Now it is said that I rather enjoy being broken hearted but this is not worth a response naturally save the fact it runs endlessly on media making hell for me in public places all day; the truth of it rather being that I have so far trashed their sugar baby and long suffering wife gimmicks that allow them show up here with ageism to extract money from my income margins and I have trashed their Industry love gimmicks where there is no such thing as real love and I must fall in love with one partner and chose another like I was married to them, so we know at this point because I had become intolerant of it, that this is the product of their Politicians hanging around somewhere to facilitate that business where they believe the way their stupidities affected those into whose concerns they had invited themselves, made them powerful and so could show up here to count pennies until they magically ended up with millions at my expense, thereby being able to handle my concerns and set me up on a pedestal to grab little things off my Bookshop and create market that ended up making them financially better off than I am, which ideas they spread around and get more people involved, hence guess which one I will break next.

They make those excuses all the time that the way I run my concerns exposes me to it while what really happened is that I built a firm and broke it up to broker equities with other Companies and they turned out to inflict insults and suffering on me in order to build me a public image that suggested I was some sort of insult created cultural indemnity whom they tortured to build market – the link between this and a Bookshop that trades Equities is just one expression of the extent to which their Liberal America supported insults had gone and how much of a threat to the world it really is. People have said that I mention it lightly while it is a massive problem but it is not a massive problem for me – they say on one hand that Trump is racist while on the other hand nothing would provide them as much fulfilment as seeing me serve them like their slave and this is what facilitates the Obama Administration supporting their gimmicks, so the Industry gits cannot keep their eyes on the shop floor while any minions and idiots at their disposal called me names and could not keep their stupid imagination off my bum. I can always tackle it by deciding that they had no entitlement to breathe the free air literally on account that they had competition and the eventual result would be to secure a process of getting them to serve me like my slave, about which I will bring forth a satisfactory ending to this nonsense for my part.

I have been told it is quite an unusual achievement to build a company and break it up to broker equities but I am a Hermit and there are vested interests everywhere, so it is not necessarily such an unusual achievement as to say others were prone to remitting something on its account. Then again we find these goons all over it saying that when I describe them as stupid it makes my life more difficult and its utter nonsense as this is rather what other people think – we know that they are usually the first to make the point clear in the most abusive way imaginable, that an educated really belonged in the trash can unless you knew what you were doing with it but then will devise a million and one way to secure themselves the same type of educated and show up to call me names that allow their stupid children get imagination up my bum while they chased my income margins and it blabs all the time especially when black and have those insulting big ethnic minority communities where they called the shots and I was a part of their gimmick, that it will never accept the exit of keeping away from my Books and shutting down all stupid comments that show up on my public image to make a mess and yes I too have been thinking about trashing their communities to ensure if they had competition they had no right to normalcy because they did and I wanted them to be my slaves as well, we can see then that I will never get away with it. It’s the sort of nonsense that shows up where people had dared to own something their stupidities had never tasted – it comes up with those gimmicks the Germans understand very well of hurting me like the one mentioned above where over time, abusive insults had made me cultural indemnity they got to abuse to create market, then building up a way to cover their tracks and ensure they were not vulnerable to the same type of treatment, soon enough it becomes layers upon layers of insults that show up on media at my expense all day to build them market for businesses that are set out on the premise it is always profitable whether or not they worked on it, at which stage I will have become the aggressor, while the real question was that of what indeed I had to do to stop their stupidities getting off the daily concerns to spend time hurting me and what I had to do to ensure it stopping being an amusing experience for them too. It would then appear that nothing I have said here has served me in anyway while reality is that it has; they need to stop making my Bookshop complicated for people who get involved, as we can see that the consequence of my frustration is that which they complain of more than any other people all over the world – it’s a Bookshop and they need read Books from it and let me be, otherwise it is clear their stupidities as a matter of making money and when they complain about my activities it is clearly about money as well, when blabbing about what they didn’t care for because they only had time for themselves, might want to talk from their own rights and stop handling me. Their biggest achievement here at this point is this nonsense where I had picked out a bad neighbourhood to write Books and their criminals there had picked up my concerns so they might tell me my life is over whenever they wished to, while for some reason they have built it up on media to run at my expense all day while complaining of the way it affects their own careers – the cycle is bad neighbourhood to write Books, media bubble helps criminal character build up my concerns so they might tell me my life is over, these feed back into bad neighbourhoods and then maybe I write Books from it again perhaps, while the Books I had written previously was never read – it is has the same familiar pattern of what those stupid big ethnic minority communities where they called the shots and I was a part of, the ageist decide who can be successful but even then clearly do not make their own personal decisions for them and then they claim it is an indication I think I can handle their Celebrities while I cannot and we all know that people do not get around abusing people in sexual context over gold digging gimmicks save if Celebrities are facilitating it – so we can see that it had become a prized possession to be famous and stupid at the same time, telling me I believe I can handle the matter while I cannot, even when their jobs had nothing to do with me and the rituals associated with the fact their stupidities were famous was a disruption for my daily concerns all together and thus I wanted nothing to do with it as such.

