payer funds getting around the world to tell people they do things with me in which they were the boss and that they are my fathers I am trying to emulate; this they say creates a precedent where when people work for things it is justified to take it away from them and that is why I sometimes need to show them what really creates a precedent around here.

It is not a matter of a case where when I write books they do not buy them so that when I set off to deal with the problems as part of my job, they come round to gain money, fame and glory from it for more powerful insults of self improvement and the things their stupid youths get up to, to create half of the problem in the first place. Repentance it is, not suffering enough; I could careless who suffered and really do want to shut up the music industry ones because they provoke me each time they usurp my property then escalate it as well and do so way too often for their own good. Then spice it up by wrecking my finances and building publicities for me which suggest I chase around rich girls that have done better than me for their decadence which means the world revolves around them basically in which case it should never around here, none of which will last once I had stopped being diplomatic about it and it is the attack on my book sales that will be their undoing altogether. They always like the insults of their stupid feminists whose right I will move into and dig to my satisfaction soon enough so they can find their equal seem to suggest when I had finished with them, they will determine who I sell anything to or not with a big mouth and it will lead to another story as well. For now I must give up my sense of imagination by which I am attractive to employers in the work place to foolish black men and women that want to move into my right and become my peers while foolish white men and women can have it without doing so because they were white and born here. They never say this is how it is when they are at it.