As for the matter of American enterprises in the UK and Europe and the trouble there will be because of my attitude, Americans are always playing those stupid games where they are the only people that want money and always like to play it at absolutely everybody. I have made it clear I have had enough of their insults and those things they get off doing on TV with money they make mostly at my expense in order to acquire my privileges and then do even better and it seems it will not go away, what is happening to it instead is that it is becoming more violent. I mean these days secrete services do not kill idiots anymore so they can never stop threatening me with their Pop music and singing rubbish with my work. So what I decided to do here is set up this page to put out updates on their situation as a final warning because I have had enough of it and it is not the first time I have mentioned so.

The way I planned to deal with all that stuff about dealing with a  recession they name our recession which means they control me, same with any crisis there is and same with the economy, whereby they have their own which involves their own problems which I must see to because they own me and control me has now created legitimate risks and now that they have music industry brands as well and brand names, I intend to ensure that it is never free of me and so have projects I must completely within the next 8 years to that effect. They will involve music industry people name by name and the only way to escape will be if they are no longer in the Business but I don’t think it will make any difference anyway since their brand names are already engrained in the minds of the Public so I don’t have to make any projects in my collection redundant for any reason whatsoever and we are at this point not talking about tying off risks and damages which involve one music brand or twenty, they are as many as there are in the industry and like to make out I will get myself into trouble with the law for it which is utter nonsense bearing in mind they have made enough trouble to ensure there are enough criminal anomies to their names to ensure that there is no such thing. This was the plan until they consistently and continually got into a habit of threatening me and to acquire my privileges claiming things like the removal of a world where people cannot be whatever they like. I am not dropping my project, this is not what I suggested, the project will continue because I need to get my job done. I suppose when they feel they have gotten to be me enough they will have a private army that will create even bigger problems for the security services and this is my warning: I have had enough of them and this should serve as the last of what I had to say about it.

At the heart of most of these things is that money that vanished from the financial industry years ago over some stupid financial crisis that makes no sense. So it seems they crafted their bogus businesses and went off to collect payment from the banks with it leaving legitimate businesses in the lurch. Now it seems that they are waiting for governments to print money into the economy before they spend it which will devalue that money anyway and create us leaders more problems to deal with of which the question is that of who is their great servant? My point is that they will spend that money or there will be trouble; they wanted to be Lord of everybody and now that they are we do not need more problems before they become proactive on it and of course the continuing crisis means the rest of the world is still waiting. Just like I am aware that the mess in Syria is their doing-it was the same in Libya anyway except that in Libya I had ensured that they lost that stupid culture and society and industry in payment while I crush those and install my Media women one in its place, so it was not so damaging after all and they paid up considerably. In this case they are now speaking of the connection between my attitude and American enterprises in Europe and this has gone too far for its own good too.

As for the process of threatening me with access they have to my books; they might want to give it a try someday, falling apart the way I do to show I am really scared when people make such threats I mean. The one where they bank on so much that they get off making investment on the basis of what I am scared of so that I might in turn say something in Public to tie them into it, so they can show they are scared as well like they always do which is a game we can play forever and I am completely fed up with at this point. I have had enough of them and their insults and games with my property and those claims they make of being whatever they want and in this case being me. I suppose in the end the idea is that when I go to their homes to see expensive cars made from broking equities with me my anger against them will fall apart and I will want to be their friends, I mean they don’t have to worry about it when security services get to make checks to find out what bakes their peanuts, all the facts will be revealed about how it works.

It is not true that I work really hard and live in appalling conditions and the Queen does not care. The truth about that first of all is that I would want the Queen to care about everything I do but what good would it be when I need to make money and blow it, so that I might have to clean peoples homes to have some money? Bearing in mind also that I want everything; lower class stuff, middle class stuff and I am keeping my own stuff. It’s the insults you see, they make you really needy.

I do not work hard and make a mess of things by so doing, the real issue here is peoples insolent demagogueries for which they are currently paying all the way to the white House and that is the demagogue. He gets off after his most dirtiest election in American history to scout the world doing his Obama place in the world thing, stick me in the middle after of the stupid things foolish black men especially from African want to do on my finances with their stupid girls that are really cultural. Which is how for those girls we have ended up in a place where I want to crush those cultures and replace them with their media one and have a part of my business dedicated to that, for the men they tell me they want to be so rich with my earnings that they forget all about their problems then become so rich thereafter their minds cannot fathom my problems, so I might want to find out exactly how much money will do bearing in mind even if they earn millions I can always reach them whenever I want so that they might want more and more and more. They never tell people that these are the things they do to others with their insults and that these their cultural girls on my earnings get off telling me to go all the way with things only I know how to do and go all the way with my sexuality so they can know where they stand while the old idiots that dispatch them to show everybody they are the only ones that are cultural become famous leaders endlessly. What they tell people is that each time they want to build democratic and prosperous countries western powers destroy it. Apart from which if you let these insults thrive the problem of course will be that it will become really bad for your health as well.

So in the end it is about whipping the Country into shape and so the whip is out there and absolutely everywhere so that anybody that wants to access it can access it anytime they like. Welcome to London if you want sex we have just the thing. I am not talking about media goons that like to make out that I belong to them and they own me as though no body knows that those idiots that have cultural girls getting rich with my income while they are bullying me, then get to tell me to go all the way with what I can do and all the way with my sexuality so everybody can know where they stand, are supposed to have side kicks and that these incredibly foolish sidekicks works on the Media. Its in the same family with those claims they make about how somebody older and more worthy than I am should have been me as though it is not clear doing anything about anything leaves people with irregular heart beat TV while I was trained when I was younger and as a grow older become more and more experienced so what would kill others would do me no harm whatsoever which again does a lot of good for all that rubbish about handing it over with their big mouth. With respect however to the getting on media to nudge me to the left thing; it seems that a white boy who has a trust in which people do things in his interest at a given point in time would not as much as suffer that being scandalised but apparently it is not, so such successes are surprising and whether or not it is I have told them enough time to cut it out and lay off and they have ears to hear it too, over all that moving into my right or an aspect of my property to get on media and nudge me to the left while seeking more connections and more riches etc.