They do say it does not make the world safer to talk like that, but all the insecurity comes from the USA. We all know that they have always had these characters that work with the Politicians and want their version of what it means when people lobbied Politicians to prevail in the minds of the public – giving rise to criminal characters being able to decide the way that those they believed themselves to be superior to, got to prioritise their financial wellbeing; the best thing that ever happened to them was the Obama Administration and even while Trump is President, that had not yet changed as such. I do get told it is not a problem for me and it is not as such; it’s just reality that when their activities are overbearing the pop stars I had opened up a Court to will not be able to do the work properly and they have taken note of the way I handle it to literally try killing me using work load all together at this stage. So we see they have never really answered the question of how indeed it is that Trump is racist when he is just unhappy about the way they have trashed his Hospitality business over what was not his fault and when he ran for President, others who were treated the same way voted for him. For my part, it’s still the game of working with some German friends, beating me down while I chased the daily concerns to build business structures where those who owned them could not keep their eyes off me and on the shop floor, while the minions and kids called me names like dunce and low achiever, so I got groomed into a character whose bums their imagination could not be kept from as such – in the end I don’t want them moving into my right hand the way they don’t want me moving into theirs but when we part ways, they took something important and the sexual context violation gets completely out of hand from there, followed on with the value added to their sales activities when they could not stop the insults they have attached to it.

The other part of the story they tell is that chasing matters of economic recovery is usually something that do-gooders like myself do but we can see it displayed the fact they were unable to tell the difference between privilege and stealing and were also very comfortable with the idea of others working for them without being paid, while the way it really worked was to get involved, prevent loss, use the money to create and sell items that help people run their lives and use the results to create companies where they got employment. Such that when they get off blabbing about what they didn’t care for to make sense of their need for self-love and money gimmicks, it was so important they had stopped handling me and were talking from their own rights. We even hear some of them speak of futility of the Capitalist system in the sense that whilst it is sacred that you didn’t try to control people’s lives, you had to prevent loss and build them products they could run their lives with but we also know that there are small prints literally, where it was clear you could sell those products by giving it away, so people used it and build PR on your behalf, you could spend your money to test it and sell it to them with a warranty, you could ask them to become part of the process, where applied that it was fundamentally impossible to sell people things that did not make them financially better off and they might want to get off their gimmicks that allow them abuse people none stop and abandon the customers to the dogs at the slightest sign of trouble and stop calling people names when they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing save what they needed to know to get about insults that allow them extract money from other people’s income margins, blabbing of a process where they thought themselves the superior forms of human evolution the entire time. I would like a case where they talk about looking after themselves by talking from their own rights, an end to the business of waking up to financial complications associated with the one thing that will not go away, in the sense that they never stop making what people think of my Bookshop more complicated than it really is, to hang around expressing what they thought their stupidities were entitled to do with my body, as insultingly as possible, allowing the Fashion idiots to pick up the asset equities applicable, completely free of charge, looking for more of what their stupidities were complaining of. It’s all civil and criminal disobedience and the ageist idiots who work it find it amusing the most hence they do it none stop – now they are beginning to take the form of a group of people who need my help to put an end to because I wanted it stopped.

I am said to have a multitude of problems which I don’t; it’s the same case of stopping these twats making comments around my career and public image where I have done the best work for it, which they have now rolled out long enough for it to add up to an abusive state of affairs they can handle at my expense for fun while the mess and financial consequences had long added up to something I had to wake up to every day. We also hear them claim therefore that my position at the Monarchy is no longer tenable and it’s like the way their madness meant for instance that the issue with popular culture people at the Court was a mess and I had to set it out properly, so what I find in the course of doing so is that they had taken over popular culture that is detached from what people did when lobbying Politicians which they normally deployed as a tool to decide whom they were superior to, which one had to prioritise their financial needs and then they find out it will not do them any good, so they turned the whole thing on its head so they might continue taking over, while everything I did was met with financially profitable, civil disobedience based, gratuitous insults, which match the way they work Politics that turns up to ensure that people engaged with my social media in a way that made them feel comfortable and the Client then get involved but they stop short somewhere because there are issues that needed to be resolved, while other forms of destruction included following and unfollowing my profile to make money and an inability to see that when they complain about me on media as well due to the consequences of their insults, it is due to the fact I am chasing money too. In terms of the Monarchy specifically, it’s the tale of something important happening and then we enjoyed it for a while, soon after which the men do the usual men thing that abuses everybody and all does downhill; the Prince of Wales has followed this without hesitation and as soon as they realised they were not prepared for the resistance they faced, they moved to claim that the Queen had lost control of the family and diverted responsibility from HM Office to that of the Prince of Wales, the outcome which is that people who cared about the welfare of Celebrities then showed up to protect me from Celebrities, which is good for me in the sense that I do not get taken advantage of in terms of relationships, so easily and so often anymore.