Of course it is always seen as a completely harmless thing when a collection of Pop music hoodlums get off on public places to claim ownership of the contents of my books because they have gained some kind of access to it which operates as an infringement of my rights on my work, bearing in mind the contents are everything because the books are all written with some kind of fault to apply the authenticities of their derivatives and this controversy coupled with that access and the way I will feel and react is very important for the purpose of hundreds of currencies raked in through the playing and selling of Music CDs. Naturally the way to sort it out would be to ambush them in this particular spot but for now my options are rather open because the very nature of the errors and irregularities in my books provides for a condition where they are excluded from reading or buying any of it which then enables me to set out accurate prices for its ownership not seek to acquire money that will help me look after fans when I have already provided for that in the books themselves.

The Popular idea about my interest in Pop culture and its industries is always that of my envy and frustration of which there are special consequences for those who create some here to make up an effect, the reality of it is that of these stupid children that do nothing but sing other peoples property which comes in and out of fashion for the purpose to get really rich and of course this is not the issue anyway because the real issue is that whilst they have all that money in the bank and are doing nothing with it, their utter most concern of how to viciously attack your finances over some frustration created by you and your involvement in a market situation with your own products; so although we all know it is petty stupidity and incredibly foolish destruction of other peoples property and market the problem is that they will only make money from it when people give it to them but the main concern is that there is an idiot in that industry giving them leverage. With respect however to things about the existence of girls on the other side that can do exactly what I can do, that would be looking for a whole host of trouble because the way I live my life as it is, is that their side of society is where I get attention whenever I want to do anything. You know the bit where I go to the Job centre and in it ends up on National Television, likewise everything else. So I have not got a clue how that is meant to have been feasible anyway. As for the media the big issue with the media is that they never take themselves into account with respect to other peoples views of them; of which mine for example is that you should never ever be too busy to set out a plan for revenge on the media and never be too busy to hurt the media, otherwise you will never break even: it is not the bit where they torture you until you tell them how you do your own so they can do theirs at a famous place and become more important than you are, it is the one where they torture you until you tell them and they use media power to feed on your life itself.

As for homosexuality, I have no idea why they are always discussing that with me anyway; I take such risks as unemployment and social especially sexual abuse to tell them I am a Christian, it will only tend to become serious when their politicians have to set out rules that discussing homosexuality with me is provocative or the continuing process where they all do it my way.

As I have mentioned before it has very little to do with anything we claim or say about it for most of the time but more to do with a lack of respect which thinks that creating people challenges that have to do with making a living is funny and thereafter powerful. I always use the bottle of win and bar chair analogy for it; in terms of the bottle of win one of which there is such a lack of civility when they are around that if I have a bottle of wine to share with my friends and they think it is in their interest to make enemies with me because Politicians will help them with perversions wickedness and money, they will scale my fence get into my garden gobble up my mine smash my bottle against the wall to do my stuff and then tell me if I am angry homosexuality has been legalised in the country. So the question for their Politicians that like to spend tax payers money on them then tell them to attack me in order to create effects of superiority which suggests they got something and I didn’t, is always why one side has the right to bully and the other side does not? The question for me however is that they believe that no matter what homosexuals get up to, the Law says they are good people but that is not what the Law says. With respect to the bar issue, you are looking at a case where all the chairs in a bar are taken and the last one left is the one on the table on which the big boys sit, you are not seriously suggesting I will buy my drinks and sit on that table as well are you? Yet it is not as much of the problem as their obsession with getting involved with my affairs. The main issue of course is that we talk about it and pretend we live in a country where people are unlikely to get into our homes, break it up and get involved with our spouse if they think they will make money or acumen from it but we do and as for me the rich versions of them ought to leave those things to the poor who make the money and blow it so they can never be caught because they now have to get the Politicians to make laws that will stop me from having my revenge as well, as I have no idea what authorises them to push themselves into my life to take whatever they want in the manner they do. Why on earth they would show signs of expecting me to do something about it only when I am an old man like they do because the old idiots who like them so they can make use of peoples youth to be young again say such things which insults me about how I am their son is not actually clear in its own merit. They speak of things like revenge for years of persecution for homosexuals but clearly having been all the Apostles in the Bible were executed because of their beliefs it was the Caesars that held together the evil seeds by which this was made possible and more so by the way, the same Caesars who created the Catholic Church. They can see what I do to people who make out my existence involves spending lots of time and going through lots of suffering to preserve peoples homes and work peoples beauties with their bad stock Inc rubbish; each time they do I am sure they will expect revenge from now on.

