Now with respect to Scottish Independence and the coming referendum, I don’t know what extending the time frame in which it is to take place really gets to achieve; when I name the Scottish Nationalists Satanist goons, I really mean it – we know that the first time they started they wanted to have it as early as possible and now they are announcing when it is to happen a year in advance because they can see there is no argument which supports their case. At the most basic level countries like to get into international treaties because it makes them safer and nobody knows why a country will want to get out of a political Union especially in this modern era as well. We can only imagine that somebody is tired of living in a particular Political Union but then the question becomes that of who asked him anyway, he already knows he can manipulate the polls into casting votes for him but what else does he then know besides that anyway. The part where I am getting myself into a mess is much the same old story and all together a matter of what they want from me anyway i.e. I am aware of how I get off sitting peacefully in my home, except that it cannot be a peaceful place anymore on grounds another person got off to get himself a diplomatic office from the Politicians, so they seem to desire intensely like that old rubbish concerning competition with respect to friendship with women that works alongside interfering with their desires and so on, a public expression from me of the fact they have access to my privacy, a veritable way of living in a way that shows it with a big mouth and cannot get off the media either for good measure, having taken into consideration they have now located war charities to spend my property on as well with a big mouth. Every day and no day passes without a process of dealing with things that happen on account that when I act in a certain way because I am provoked some kid will be able to act that way towards me as well because the people I acted in such ways at were older than I am and it never ceases to be all about my book sales and income, all the time and everyday and never ceases to happen on media; when it started years ago it did not end well anyway and we ended up with what Popular culture has become today with noise making all over the place about things I damaged about their culture which I am being made to pay for. Now we are dealing with Alex Salmon and Scottish independence and it sounds like he knows that no country thinks that any deal is worth the insecurity of facing the world alone and therefore needs time to subvert facts before the referendum is passed which is the point I am making here i.e. no amount of subversion will change such a fact and if they are playing dirty games they had better been ready to play it well too; since I think I am more important than Alex Salmon and should be the person to determine the existence of a new country and not him – I am valuable and should be treated to such a thing in and by history, he is no one.

As for the rest, all they do with their time is set out areas of peoples livelihood that is near priceless and then get money from politicians to get on media to sell a product on it which means they make people feel as though their underwear is on public media getting controversial attention for them to make money with and that is before they complain about the actions you have taken as well. Last I checked they considered themselves to be the suppliers of the Queens sexual services, today they have a complain and I am caught in the middle of it as well and so they have gone off to get themselves diplomatic offices from Politicians who would not have acted in such ways for the first time on this occasion, since we all know what happens is that when we hold these fools down and ensure they have no money because it is not in our interest for them to have any, the Politicians will get off and give them the money and likewise the media, which means when you walk around and somebody trips you and so because you are on the floor especially in a country where racism exists another then can wee on you and pretend there will be no consequences and that even if there were there is nothing you can do about it, always that sense that when people feel others have no right to live a content and happy life politicians should give them money and media should give them media, then become completely confused about their actions and talk much nonsense about how people blame them for problems they should be dealing with when it is clear the purpose of their incomes and offices is fighting people.

