I understand the part where my competitiveness with Mr Obama and some other leaders allied with him is to be measured by the laziness of the British but I have no idea what that means since the workings of the Company was developed around my role being primarily to limit the damage that their career distractions cause most of the time and so that is what this all about concerning which they have ever won a fight themselves either. When they do stop the career distractions which is one of the best ways of getting this done then what really matters will take centre stage i.e. my academic work etc but until then they have to face up to the reality people do not want to put them under control by being lazy in the first place and once that job is finished I will be at liberty to chase my career and academic pursuits which is what this is all about. The next time they speak of lazy British Royal I will dig their own as well so they can feel me too; I mean that is what Americans do all the time i.e. at school they think of nothing but digging up other people’s lives in order to settle in at the point where they become customers and when they feel they have gathered enough information for a clear picture do nothing but explore it during their academic work in University and turn up to find money to pile things high and sell them cheap and keep others from doing the same as well and success is reflected by how much money they have because they know the first million they make will take years to run out and they will have been able to repeat the process several times before that period does and hence continue to make more money and shoot off their big mouth about other people’s laziness. It does not work in the UK even though it is the dream of the Politicians and the reasons for that is that the Head of State can ask a few people to become traders in the circle and that generally means that they know what is what and have at least one secret society that helps them keep their focus with a high and exclusive order and have had time and resources to come up with the kind of products you will like to sell your house to own because what you get from it will help you recover the money to buy it back and so on, so once they are out there the Politicians who are generally lazy and love these games Americans play a lot do not stand a chance and for those that have made some millions, they become frustrated and angry and want ownership of other peoples personal lives claiming they get no respect for their success – I mean I am not one of them as it were, I just broker equities with them and we can talk about it forever especially the part where Politicians have made their way into my Emporium again which means they are now running away with matters of competitiveness at the Literary empire looking for the kind of trouble that leads to the outcomes they complain about since having a Court in it that were always going to come with their back stage people and so on was not trouble enough and they think it is funny and cannot leave people alone as it were, making way for their stupid girls to have somebody they will kill through heart disease to make him co-operate with the fact people are trying to get rich and famous at his expense and this is the kind of behaviour we are talking about before the unelected had started taking over with that big mouth as it were; they think it is easy like their Muslim counterparts put up Palestinian flags in Tower Hamlets to protest the things that are happening in Gaza when we all know it is a lot more complicated than just putting up a stupid flag which they should rather do in Gaza so people can see their own as well – I mean we are talking about a strip of land in which people did nothing but trade and tourism and a condition where a group of people got hold of and killed two Israeli teenagers and then some Israelis got off and killed their own as well which is how the war broke out and we had spoken of the devil in your midst and devil in my midst scenario and settled on the fact that if Palestine is a state that cannot support itself it should not have been created in the first place, bearing in mind it is Israel that has the bigger army as well as we know those who created it never did a good job that they can boast of in Iraq and Afghanistan and created it at the precise time in which they were conducting campaigns in those parts of the world as well, so they can return to America and have parties. In my eyes, these things were figured out by nature in the sense that the Areas of the Country that the History of the Jews was most defined happens to be occupied by Muslims and foreigners who bought property and lands there, so that one side is obliged to take care of the other by the very nature of the very history that creates the war they are taking part in fostered by American secret service every single time there is a break through to end it – so that as the conflict has unfolded we have found out that there has been networks of tunnels dig right across the strip of land where the two sides engaged in trade and tourism with each other, not by the Palestinians but by a group called Hamas that rules over the Palestinians, legitimised by the Americans who gave them a new country – so this clearly has been a real problem that is far more complex than a bloody flag in tower hamlets.