The idea that England is a Tory Nation on the other hand is something entirely developed by them and not the Tories or indeed the people of England anyway. England is not a Tory Nation, the Tories are just proper politicians, the Labour Party is not made up of such thing nor is the Liberal democrats who have a good name quite but the problem is that they could not have done any worse at all times. Both of the latter always come up with those ideas about wealth distribution that never works all the time, first of all which they come up with it but cannot make the rich give up any money and then the whole thing will be sustained on forcing people who have nothing to give them to give up things-give up what does not make sense in life to give or share, give money that you don’t have but perception on media makes sure you are giving because you need to make a living. They are not Politicians, just a bunch of trouble makers and cannot leave people alone.

Like their Politicians speak of community relations and how there is need for a real political view of where I stand on homosexuality which I cannot make out anyway. As I said in my bottle of win analogy, it is a question of whether it should be the business of the law what I do with homosexuals or the law tells me where I stand when they vandalise my property because they are the worlds worst envy freaks and don’t like what I have or want me to have all the friends in the world. however my view on a Political basis is that the Bible sanctions marriage and it also sanctions as sin the discussion of what happens in it in Public, so I would have been homosexual if I liked homosexuality and the process of defiling my body soul and spirit showing it off in Public and then getting people to have conversations about it-so if Politicians are not banning Christianity because they root for homosexuality or banning homosexuality because they root for Christianity what they need to do is shut up over having conversations with me about it.

It is here of course that homosexuals will make it clear they want the same rights as Christians and this of course is where the fight is; over the fact I insult Politicians, over the fact they want to control my life and use me to fight their battles then sit in a panel where they can judge me to be powerful over it etc, over the fact there is no point looking into community relations to provide for my friends allies and fans when putting the music industry and those idiots that spend money on their daughters to show off who like to wind me up down to experience before I am too old to provide for my pensions and over the fact I am not giving back that stupid left and they will come round here one day as a result to tell me to my face I insult them bearing in mind it is something they have gone to great lengths to provide for structures so that they can say and of course over the fact that Uncle flashy who has an obsession with by body and my money and my property needs to get a proper job and leave me alone and they will all give me back the money that all these things are worth in sterling. As for those things they do with that film industry, Media and society fans I will have my revenge, I will pay them back in kind and of course this is the main conversation they have with me for most of the time these days.  So it is not as though the things I do do not have a direction, they do. they never leave people alone, they want to personally rule me and it is not clear what they spend most of their time thinking about to come up with insults that are based on their habits such as the one where they say I am lazy, then set out to pragmatically live up the habit as well, it is the one thing that makes me want to ensure they leave me alone because a fight with them is not a matter about which I intend to take prisoners. So whether or not the structures for these things remain after a fight is always a function of who they get into those fights with. Like the ones where they take things that belongs to racists and put it up somewhere to get rich with, then bother the racists until they get murdered if the racist are not interested enough to make enough riches out of it-for me of which it’s a case of scaring me with racism and lots of Political intimidation until it does so unlike the racists they will not die so they can appear on TV to be remembered as they will die so that it might stop altogether. It never makes sense all we know is that when they have daughters they bother them until they end up prostitutes and when they have sons bother them until they end up criminals, either that or they are the best friends of their children and everybody else ought to stay away which means when they say I can be beaten up by them that is what will happen in the real world. they speak of my problem with parents that keep control of their violent kids which is just as I said before that doing them before talking about murders in Syria does not make me loose my fame and fortune like they want me to. The point of course is always that I am no friend of those homosexual cultures on the left or those of the community idiots and how having children will mean creating rival societies to the ones in which they are the Fathers with a golliwog mouth.

