Now they say of recent there has been a need for America and its friend to teach me a lesson which does not make any sense to me; the US has always been a very evil place to live in – lots of nasty and purely evil scum live there and if it is not the guy who saw you walk into Church and decided the method of making a living concerns the tussle of power between your God and his own, which takes up all your time and deals death, then it’s the one that says Satanism at your expense is his human right and every interview, every news report involves getting people up in public places to dish out distant violence in your direction and view everything you do with a sense of suspicion that gets violent very easily – so it is usually one thing to say somebody is driven by frustration, somebody is driven by anger etc, somebody who is driven by an evil spirit gets out of their characters and develops something that will hurt or kill another person in such ways and has to do it every time no matter what job they have or how much of their time the job itself takes up; ever since I wrote my Books the scum have always targeted me even though they had the choice not to read my Books in the first place and knew that I did not write it for them much the same as they understand those tales about how neither God nor the Devil exists is wholly false. I am just checking facts here to see which part of the lessons they want to teach me has become a new thing all together.

I do get told that I play around with the matter too often but I do not; those who have stopped getting into the Military to fight my battles being shot at by the enemy have discovered I am more manipulative than they are and that the enemies were neither created by the Military nor myself or indeed the State and so have since made the connection but gotten shot at by it on all our behalf; might have thought something will change but so is it a risk that any change could be a cloak and a behaviour into the future. Just like it is suggested I dig a hole for myself and make it worse every time while I don’t; only hole being dug around here is being dug by Politicians who blab about disciplining me all the time with that big mouth – so I do not write their Books first of all especially with respect to the Americans and if they wind me up about fearing them I will clip their own again too; however in terms of playing around with the matter, it goes beyond living hundreds of miles away from the Police while you are told that you cannot carry a Gun in the US, then those who work the criminalities get a welfare state in the making which also involves discussing their problems with references to the life and existence of an Arch Prince in the UK. What it has become is a matter of Satanism from the US targeting me all the time because of Film producers who think I am bluffing when I warn them about helping people pretend to be me, after they had set about deploying my equities to make films, then sell the films to the criminals and employ their criminality later to investigate the problem I pose with respect to their intellectual property. Here in the UK it’s a constant state of holes being dug around me to make my problems bigger by Politicians so to speak; it largely involves a process where society goons whose concerns with me nobody can explain show up here to fill their heads with what I know because they want to steal it and attack me for any of the consequences especially the bits that make them feel a bit gay, only for the Politicians to help build them publicity that enables them to claim that they have stolen my career. So in the end, whenever I do something about those evils, such as people having access to equities that develop a fundamental sense of security and the film producers handle it, it does work for them and make them feel safe as well, hence the reasons I feel sore all over because of them and the fact that I wrote a Book as it were beats the imagination, likewise the Politicians the things that happen to society goons who want to know what I know working for them but I tend to feel sore all over being bullied by them as well, so I guess this is their bit too and will be taken care of in good time. Its all in the insults, it gets to a stage where it stops you stepping outside of your door and I have never been candid on US Media in my whole life yet everything they do with Government operatives ends with me being considered with an air of suspicion; damage is not competition and I am sure they are aware it carries on because they think I will never build up Publicity for it, seek redress or secure some vengeance for the damage – it would never deplete their salaries if they stopped, they just think they are narcissistic enough not to and I am not the one complaining. Whereby they say I never listen to what people are saying to me while besides their need to tell lies about me all the time, there is also the fact that its all about trying to make money without working for it as a lifestyle matter where their clever Politicians who complain all the time are clever for the purpose of helping them claim they have stolen my career because an involvement with my concerns makes them a bit gay. I mean we hear them speak of hate getting worse in the Country, not of their insults making it difficult for people to just get out of home; whereas if I said I was heterosexual and had fallen in love with a woman, I do not expect my sex life to be dragged out of me after years of bullying and deployed as a sensation that pleases some homosexuals having queer sex somewhere, while they believe it should. Obviously feeds into the fact they do not think women have the right to achieve anything and women will not let them concentrate on anything as well; so it’s a trick question when it comes to gender issues and then those popular culture and socialist nonsense targeting me in the form of abuse and violence that gets me shedding achievements here and there instead and of course can show up and throw punches at me too over it when they are mad enough – I have been listening well and so have I mentioned that it’s all insults I do not remember being candid with them enough to warrant, while their ageist fools show up here to veer off the path of buying and reading some Books I have written to perform all sorts of nonsense that involve betraying me to make me work for them, then showing up on media to issue those stupid threats of violence while they cling to my career and Public image each time they think I am weak – of recent some Americans have wanted to teach me a lesson with a big mouth – bearing in mind which it does not mean I am doing badly at the Film industry either, just when they are using it to make a problem for me, does the Arch Prince Office care about film that much too for example.

I mean it is the very fact that I have established an Intellectual property administration business which has encouraged Americans to build a crowd and engage themselves in picking up aspects of my life that they can patent to their name and get rich by, only to tell me I may not make a wrong move as their Country has the biggest Military in the world and I am left wondering each time if they have time for me and have not worked out what they want to do with it in the first place. It brings back facts of what behaves in such ways i.e. organised criminals who work with stupid fashion girls to patent my Public image in their name and use it as a stock of value to move money around undetected but that is not such a huge problem for me as we have now reached a point where I can walk around and test the theory of getting beaten up by them each time I point out which one is doing that thing that the Office requires me to do about crime, with those stupid photos all lined up in Public and splashed all over the Internet for it. They do also say that I do not give people incentive to stop while we all know anybody who want to help them to a lot of money for a living wage work in order to bother me is free to do so except when they trouble me over it as well; its job in hand and keep off my case Policy, those who want me telling them what is happening with those big mouthed threats really need know it’s the insults and theirs prevents me stepping out of my door in peace, especially the blabbing about handling me parts of it. They do boast that it is a problem that is too big for me but it isn’t too big for me in anyway since I have a tendency to pick up girls at popular culture and show them how to get into peoples music studios for instance to make money; it was supposed to be a patented system and those who did not want to give them such an opportunity could avoid doing so but what happened instead was that each time these girls made those songs that supported the others that were studying at school and needed to keep at it even though the popular culture talent show bandwagon had rolled into Town, they would pick up my systems, use them to make their own music, chose their own stars, sell, sell, sell, rip up my finances and academic work because its just there and should be available to everybody on account they consider themselves my personal Gods – so now they are finding out the kinds of songs are to do with the criminals that people grew up with, the ones that are leaving prison and will be terrorising the neighbourhoods again and so on, they have therefore in turn decided not to keep their hands off my systems but continue to make money with it and dump the same problems on me and because they are trouble makers, leave me with gangs and high criminals to deal with provoking people all over the world in my name; hence nothing will ever change from a process where it will be tit for tart between me and them for years and at the end the girls will be wealthy and do me some service as mistresses and they will give it a rest for a while until the next time they start again but for their busy body opportunism insolence media goons, they might want to know it’s the insults if they are still at it trying to get me telling them what is really happening; insults and nothing but insults from them towards me.