They complain I interrupt their shows and so on to make my way in the world but they have never ceased to make a show on the prognosis of finding out if I will get angry or not and have never ceased to try and read my books by getting the info from me because they feel I say what I say because I am bullied into saying them and therefore vulnerable to a power, which is not something I should spend my time disproving either. Then there is the big one that puts a gloss on it which has to do with the fact they cannot stay out of the corridors of international communities and the resulting end product is always that of an attack on my income quest for friendship with female politicians and a process where I interfere with their desires on it and of course their Pop stars and the fact that their children do not pass through Universities to get jobs these days anymore, they do to get on the beaches and have long holidays with other peoples earnings whose academic work they pass exams in school to stifle so that they might and it is what happens to create their party environment every single day, before they complain of how I have taken over their lives and hence the reasons they cannot do anything without finding out if doing it will make me angry. I don’t believe it is a problem either because I want to completely stifle any process of earnings those popular cultures get if they are not kept far, far away from me and so the reason they make noise at present about it for now is that old story of so many meanings being created into my actions and deeds and words as such –once I clear those out it will be clear to people what it means when I say my actions are not hurting badly enough yet. In the end the big issues are the big issues as it were and so when they put out products, Music CDs maybe, no matter what it is about including the abuse of people who provide a public service, the politicians will buy it and so will the media buy it and provide them with money as well, so that when the rest of us hold them down because our academic work does not make sense when they are able to get what they want, this is what Politicians and media use their income for and nothing else; now we are talking about diplomats and Scottish Independence with foolish men having their fun everywhere and making so much noise to correspond as well. By the way, I am aware foolish diplomats have access to my personal life, I am supposed to be; I simply don’t understand what they think they want from me when their insolent violence is being displayed in public, I cannot understand their need to see me make a public expression of the fact they do. It all boils down to the same thing that is best expressed when they say all I have said really has nothing to do with me, only my temper but of course the warnings have always been there, that they do need to stay away from my public work and away from things I do to manage the violence in my life concerning their culture fools from the west and others who get cheap electrical from Japan mainly to do popular music and wreck peoples finances including mine and it has been clear if people do not leave this violence where I leave it, they should be prepared for the consequences as well.

They perpetually feel as though peoples children should to them be a shrine for self advancement and career path to glory and the annoying thing is not just the things they do because when their parents support them it is a big price to pay and that they later turn on them for those who never did in the first place but also the fact that you cannot escape it with a big mouth, which makes so much anger and they try to show it is the way it is with that stupid media everyday as well. The white man and his subtle racism they like to bring up as an issue too; this is not something I consider to be a problem, since it appears their subtle racism is held together by foolish black women, so that people always tend to have children that want to show they can dress well by climbing up another peoples livelihood and income on media to show their style and coolness getting rich and famous as he does; I mean how many people do we see from various other communities behave in such ways, you know when I say normal people expose themselves to racism and extremism like that. Then there is the other part where they are soon seen running systems of financial corruption that work the system and support Politicians and then pretend they look flash and pass insults at me and try to tell me they do not wish to hear my response, which makes it so much better when it becomes a global issue too. They are really such a bunch of clowns and need to get off the books so I don’t have to do them again. On the contrary, my actions do not in any way indicate that I am a coward; the fact is that London is full of dickheads from around the world and it is what happens when rebels have money – they want somebody on whom to practice some privileged discrimination that will end in a process where they look healthier and the parents can pass it off as signs of superiority, they say I am a nobody of course which I suppose suits them well too for their purposes and I really do expect the worst on any occasion of an altercation with them too – they need to leave me alone, we are not mates. I mean they do like that talk regularly of how most of what they do is to serve my purposes but in reality each and everything I do to earn a living is supposed to be absorbed by a Pop star serving my purposes, one after the other after the other as provocatively as possible every single day and yet once I had decided every time they are able to should indicate incompetence for me, then they immidiately along with their insolent girls who are putting anger in me move to financial attrition on media and talk off all kinds of rubbish from there on. The question of taxation and the sabotage of tax payers time by the Labour party has become a serious matter over this whole matter of hounding Google and Amazon over taxes; I mean the reality is that they can try to be so incompetent as it were as to ensure people pay taxes on warehouses so that when they use the internet and share files with others which results in sales they have nothing to worry about, bearing in mind businesses go out fundamentally to operate without paying taxes or perhaps I am wrong and this is a huge cover up by Labour idiots to protect what they have stolen from the British treasury in the last 12 years. The wasting of tax payer’s time however of which has become a real issue at this stage as well. People always say I do nothing about it for the most part and that is not really true as I intend to wait for them at their retirement because they are a danger to others and never do their political experimentation on themselves besides which they really can do that on absolutely everybody as well; there is no point doing anything about it when they are still left with time, so it must be like I was when they first started their civil rights corruption at me, gambled it and lost and then wanted my income with the outcome that they are politicians that get up every day to wreck my life for a living and find it funny, they will have the same vulnerabilities during their retirement and at that stage I will be at my Prime. Of course they say I will be vulnerable to younger people as though this is not a master plan as well, so everybody ought to know that is not a valid threat. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter anyway, I regularly jump into the communities of women with mental illness who have a thing for crime and think young people have the strength for it and each time I do it has something to do with female journalists too, not to mention the fact the Police are always on my case to find out what I am up to as well which makes it so much fun especially when they get hurt; so they hate my guts and that is perfectly understood but the fact I am a single Adult with MPs wrecking my finances to ensure I seek the same jobs as teenagers does not mean there are excuses for those their insults and I generally feel considering it starts when I walk around their city like I am superior to them that there is something wrong with them and it is important I get to the bottom of it too; these guys are public menace and of course that sort of Politics does serve those who vote for it well too as it were. The part about how they do what they do because they are more important than I am is very well understood, I mean the insolent women who consider themselves to be insurmountably treacherous in Political circles think they can do and undo with absolutely everybody so let them do here as it were and I have continued to warn there are no excuses for it and I will always have my revenge, so they are free to blow their top and find out the results as well; the men that are involved in it however speak of how I will be beaten up but so far Mr Sunshades who must make money in this life rummaging around the Business of the Prince of Wales is really all that they can do and yet it is over for the British Empire already with a big mouth, winding me up so I can make my own contributions to it as well. Every black person will be looked at on the basis of slavery but the British were once slaves of the Romans and the Romans of the Greeks and the Greeks of the Persians and the Persians of the Greeks etc, except for black people it defines them and yes it will define me as well with a big mouth. I believe I have been clear they will have to wait for their stupid children to sing their own in order to be famous and or buy music CDs or it will become something else like it is at the moment where they will clearly prove their worth owning my past and my future while attacking me for applying for jobs that they are and therefore a dunce; all they can do with respect to this so far is obscure things I say that set out facts I am a single adult and being abused by them has no excuses attached to it and will always be avenged, which protects my books and my career after all that boasting and I am off to the corridors of International communities as well for it anyway so far. It’s as though they are the children raised by women but who are really and terribly corrupt and they will keep it away from me their way or keep it away from me my way; so far with respect to this all they can do is wreck my finances and stalk me to shut down employment markets where my qualifications are concerned about which I know if I want to get those jobs I have to protect who gives them to me by killing off fame and fortune and popular culture, since I know I am talented and they are not and talents are a rare thing not things people can have at will if there is Political support for it making others people’s lives a misery like their big mouth of being things and being more important than those who have their opinions considered by US republican presidents even when they are black, 21, British and their Bank account read £20 and that was ten years ago, as if they have ever reached such a level in their stupid lives at any point of failing in everything imaginable whatsoever and yet all of it can be settled if they stayed away from my books. Of course they say my books are their own and the problem they have therefore is that I criticise my own media goons way too often and the reason for it was to finish the working Court and let them do their business without being concerned what others get up to, so the idiots must have become owners of my books during that time and it is the sort of thing we are talking about anyway; there is never an excuse for it and it will always be avenged. Now it is largely suggested that I take up my own problems and deal with them but we have come to the point where we realise it is a master plan to ensure I lose control and they have access and to keep that open too; reality of course is rather different i.e. they are really stubborn people that barge into my affairs to play games and even when I got there first on the setting people out as target for racism thing about which the young people wouldn’t dare those foolish threats or I become a problem for their various social gatherings not to mention gambling the civil rights which they lost as well, they are still convinced the way to live is to do so at my expense in order to ensure I am exposed to the racism that they are and cannot shut up as well for it.The end of the British empire indeed when I can always plug this one in as well and we are not talking about the way black idiots that are money mad and really similar to homosexual live with their own church and everything set up and run as icons of commercialism as well either - for those ones having been you have asked them as it were, there must always be something you could have done if you were one of them but if you do not want it somebody else can have it which will wreck you career and yet they know that in order to have such things without provoking you they and their stupidities must never been seen around your business because it is certain to do damage and that is why they turn up because they think it is powerful to as well and passages of the Bible can be quoted as they like because I have not destroyed the part of my life that are in the hands of others which I do not want to live at present, what I am doing at present of course is shutting it down, which is why they want to know how to restart it with a big mouth..