Of course they speak of things I have done which means they have to do things to have the control they used to have other social issues in their lives before they met me and it serves them right anyway, only public media perception and help from Politicians to ensure they rebuild while making sure it costs me money too does not and that will be covered as well. As I have mentioned on other occasions it is meant to be about beating up the child seriously so that the parents can come round to prove their point, since they kids cannot see I am older than they are and they are still in school uniforms but I prefer the way it is at the moment, I am not swayed from what I plan to do by what happens around me. those claims of theirs I talk because I have fear put into me by them is a load of rubbish too; the truth is that the only fear applicable here is the fear of God and that of the conscience which they love to get insolent false confidence from to wind me up. It is one of those things which show the idea there is no wickedness and no evil and no good and no righteousness is completely unfounded because if I am so good at what I do and have done it for such a long time I obviously will find it easy where others think it is difficult but once I step out of my door I have been walking around their stupid city like I am superior to them and soon they have set themselves up on TV as the ones doing what I do and then the attacks start, they get what they get but the cost is my own career and they will want that later. In the end of which I get told I like to target the politicians because it is easy on the basis they are leaders but the real reason is that I know these people exist and if they break in it means my security is not strong enough but it is the Politicians that will use the state to make cultural connections and connections with my parents to work hard and break down those security for them; horror of horrors of course to turn up everyday to find things in your office has ended up on media and more so as trend and when I ask the Politicians when they will push off of which the reasons I target them is that they are the only ones with the power to move it on, they tell me they never will until they had secured their superiority and this is of course where the fight starts so their black idiots can tell me they are getting me back to Africa to do stuff there with a big mouth-they clearly have not repented yet and therefore really want to (about which they always know only the plans where no what who I am I will always be intensely insulted by them due to contraptions they have created on media about who I really am with their stupid women who build futures in Africa that involves wrecking mine to find means of pleasing those they had hurt in the past to get rich, together with their black counterparts here in the UK who want something spectacularly destructive to happen to them before their insults take a turn of improvements). 

Of course they never tell people I am an animal who has fame and refuses to share it while their insolent children wet their beds everyday because they have none and therefore I need to be taught a lesson. What they will claim is that it is civil rights until they are too powerful for me with my own earnings no matter how long that takes, with a big mouth. For now I will do the homosexuals and the decadence anyway for fun because it seems each time I do, when I talk about things like a senseless killings in Syria because a goon has access to public armoury I will not loose my fame and fortune in the process. I mean these days they say I am still wasting time instead of find a way to settle down but I feel it is absolutely worth it, if it means the end of civil rights for idiots that live loose lives. The question of what length people think they can go with other peoples lives when it comes to a process where they turn them into Hollywood and fame industry secrete slickers, in order to marry celebrities and become their managers and to get rich? In my case I work for a government but that will be something that people believe when they want people to believe it with a big mouth. Then while they still carry on, they tell me I go too far as well of which I have no idea anyway; 7 years after I got my Royal estate and they are still waiting because I am unable to convert things into much needed cash to catch up, while they get connected to the royal family as if that was their own fucking life, then set off to spend money publicly on those their insolent daughters they have raised really badly on my stead and it carries on like that the process of making the world forget somebody that is already famous before they planned to be with the use of who or who does not have money scenario they like to conjure up with their wickedness. What I do for a living of course will be credible when they want it to be, last I checked of which scandals make people rich except that in this case there are people they like to get rich destroying which of course is a sign it will end very well too. The Americans are really twitchy and the British have their back stage media, its brilliant; of course I know republicans are peeping toms, the problem is that bearing in mind I have to put up with their stupid women hurting me over absolutely everything I do an insolent situation where they square up to me all the time and more so in Public places as well – like that old issue of wreck my writing career and when I rebuild it destroy it again with a big mouth. I have allowed the things they do to get out of hand in the fame industry because it is a bit of fun to know that I have the ability to dispute the ownership to fame of a certain celebrities which of course would never have been possible without their commoners to Royals insolence that cannot go away, so this is what we mean progress; in the end those things they do can be put to plain and simple unadulterated greed and they love to target me because I am not yet the kind of enemy that can hurt them all the time, just a matter of what seems to be easy pickings, a usual enemy that has something to loose for every fight nothing else – all set up by lazy media idiots especially the music industry (of course; the usual stuff, make sure I am knowing for fighting for or working for a thing that makes them feel comfortable such as get involved with evils in society and make sure I provide them a good feeling from the pain those who work it cause them on media because the power they have is that they can inflict that pain on me instead and then I will have to do it one way or another while they continue to increase their privileges and tell people what to believe with media). So it is everywhere the guy who thinks he can deal with any problem being taught a lesson by those that are bigger than he is of which no body asked them too and of course is very convenient considering the needs of women. When this goes on long enough to wind me up and I get to do them as well of which they become powerful liberals but until then when I have a problem with a neighbor they will take it over and turn it into civil rights and then go on and on about it so they can later say such things-it might even be about some stupid woman trying to have sex with me which can only happen in a part of hell that the devil does not control so to speak and then when they are done and I do them as well they will become powerful liberals. Same with the Politicians who think it is funny with that their desire to control people; in my case it is about getting in touch with my parents so that access to that history might enable a process where all that happens in my office turns up on Media, currently they are getting used to it and thereby creating the big question of whether I am as well. It never stops and never goes away and they never shut up-if I were to say they need to get off the thing with my parents and the history of my life in order to move into my right and tell those lies they tell they will think I am telling them but I have never actually told them because I will make them as we go along.

