Now on the matter of BBC accountability, I do not want any fool to be accountable to me because some girl they picked up from a poor country is now an employee of their precious BBC and cannot keep their dirty hands and insults to herself. The reality is that the BBC is the only organisation in this country that gets paid by the public for a service which it then sells to people for a profit and that sort of attitude has got to be changed; I mean if you take part in an essay competition or a publishing competition at the BBC the reality is that nobody will win and you will be referred to a publishing company that paid them for the media juice and when you mention you were deceived on account you thought it was public service broadcasting hence the risk you took with your book, they dont mind telling you that you took that risk because others are cleverer than you are. The underscore of it all is that all Nationalists are narcissistic bullies and compulsive Lairs and the purpose of all they do is to create a process where they talk to you and act towards you from a position where they lead and know better; so far out of me they have created a cash strapped prince whose difficult life has received as much publicity as possible so they can feel superior and for my part for it they will never lead in this life or the next especially because they pretend they are my Gods by making out that this issue is insulting to them as well, for it is never enough as it were. Starting off from the fact that when you wish to mould others into followers you might want to when they are children and not when nobody is paying their bills anymore otherwise it will be a case of having not even started leading but are being held to cultural, social, traditional and administrative accountability but it never gets better with these insolent idiots they love to harm themselves and I will never stop taunting them. This latter issue is with respect to the idea the BBC cannot afford to clean up its act because it will compromise the independence of its journalism but with respect to the former of the matter of how accountable I want them to be, I dont want to know, they are not my friends and I dont owe them money and have no wish to pay them for a service they sell up to others for a profit at the same time. In the end the BBC is of course a missed opportunity because I know if I ran a public service broadcasting system the adverts I would put up would be bang in line with the needs of the economy, it would be the kind of thing that people catalogue to find out what is going on but for these fools apparently they find me insulting and I want them off my parents and off my book sales too for my part. What they think about whether or not they should stay off my parents and stay off my books is not just a matter of making themselves seem like distributors of my books in order to be able to abuse me in a sexual context and steal ideas to get rich, being compulsive lairs and bullies of course, is that having been they have created a very intimidating figure out of me by provoking and insulting me all the time, they want to be able to ensure that I never turn up in places where they wish to be famous instead of move away and move on and this is the challenge.

I do not think of these goons as a major problem necessarily, its just that Politicians never listen  they are the same as racists you see, the difference is that racists work with an ideology they work with a twisted evil Godless culture but the Politicians prefer to speak of how they can work publicity and how they can work the Crowd instead of face facts, then turn up to tell me how I live makes things more difficult which is precisely what they want to hear for of course when they offer to make things easy for those who play along and leave those who like complications to complicate things and complicate themselves there is no idea explaining what exactly politicians think is the means by which they will achieve that anyway. So at present they speak a lot of how I am a big impediment to their freedom and that they want freedom but while they do that every process by which they do involves pretending they are distributors of my books that I have recently established a relationship with never mind pretending they are responsible for my Government provided security and that would be the two big ones if I excluded the joining of Church I attend in order to gain access to and abuse me making even more noise about how I am selfish and tend to abdicate responsibilities, then build up what they like over these two matters on media and rip up everything, knowing my business is Intellectual property administration and Private equity brokerage and that right from the beginning where they had plans to lead, it was always damage done to my livelihood which of course will attract a certain level of action from me as well  freedom therefore they know is something they will never have, like I am a banker and here he comes, I am a journalist and here he comes, I am a Politician and here he comes; they are intimidated by me just like they love to ensure I fear them while they abuse me in a sexual context on claims it makes them more beautiful and famous but that is half the story, the other half is that although they are intimidated by me and they know we are not friends and they understand I dont owe them anything they will not move on  freedom is not something they are entitled to and they know it, never will they ever lead with me around in this life or the next. Of course I do not in any way create people huge challenges, these goons simply have nothing else to do with all of their time except damage my business and I want them to find another activity to fill that space because I am going to stop it from continuing; as for the serial killing part, it works together with everything  they say they want freedom and it is incredible and I say they will never lead as well and that is an extra. Of course they say it is about turning up from Africa to pretend to lead the superior white man but of course the truth and reality is that of travelling around the world to cement reputation as the lower classes that are richer than black people and to get Africans to prevent one of their sons from causing incessant provocation, which of course my stupid parents are always happy to co-operative with thereby seeking prerogatives I am too much of a Christian and too selfish to give. I am sure they will bear it in mind at all times that whatever happens does because of the insults - just like when it started and the writer that was one of The Queens good allies said he had never called anybody lower class in his life and they said he had better and now it has become part of an occupation.

In terms of tax dodging I have no idea why people continue to pretend it is hypocritical of the Labour Party that their members are dodging tax payments while they are chasing up others to get tax funds back from them – Labour is the real tax dodgers party in the UK; we hear wealth inequality from them all the time because it is simply not possible to just lazy around and end up having everything in the world while everybody else has to crawl around your feet begging for the mercy of your generosity, so that the truth is that if some of them have done the celebrity culture to rip up other peoples possessions and get rich their next most important popular concern will be to dodge as much taxes as they possibly can – I mean I don’t need to work hard at convincing people, we do hear them say that tax dodging is bad only because poorer people have no choice but to stick to and pay it, thus if poorer people were allowed to dodge it as well it would have been okay. I don’t think that it is an issue, they are already running a government and an opposition on the basis of who can beat up whom body language and intend to get us to elect them into government office again so they can run the economy on that basis too – they say i am scared of them but I simply want to run my concerns in others ways save worrying about making sure Labour does not damage business and personal life but time and again they show up in public places to make expressions that suggest I have no choice with a big mouth. I am only pointing out that tax dodging by the Labour Party is not hypocritical, it is the only party that wants this Country like a personal possession on one hand while it hates it on the other, it is the only party that wants to get rich using the Country because they feel nobody will notice the difference between that and a process of making money with the advantages of being British that is identical to you and not others etc and their celebrities have no other way of being famous save government subsidised fame for stealing peoples identity – you have to come from this breed of people to dodge taxes in the first place, otherwise most people do not have the time for it; they do say I never really mention what I do to provoke them to perpetually but it has to be the open your heart state of affairs I have created anyway - I mean they can ruin business and personal life any time they want and exchange personalities as they so wish bearing mind they have built up at atmosphere of insults and distant abuse that expresses intent for it with a big mouth - I intend to find out what it is exactly they can do as well because they have no plans to keep their hands off my public life and person and now have no plans to keep their insolent hands off my books too, they had always relied on their wickedness and the weakness of none violent Christians operated with powers of the crowd that gives them privileges of injustice as the mode of communication for the society becomes that of their impulsive lying while they have their hands firmly placed on what possessions they think they want to have on being frustrated over failure to be as successful as others as it were and it has dared not fail yap yap yap - insufferable yapping, when they start and then complain too at the same time.