They say I have real trouble getting along with people that are trying to help me. I don’t know what this means, only aware people do not normally get into such a hurry when they are giving you legitimate advice about what to do with your own property. This however is just the secondary question, the primary one is that I never invited them to give me any advice on what to do with anything let along suggest it had the right to get violent if it wanted.

Now we must be clear this is just my polite way of saying that I am not going to get along with the games or needs of any idiot because they are in a gang, bearing in mind especially now that I have been doing so very well dealing with the black ones and the white ones alike successfully. Not that I am saying it is a problem, it is not, the fact is that this matter is likely to be respected in the reality in which it exists only if I start hunting them, just so that I can break up their businesses and sell the equities and securities to somebody else or maybe just flog it cheaply because I am a hooligan for fun. I mean if people get to attack other peoples businesses because they are in control of periods in which they seek money to invest their products at the market with, by which they get rich and famous, how many times do they do it for every given day and what do they do each time they have done it, make contact with the owner?

Of course they have their diversions which has something to do with those guys that always like to spend absolutely everything I own and work for, along the lines of their obsession for using my property without paying for them but I have no idea what people expect; its not as if homosexuality is a good thing just because somebody says so as a matter of his civil rights anyway. I mean, they have worked out that hurting me helps them to make more money of course, especially when they use my work without paying but no body knows still what connection they have established between the two issues. It is exactly the same thing they are all one and the same thing; gangs that have needs and nothing else and I am fed up with putting up with their abuses.

What I have therefore been more concerned with is the media; I mean the “I want to get up on public media and make sure racists are sharing what you have, by winding them up and then giving it to them because I have TV power and its on you, I want to get on TV and tell people this is where the good stuff and the party life is and its on you and thereafter I will spend more of your work to make rich and famous stupid girls that will never change and attack you because you are benefitting from some things I do while I am the one paying because you have no shame” and it goes on like that for every single second like they have nothing else to do with themselves or their time. So of course, when I mention it, they always tell me they have got the US president for an ally which is perfectly alright as it were but I wonder if that means I am being challenged anyway. What I plan to do for my part, has more to do with making sure that TV becomes terror for them to appear on because each time they do they will be loosing everything they have in their lives because I will be making sure its on them, like they have taught me is possible.

I mean I don’t want them to do that their thing to me anymore and how am I meant to say it to them before it becomes something real? I would never like it if they tempt me with silly notions of connections with the American President; somebody needs to shut it.