The thing about connection with my parents is that old thing about how much of a collection of bullies they are and nothing else. The part where they are always trying to show people that if they got together to approach me as a community and then tell me they do not recognise my royal estate, once I take a look at them and they are all older than I am, I will fall to pieces but that is very unlikely to happen, first of all because we have already been through that and the only reason it will happen again will have been that it is a new wickedness that has been developed on the basis of what they know about me, to be used on me, which is thus provocative and the other reason is that it is about the kid they will tie up somewhere and use his life to fix all those things they had failed to do in their stupid one in order to get rich and or famous and it is the reason I will do the same to them as well and am already a very socially extravagant writer as we speak and bearing in mind theirs will be worse as they are close to drawing their pensions they show no signs of backing off yet, what they want to do is find out how much more of my time can be wasted when their stupid children try to find out where they fit into the whole thing. Now I have said it they will say I have opened up ground for more things to happen which is utter rubbish; I am simply laid up ground for them to start again because what really happens here is that I put my heads together for things with people who do so with me such as the Monarchy etc and so play my part as well any part I need to play and then they will turn up to take away the fraternity of which no body knows how they will purge my mind of it or take it away from me anyway; hence clearing grounds for them to set up their own fraternity while I set mine up and they can start all over again if they are so boastful. As for the communities, no body will fall to pieces here when he looks at how old they are and the fact they do not recognise him or his royal estate. Its like the thing they always ask me about the Syrian crisis when it seems that their job is to go out into the diplomatic front of which they have no business being there, to give tyrants alternative arguments while they are busy killing people to have revenge on those who did not allow them control people. I mean it is not as if it is a problem because when I hammer homosexuality, it seems that each time I talk about any crisis thereafter I stand no risk of loosing my fame and fortune but are they asking me? the bottom line is that I don’t like being insulted by them and they will never understand and when they make a mess of my job because they never give it a rest I look funny to them while I am dealing with the problems which is also why I intend it to end very badly too so they can find out what it feels like as well but now it has not yet they cannot be seen dead leaving me alone. So we tend to have this questions of what my problem is with republican people etc; of which the first is that they like to search me and leave me open to racists thereafter and when I shut myself up they will use rumours to link me with racism to make sure that happens but if it does not seek to control my finances to make sure it does, thereafter which they find my faith and make a mess of it in public places which leads to a process where every idiot with an evil culture gets the Politicians on the case to claim I have wrecked their civil liberties bearing in mind the purpose of it also is to have thing that church people have without going to church when they need to go to church to get it or there is no other way and then there is the Politicians that run at the fore front of the whole insulting me to desperation thing which seems to be fun to them as well, no matter who I am or what I become there will be no respect when I never asked them and then of course this is what their fame freaks pick up on as well. it is a case of an old fashioned unadulterated greed-they know if they attack Pop stars for example somebody will seduce them and write songs about it so they are always attacking me because I have no known history of harming them when they hurt me and of course it is the violent insults that means I must ensure that black peoples millions that is a threat to my health safety and well being ceases to exist and of course with respect to turning up to see me fall to pieces because they are older than me I will tie them up somewhere and use that their stuff to be rich and famous over all the things I failed to do to be rich and famous with my own life like they have shown me human beings can do with other human beings no matter how impossible or important they are. The Pop stars on the other hand got into the same trouble because they are really fond of barging their way into my life to make up histories which means I am the one that fights for things, then set out to do things which ensure I grow back into all the things I had previously grown out of in society which no body knows what it means except the so called powerful liberals who are just powerful for the time being. So these are the kinds of mind structure that your brain operates on if such misfortunes like being cut open when you are ill on an operating table