That what I have written here is an example of how much contempt the British Government has for the Scottish Nation which is why the counter story of the 2014 Common Wealth games have given Scottish people confidence and Indicates they will vote for independence later in the year is absolute rubbish. It is rather the same old case of people we used to recognise as trouble makers in school, who will always distract you from a job at hand until they find their way into it and take it up for the attention, in which condition they have no respect for anybody’s leadership and when they finally get their hands on the leadership this attitude takes a turn for the worst and never ever stops: when they grow up they become such things as Scottish Nationalists and Racists and terrorists and Media idiots who spend all their time making a public show of themselves on a basis of freedom and those they can take on who cannot take them on as well for self improvement. The trouble being of course that we are not in school anymore and it is a really complex real world and reality and it is really difficult work to refrain from punishing people for fucking around with my Office the way that they do. So in my view they ought to shut it and let people go to the polls to decide, after all of which it is not as if they lack information on the matter anyway, the whole Independence referendum contraption was their creation.

We hear of the part where people never do what they are meant to, so that when others take a risk, they get punished for it but if that were to be assessed as well we would have arrived at an exact point like it way back in the history of the UK – the part where the Government went off to campaign for the Country in Europe and the Scots were out for the Crown; in this case it is a matter of settling relations with Europe and the US and Russia for example which has created Scottish Independence exactly like the way the war between the government and the Highlanders which history horrifies us all turned out to have been forged: before now the Scottish people were satisfied with their commitments and so were the English and so were the Irish and so were the Welsh and knowing these people would think their Scottish independence is the stupidest thing that ever happened, they have since caused so much trouble that it has made sense thereof on that basis. We even hear them say that devolution was the problem that created a thirst for independence in the first place of which the reality that is not being discussed is such facts as a process of setting up a business which you work on hard and settle up at a point where it is done, in order to spend time in an office administrating it only for there to have applied a case of one thing after another with respect to the foundation and longevity of the business being called into question in public places that you have to get right every single time and each of those things have to be so small and so insignificant that it leaves those who do it with enough time to keep an eye on every move you make at the business in order to do it and to insert their own products into the market in order to get rich, issue threats and talk nonsense about those they can take on who cannot take them on as well as the basis for all their activity – so that devolution was the problem is another  eventuality that beats the imagination as it were. As for the part where I get involved with government matters on my own personal disposition – they do understand they are talking so much nonsense there as well since the reality is rather that of the number of government officials that are happy to play along with the whims of an idiot who wants to distract me from my job and wreck the finances so they can do my job as well at the point where I get the most pleasure from it in order to get attention I get as well: they say it is one of the things they do to make me hate them like I hate the Tories being that they have recently been in the Cabinet for as long as the Tories have but first need to make me hate the Tories so that they can get down to it; so this is the part that annoys me the most i.e. we are not kids anymore, we are not in school anymore and I dont have to lose my virginity to prove that to any fool and anybody who either demands to move into my right hand and be in a place of power or gets better off than I am with my own possessions or makes money from my business first before I do will always have to move the world to put a barrier between me and him or her in order to avoid the consequences of it.

I hear they speak of the question of what I mean when I say people happy with their commitments but it is an old story – I mean I dont understand how they live the way they do and neither do they how I get around the way I do but what is clear is that I could  be seller of computers for example and somebody buys 400 of them and if I dont give him 6 extra each costing £400, bearing in mind he is such a good friend and has been such a long standing customer as well, he promises to start a fight and I find myself in a place where I realise I have done something wrong if I dont, of which if I didn’t live in that setting and he wasn’t a friend of mine and or also a customer he would never get it and even so that would never have made sense to me whether or not he was. So these Scottish Nationalists have always been a group of trouble makers that are never happy with anything and want other people’s lives all of the time.