Naturally I get the message and it comes all the time, that "now I have said that, how do I propose to sell my books". Absolutely arrogant of course but nothing less of 'the online community'-with a big mouth.
Then there is my absolute favourite of girls that attack my work helped by Politicians because they like fitter men. Very well of course because the fact they are women does not necessarily mean they are not bullies and the Politicians have helped them before to get off getting married to drug dealers and users to get married to better sort of people, hence things like doing those kind of damages to the Christian's property is meant to secure such rubbish.

Where we are at the moment is that the online community is not getting out of business on mass yet so the threats will never go away such as now that you have said things we do not like which is not exactly in your interest to, how do you prospose to sell the books?
Personally; their problem with how many things are being sold on other peoples businesses and how much money is ending up on other people's Bank account does not seem to get any better no matter how much the warnings, reflected on their media, Pop music industry and insolent stupid club life things they do-what does are the things they do on media and adverts industry to tell me wherever I am to get out of their business now they have found ways of wrecking my sales to sell something else of theirs with every market I create for my products, with access they gain by buying into any business I work with to maintain their access and their vandalism and the so called rise of the Online community that has recently emerged from stalking me too as it were, using me equities when I broke them with Businesses as if they are free come cheap, they have the right to or doing so then threatening me on media is how to earn a living.

The reasons for these destruction and intrusive damages of course simply become more and more intrusively tyrannical on a daily basis which such rubbish as  the plan to be the ones that own things which endear me to others, hence the cultural violence by which it is possible becomes more and personal and contact-violent.