As I have continued to mention, it is not a problem for me; they are psychopaths and I am a Christian, it is he least I can do. the only way to figure their problem would be to make myself poor, so that at some point where those insolent girls will have money and they will have money and thereby create themselves a society in which only they belong, it would then be possible for them to abuse themselves only and leave me alone but I am not doing that this time. I know perfectly well what I am doing and they need to get off the books and the market, just like I have told them as well endlessly. Otherwise I will make it end very badly too. This is the demagogue.

As for the ladies on TV and why they deserve things from me; I am sure people can see they have been very worthy mistresses, so I need not say more. As for the things with black girls which people always want to know about; there is nothing there with black girls, I always fail to find any connections that enables me to get involved with black girls-all there is there is anger and insults nothing more and they know perfectly that I will never have sex with them no matter how much they bully me over it because I have sex with others but not with them which of course is an old story. 2 weeks into returning to the UK is all they need to have stories about me all over their filthy underworld about a black boy that will be gay so that black girls can have revenge on white girls for inequality and then become powerful and ever since it has been that way – so their stupid MPs can get around trying their hands on doing things on me they have seen other do. At present they like to make out I am interested in them but I find it impossible to figure out where – maybe I think about letting go sometimes whenever I want to look into matters that are purely professional such as dealing with celebrity culture vandalism on my intellectual space and empire trust but they have this ability to surprise me with their insults all of the time and I always find it impossible to talk about them as there is no connections there whatsoever by which anything can be said. The best part about them despite the cold absolute abject lack of any matter about which there can be interest between me and them is those threats because they know a psychopath.

All I can say is that those mysteries they love to claim there are around me by which people can get involved with me whether I like it or not do not exist. I have the right to have friends and when I sit in my unemployed student writer who lives on JSA and Housing benefit bed which is all there is about me that concerns them, those are the ones I think about, not them and their big insolent knowing psychopaths golliwog mouth. Their media friends anyway always have one thing after another for people to do, I fail to gasp their point all the time especially when it involves a process where I get thing and have things without deserving them. They say psychopaths are never easily worn down by dualities of justice and therefore when they put their minds to things always do it quite well such as academic or professional work and some of them drop out of the system because of things like bad experiences during childhood and end up doing violent or criminal things. In their case they are no such thing and no body knows why they always do so badly at academic work or indeed why they always show of such violent insolent egos each time they net a lucky job such as expecting a Royal Prince to beat up people for them so that they can feel special just because they are so insolent they can manipulate people; I do want them off my books and off my academic work however – this is the demagogue.

As for the thing about how people want to move into my right hand and be in a place of power, each time they speak of it they make so much noise about why it must happen because they are white and those that are not make noise about why it must happen because they own me. as far As I am concerned of which the reasons they want to move into my right hand and be in the place of power about which I must go through hell in my nice little life without reason or purpose is because the world is an evil place and of course linked to the damages they have caused me are always talking rubbish in public about which their stupid parents are cursed anyway.  No body moves into my right hand and more so to destroy every talent that makes it possible for me to be Royalty, it is their biggest problem to this way seeking such things and will very most likely escalate as well. I personally would want to get hold of them and tie them up so tightly somewhere aware from my work, that they can never get so close to me at any point, rather than think they will wreck my life to b rich and famous then set out a goon that will protect them from me so they can feel special which they could always have done in order to win some 5 years ago, except that would have meant I was never offended enough to remember it, so it was not the thing to do, now the one they want to win has more to do with how I have made sure no Political authority on the planet has reason to intervene to save any stupid music industry from me once they wind me up and push it into the wrong places. I am saying the issue such threats because they think the risks they have to take with attacking me means they will keep the industry while I am dead whereas the worse case scenario is where I completely cut it to pieces and get myself killed by their goons, otherwise it is the one where their stupid goons die as well and I don’t after I am done.

The other matter of a process where I pretend to know about other peoples culture but do not on the other hand of which is a matter of people who want to take advantage of my work to create themselves a better future and so end up as my mistresses. Whereby somebody tells me that because a mistress is from his country I act as though I know about his culture which I do not and therefore offend him. There is no such thing and I for my part only clear it up because it is an excuse for political immorality which is meant to end with the theft of government funds and therefore only do so for the sake of those it might affect. I have the right to be anywhere I want to even if it is the country that belongs to an idiot. This is the demagogue.


 The old matter of how much trouble I will get into is not an issue which concerns me much. It is the same old game about people who are famous and those who are famous for making people famous and how they get along with each other. There is always some respect that needs to come from my office delivered by the hands of somebody to these idiots especially in the US. So that they can thereafter get off acting like they are the only ones that need money on my property.

I feel that it is okay their leaders like Barrack Obama for example know of insults that can make other statesmen cash strapped but it does also apply that the way they are going they will have to tell me all about it at some point in case there are no leaders left in the world but theirs. They can always create their fights and choose the best and more powerful side to be without touching me or anything which belongs to me and as for the matter of asserting my authority everybody have heard me say I don’t like being insulted by them.