Its never a crisis for the most part of it, same case of a process where you are always having to deal with a white goon setting off pictures of a superior girl that had nothing to do with it while immigrants will not stop coming to the Country to make things complicated, in a way that sets out a task for me to do, so I might set them their own task and give them a fight as well but there is this particular type that the Politicians sanction, talking nonsense all the time about Islamic state using my work to fight the British Army after years of us all being the same thing never mind anti-terror measures being deployed to serve their greed as they get about the city centres and financial districts to get rich and famous, which makes me think they have popular culture worked their own out like Islamic state as well, whereby we will soon see them think it is okay for ISIL to go to the International community when it is done killing people, to seek legitimate state status at a later date – just like we see their own popular culture have a problem with black people who do not fancy people that have anal sex and especially with women and since they must always have their anal sex, which is why they chase women who are too old for sexual activity with it and drag Christians out of Church over sex by making sure they do not have access to own careers, all that time of which Politicians support them such that what they have not yet tasted cannot be owned by somebody else and if people who have such possessions are not vulnerable at society they must never rest until people are stuck at Politics climbing ropes and standing in lines – usually what measures the extent of their very twisted and evil nature all together. The list of personal property and work at this Office that I have to rescue from this goons making a show of it for some stupid woman who wants to take naked pictures of herself keeps growing while their media fools cannot tell the simple truth unless there is money involved and do not know when freebies are done when other people’s livelihood are concerned with it, what really tips it over naturally is when the look on the faces of those stupid women are suggestive of the fact they have taken part in National service and if I will not do the sex work, somebody else will and it will lead to outcomes where I do their own as well, to add to all that work I have created for them that is not going to pay them too – so it’s an old business of the idiots Politicians have set out to keep an eye on people and watch people on CCTV and abuse them all of the time of a certain group of the ‘upper lower classes’ that help them run society and a little respect from them for what others do for a living solves all problems, otherwise provocation will mean I am bound to rip up their own as well, so that every time that my bottom hurts they will have a reason for it anyway. It’s not the crisis they have made themselves out to be as such in anyway; just a group of idiots that make the City such an atmosphere because they have certain possessions which mean that they are not obliged to show respect towards others, such as suits and watches and everything that allows you to blab nonsense at others when you take public transport or are one of those people ganging up on pedestrians for fun because you are a member of car drivers on the roads etc – so where it gets serious is when those insults mean that I broker my equities and have trouble keeping them off my Books and Public image because they are trying to make friends with industry leaders and want to show off their money as leverage, it never fails to involve some very abusive insult in my direction and a process of striking anybody that is affiliated to me, talking nonsense about how we exist to make people lose their dreams and jobs the whole time and one of these days it will go from a process of wondering if I need to cure myself of the resistance to crossing the line where I start to handle their finances the way their violence affects mine when it makes me unable to write to trade, which is apparently the only way their stupidities will take a turn for the better, to a part where I will end up with a need to ensure one of those abusive insults and practical jokes happen to be their last gimmick too. Its never been a matter of being afraid of them or coming up to scratch like we hear their middle aged middle sized idiots in suits cracked up out of my league blab all the time, that will be the part where they need to stand in line at racism while ethnic minorities suffer for them to have a wealth lottery and then we will find them join ethnic minorities later when racism had hurt them too; it’s the old story with Politics and its wickedness where nobody invents anything they own lest the Politicians unleash extremism on them to ensure somebody else had tasted it or had a go at owning it first – their stupidities do not scare me in anyway, I am rather wondering if it is time to take the plunge; all I wanted was an end to seeing them show up around my Books and show up around my Public image the way we see them do all the time. In the end, Politicians have a duty to lead people who are not necessarily intelligent or responsible and if they say most of these activities are alright, then we have to live with it but what they are complaining about presently will not be the only attempts to make friends with wealthy people at Industry, that I will wreck as it were; we can see it very clearly even though they think we cannot i.e. Islamic Terrorists have their own with a religion for cover, while these goons do their own with stories about wars and lies about ethnic minorities and Celebrity insults for cover, both being mostly the same thing.

I do get told that what I say and do attracts the bad crowd which of course is what I do i.e. private equity Intellectual Property Administration, it is supposed to attract all those people who just know who is likely to wreck their whole lives plans and dreams that was based on making a living by building a Company on the Public image or Ferrari or Coca-Cola – so we see that when Football players buy these products my finances get pillaged the whole time, while at the same time they pillage personal property to make money building business on the image on these Companies – so it hits hard when it hits the small businesses but the Politicians continue to claim its fine when they tackle the big business and they run around and cause chaos with impunity. The other part being that I do not seem to understand what getting along with service operatives is, which is not really the case as I am aware there are service operatives that are easy to get along with and there are service operatives that are very serious minded with a moustache, just like I get asked if I am aware of the reasons the wars happen, which is the old story we all know is the story of stories i.e. Dad leaves him £50,000 in savings and he must do nothing with it save chase the public image of an Arch Prince and plan to become rich and famous on it, if he kicks him, it gets deployed for the purpose of buying guns instead, hence when it’s a case where he wants to see him do something useful with his life while he gets to supervise the way it is at present, he will be punished for the rest of his life. The Politicians do love to go into government Office to support this stuff as we all know but in the end when they have had warehouses that is to make them rich, it becomes a question of how much time they spend on it and why it is that it exists to ensure others do not have the right to feel good and then they will claim its what the Monarchy is doing, while its a simple case of the fact that a few celebrity admirers here and politicians being entertained is how we keep a relationship with the rest of the world all together and that my case is different since I have the ability to open up a Royal Estate and shut out those I do not wish to be involved with it, lest I end up being Royalty whose commission is being deployed by others to get rich, which is the absolutely unbreakable rule if I am breaking any at all - so it seems I am able to get away with it many times and therefore do it often to attract business to the UK and yes I do get told there is a future trust problem to worry about naturally, which does not apply as the system seems to harm anything people set up as a contraption that exists to hurt others, knowing if they move off to somewhere else but continue to plague with me the same behaviour I will become a suck up Prince that goes around befriending everybody to put them out of business.