They do bring up that story of where I get my benefit of hindsight being the mistakes made by Americans but we all know the argument they bought their way with was that the whole Middle East issue needed to be resolved as a whole so that Muslim terrorists can be sorted out in Terrorist lands in order to prevent them from travelling to the US; since then it’s all been about making a mess and sticking others who are unsuspecting into it, unleashing stupid girls all over media and social media with insults and a need to mop up other peoples trade finances and the need to have a party which does not solve anything but this is where it said I get my benefit of hindsight of course when we all know their diplomacy is supposed to have been office diplomacy all the time i.e. pick up the phone and make things happen every single time because if they do real world diplomacy the result is that they will lose a piece of the American spirit with it each step of the way but that would lead you to conclude that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones but then again that is half the problem because the real problem is that of the fact they never do a thing because it is right i.e. that is another part of the American spirit that will be lost and they have not got a clue what they are doing and can never be seen doing what they are told when that is the case. In the end it feeds right into these collection of really insulting clichés – one of them being that people must walk before they can run and that makes you want to rip their guts out since it happens on account they are after your finances and making you miserable because they think they are the Daddy and of course never saw you walk and therefore want to break your legs when they see you run because it is unusual: - the other is the one they share with their black and African friends about making life easy and even so the idiots will be found all over the books when they will never buy or read any of them because they are saving their stupid hearts in order to live long of which I never asked them – hence when we assess where I get my benefits of hindsight as it were. I mean they never seem to get it the facts behind why some people are never in that place where they pay attention to Daddy USA – the one where Daddy wasn’t there when you walked and think that it is witchcraft when you run and you have not got a clue what the fucking prick is on about and it is that big mouth all the time about the house winning and you being where you are supposed to be which they cannot back up as we were and want to have somebody to steal strength from, talking nonsense about laziness and heart problems and how sons should be raised all the time.

I dont think they are a major issue, my thoughts about Daddy USA will be best displayed over their need to handle my books, take pictures of stupid girls looking super hot on anything people have done to spend money on my Equities, pillage everything and extract for her to get rich and famous with the income in the process selling useless lowlife deviant popular entertainment and advertisement to which he attaches a product designed to pillage my personal life that they can then sell, to get around every major International product shows in the world to talk rubbish about how nobody knows who the hell I am as well, they are going to daddy USA until it end very well too. I mean I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either but my books do not do them any favours in the first place; we in the UK do not understand the part where democracy is weak because it was the Norman Kings who were the first to actually conquer and consolidate the Country that created the legel system and later the parliamentary system that emerged from it, so if kings do not have the strength along with their Kinghts to do those things and deal with what my arise from the duality they would not be doing it: in the US we have a situation where they can do and undo and you can have two teenagers and it would have been three if you considered the talented as well, so we will only consider the cynical and the normal – the normal will do what he does and the cycnical will ruin his life and go around bugging older people he thinks he can bully which means those always support the actions of the normal and mock him but the cynical then get their support to make fame and fortune wityh greed games ripping up the frabic of society because they want to be famous and it is the same we have today over the need to be seen around everything people do to spend their money on my equities or create parties in my favour and they will Daddy USA until it ends as violently as they continue to pursue it as well. I hear the part where I started it of course but my books do not do them any favours and it is never clear thereof what they are seen doing around it anyway: the reality is that the Normans made the Government of the Country, through such realities as a need to consolidate the Country under their rule giving rise to their descendants who thought the best way for a show off is to have Knights that are well taken care of and which meant these knights looked after lands and took care of women in distress and they were the democracy Monarchy, the Saxons made the Church and Communities and they were the religious; I mean those are your plaything as well, especially when you hear them say this is England and I am not taking rubbish from you or the other example where they say I dont mind competition provided it is on a level playing field and so on and of course we know the Vikings are the heart of the society and made the Political system where there never seems to be an end to statements made about people shutting it as its only violence and doing peoples stuff and doing stuff and so on, so all these guys really like scumbags like this who should therefore be seen stirring things up by being seen around my books endlessly all of the time. My point in bringing up these things is that we are having a good time in the Country at the moment as the Leadership has decided the people cannot be allowed to fall to sadness because of the silly things happening all over the world and I am just one of many given the responsibility to curate a few things here and there, Daddy USA seen around my books pillaging things and talking nonsense is not progress and I dont see how the idea they can do and undo works for our closest ally either personally and this is the part they hate most about me. I mean these guys are losers anyway, they are the ones that never had a clue about how the way things work was that you dig peoples lives to a point where you settle in on the part where they will be customers and spend all your days in University exploring it in order to get into the real world to make money piling things high and selling them cheap to get rich, so now they are after anything that stands between them and the abuse of the weak.