I hear there is this story of what I have done to damage other people’s lives endlessly which is not that much of an issue here either – the case is that they need to keep out of my Court; they really have no reason and purpose to be there, from here their position cannot be explained i.e. they have their own families they go home to once the days job of making ours a misery is done, so explaining their stupidities away with my work should not necessarily apply instead of a condition where they leave me alone if they don’t mind – the other is on their part where we are currently as though we live in the same life on account we live in the west and the western corruptions of involvement for the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s have past their sell by date and they continue to pretend with media that it is the new normalcy and I need to breathe with that big mouth of theirs; I mean they are not the husbands of these women, they are not in any way related to them, they simply work in the same company and environment and that means that the whole process of targeting me over their evil nature due to the need to express that men are also frail and need security and hence something glorious and pure they can pervade to brew the power with which to  bring it about which must cost me my faith thereof has gone to a whole new level, of which if you asked their wives about them they will most likely tell you the idiots always get what they want and they are beginning to piss me off around their direction as well for good measure. So the first stage of this problem has been completed where I am not inferior to them otherwise I would not be playing with female journalists to blow the roof off their media establishments all the time without them being able to do anything about it, the other issue is of course the story of their cultures and societies of which the reality has always been that getting your gay feeling and gay privileges from out of others costs and that big mouth about protecting me from selling a piece of my history that they are a part of when it really does not feel that way to me can only lead to a result, especially over the noise making about making me get outside so they can enjoy the feeling of indoors and security as well – I am not talking about the US CIA and FBI ones, those are supposed to have been the black idiots with white friends and connections all over the world right up to fools that work in UK civil service and black landlords I rent homes from who will co-operate with them and the assumption they have continued to make it that this is all about them anyway with that big mouth. This matter has never really been a complicated one for the most part; it’s a simple case of seeing them keep off my House and keep off my Court and then there will be no trouble or they can continue and make all kinds of noise about the inventive nonsense they come up with and drum away with media to pretend it has become part of life in order to provoke me, which can only continue until I take up the challenge as well and yes we all know it is a matter of confidence not of whether or not we can put to the test who will hit hardest which is not what their evil nature wants to discuss when they start but the confidence to actually say what I hate about the west and do something about it without getting entangled with Politicians which I am sure they know I am too clever to be. There is nothing new about these goons, it is the same old story of people setting up a church and ending up in a place where they are involved and there is a massacre because men are frail and need to be looked after like women too; so it’s been 14 years of my time with them and I am beginning to get angry as per their activities in specificity so we need to be clear getting their gay stuff from others costs and when I am out there will cost a lot more than they are blabbing about at present and if they want to see how I intend to protect my women from them and their stupid children only need continue – after all we all know it is about simple greed like the need to know their newly acquired fans with other peoples work are where they want them to be and hence they do not want a religious person getting about causing a mess with that stupid media they like to show it off with and experiment on whether or not they have enough power to keep people out of jobs with – they are not yet expressing lots of stories that can be told about the evils of religion, a new one on my account yet so they have no plans to move out of here yet so far as well; the Industry idiots they solicit understand these facts better than they do which is the importance of their insolent speeches all over the city centres of this planet and their inability to stay off my books with that nonsense about being so wealthy I wouldn’t mind. The CIA and FBI ones are much the same old case too – I have immense power and am a black scum who thinks all you need to do is bend over and enjoy the ride – they think they are talking in the US or something and one of these day I will travel to that Country for my part too.

We do hear this case of problems I create for others as well and it will never ever make sense – I mean nobody really can work out exactly why people I have never met before and don’t even know want to be seen to at least have a sense they have moved into my personal life and are living there in order to feel good about their existence and that there is some higher power enforcing it as well but we ought to see that when they are using their own personal lives to say and do what we see them say and do we will have an understanding otherwise we have a problem and they know it; there is nothing new about this matter, it’s the same old story of industry fools with mature businesses they do not wish to make profitable by looking to their attitude if they can rather get hold of my livelihood and break it up in order to collect the market like trophy and use it to make profit while getting involved with gangs and gang badge bullies in order to enhance their customer service and I don’t know them as well but they are convinced they are so wealthy my feelings about them do not matter and are sorely wrong as we can observe. The young people speak of how they are not in control of their own feelings when we all know what they want to do with a writer that is me, is exasperate me to hear what I say and feel good instead of buy my books and when I ask about the reasons they want to do that we hear them speak of problems I must be made to protect them from and so it gets to that point where I ignore them and they make those problems so many times worse in order to secure a condition where it affects me so much that I have to do something about it either way, of which any normal person would make them chose as well which is what they are doing at present. It is impossible to explain the reasons they feel they cannot let me be, otherwise I know they don’t like me and that is as good as any but rather are convinced that if their cars are to be important to them then the reality has to be that it is as important as God and the Church and that is a very violent affront to me as well that they have no plans to admit to and there isn’t a provocation that brings it about or a reason that explains it save their big mouth talking about power and the need to overturn oppression which tends to convince others that something is being achieved when they are oppressed as well. So it comes down to my books having made them uncomfortable but before the books were a people whose fathers were obsessed with the idea of dominating me first before I can get a job which was to be enforced by the Politicians creating this bubble of involvement with me that will allow their civil and criminal disobedience work unfettered around all I do; so if the books make them uncomfortable they were not written for them and the reasons they are seen around the books really cannot be explained too; so it is the same old case of the fact I am Royalty and they are nothing and they always recognise what I am when they mess about and organised criminals think they are wrong. The story of my Office not being recognised is not an emotive one, that is all about Royalty that are always seen somewhere around the corridors of the Mansions of Celebrities at all times – once done of which they return like in the UK to extract gay feelings and gay privileges from HM Duchy and pretend I am scared of them as well, which is how we ended up on opposing sides i.e. this is mentioned because this is a point where I have felt it is significant enough for such attention otherwise I would never have done so for my part either, their media fools have consistently had a habit of getting up there to give messages to gang badge community idiots that will attack me and my Policy of get out and get lost is not an emotive one to them either – their celebrities say my books are so expensive and the public can always do with something cheaper and better because they simply cannot leave people alone as it were. I mean at the end of the day if they are as dangerous as they say they are, nobody knows why they have such an intense need to round me up globally first before they can dangerous anyway and by the way it is much the same with – they build up their hardness and build it up and build it up some more and use it along with their civil and criminal disobedience to rule those they like they say and it will never be clear why I am such a problem then anyway. It does not end here either – there is the other case of their celebrities having a knack recently for taking advantage of HM Public functions to have a quick word with One off the record about me, when done and I collect them on twitter to fulfil their part of the bargain in terms of the culture they offered they falter all the time and it has now led to a state where I need to take steps to ensure they don’t wreck my finances anymore – I mean its only on twitter and not all out there yet as it were, since it must be so cheap and easy, ever so easy. I didn’t realise people needed to protect themselves from certain Royals when they got copies of my books anyway – I was under the impression a simple respect and leaving alone my finances would have set out the reality that it is my problem and not theirs.