without the administration of anesthetics and this is what they have done to me as well which always gets me to wonder why they thereafter scream those their stupid songs over my head like they do. They always feel like controlling people and soon enough they had set up a Political party and have already believed that everybody recognizes it, so they must now live in the knowledge that if they want me to do something I will do it, at such times of which they are Politicians of course and cannot have enough of hurting me. The end products of which is always a process where I move them on and everybody gets into trouble until they reinvent themselves and I can do Shakespeare version. Then they say I confiscate the left which of course I do only like they move into my right after doing all of the above; its about the rules you see-when people win elections and get into government office then get out of it and chase other peoples children around to become extra rich and famous then first of all offend the crowd that elected them and then make up for it with the property of their victims it is not clear why they would not realise how provocative it is while the victim has not yet taken the plunge over it. This is really the direction from which I say any of the things I say, not the reality one. I mean it is the rules they break and the licenses they give me by so doing; they will see I am black but I am a black racist so I will line up the racism and myself and they will choose to attack me which is good so I can spend any means of defence they have against it as well now that they have found a black racism which is where I always give them the thumbs up. Same with that colonialism rubbish where every stupid badly raised kid cannot see I am older than her the girls especially so she wants to share my fame because they have stupid fathers’ thumbs up too as it were. These are the reasons I never do anything to show myself off as one of the most beautiful and attractive leaders in the world, unless they are about to be important or do such things with themselves as well claiming it is a process of moving on; what sort of move on those were supposed to have been which cannot be unless things from my office end up as something others claim to belong to them and then they set off to move on with a process of living on it which stifles my book sales and they know it does, so they offer that to anybody that is interested as a mark of their friendship. People always say they are people who believe the only way to get anything from others is hurting them but that depends on what those who do think about themselves, I don’t; I see them as one of those guys you have a competition with and then when you win turns out to tell people the world will find out how that goes down. So usually the only way to ensure they do not hurt you in order to get good things in return because you are the kind of person on whom such things should be done is to ensure when their stupid children cannot see they wear school Uniforms and that you are way older than them, beat the hell out of them so they can get their parents to come round to prove a thing or two. Of course I will never do anything to dress in flashy suits and appear on the world’s stage unless black idiots and their white friends are doing it first and I will find out how that goes down as well.

It’s like the old matter of my inability to control change around me that I always get scolded for all the time. I am able to control change around me, its just that people look at me from the point of view of what the bad and evil fans get up to hence loose their way in that. I am really a famous person, a writer, holds government office and has huge influence in the film industry world wide, a string of mistresses and does things about community relations which results in some of the things people do in the music industry with respect to him personally, if people look at it this way then it is easy to see I never loose control of change. In the end it is a matter of people feeling they can get off and do whatever they feel like with reference to the fact I exist when I never gave them permission to do so. Then you hear them say that when I object Mr. Obama who is more important does not have his stuff all over the place like that and is therefore more respectable because he does not have to put up with much insults from them which then results in such things as my stuff being strewn around and also that he deserves to be given what I have as well and then I will have to ask them why they would make Porn movies with reference to the fact I exist and all that stuff they do with reference to my job and earnings and they will tell me its power because they have culture and this is where it kicks off so they can complain. I mean the insults; I mean what sort of sharing are those anyway? These are the only things that are true about their nature.

As for what I am worth and how much Politicians love to cut it to pieces; like my so called popular activities which create admin instability will be best expressed by the things I do to Popular culture and its music industry, what I am worth will be best expressed by the things I do to those who mess with my fame all the way to the White House.