The story of how I chose a side over government economic policy is utter nonsense – no such thing in reality, what happens is that the Labour Party is full of idiots who think such things as wanting to have a go at ruling people as well is a worthy activity and you need to see them when they have held government office or at the International community or with a latest I Phone for example and the tales they tell about how it is rather a matter of being proud of themselves which makes no sense to me because I know they are damaged goods anyway, their behaviour not being something you can look at for long without being affected while those of them that are violent tell another set of tales about how their bullying and abuses are a matter of their emancipation, when they know they are very controlling and very selfish goons who are in their view never wrong about anything and the useless lives they live shows for it too. The reality about government Policy in itself is that Labour is made up of Politicians that want to be able to show and teach an insolent lesson those who have ever changed the way they think about themselves which of course is paramount and domineering of absolutely anybody they bloody well wish with that big mouth and so for that reason they want an economy where the government is able to give them such things by creating a process of back up money that enables them to show they are not idiots when they wreck people’s lives and it turns out they are the ones that are doing better. The Government on the other hand is just neutral about the economy, so there are really no sides to take on the matter and I am simply doing my own work for my part.

This matter they love to explain as something people do when others are stronger than they are but I am not the one whinging – before now a certain kind of man was the source of all their problems and I was that kind, before this point in time religious people created all the problems in the world; now that the matters have come to roost the way they intend to profit from their whinging is that if they force their problems on you and you take care of it then they get a feeling of being served and that means you have been subjugated and they can start to seek important friends and connections but most of all it means equality because they have also been able to gain that feeling of being rich. The way it plays out being that Middle aged man being able to sit with his friends and say whatever he likes about what is going on around him is their main concern but everybody knows the last thing they will not cease to talk about is how I am responsible for one problem after another especially the one about wrecking the Country which is rather a conversation that is far bigger than them – it gets to a point and it constitutes a barrier to employment for others like the activities of their stupid girls which they think means civil rights that everybody else must be part of so they can abdicate a responsibility which in their view is the only route to wealth; hence those who threaten that will be taught a lesson and wrecking peoples finances becomes more important to them than getting a day job which is how they always seek to profit from that insatiable desire to get others to hold people down for them to take liberties with. So I understand that some people think rich people feel things deeper than poor people do and how much of a stir that will cause but it is simply a matter of those who do not want to spend their time thinking about it like I do.

I mean when it really comes down to the basic issues, heart of heart, bottom line, the truth is that these their activities are all about wickedness; they say people squeeze them with leverage on one hand and on the other people like me simply have things that others can never have but before then it has been impossible to sell books in a Literary empire because their attack on me is so intense, I am actually cash strapped which sounds impossible to believe but when considered from the point of view of ideas that will be extracted from me and bullying I will suffer until sense is made of the injustices they have suffered and mobility that extremists will get from it into industry only then does it tend to make sense being hounded right from your teenage days until you build an empire from which you cannot earn money on account they have always built these stupid plans of theirs around the pillaging and peddling of your personality in order to get rich and famous and have reached a stage where they view it as a possession that is either more or less their own or something they can make use of anyway if it is not – so that when it really does come down to it they have not stopped a day in the last 12 years or so for example and there is no truth to those claims people squeeze them with leverage on one hand and on the other people simply have things that they can never have; the truth and reality about those claims is not just a matter of how simple it is to get off my books and finances and shut down this chapter by allowing me enjoy my own life and getting a real job but also the need to work their social and cultural deviance about which those who oppose it will be taught a lesson and prerogatives will be offered to Politicians who then give them money at the expense of such a person when they have spent time they should spend seeking work to pay their way on it instead; hence it leads right down to the fact that they have tried to create their own radical and more liberal sector of my teachings for example on considering me in light of a Jesus or Mohammed of my generation that is under their control, having been that had completely failed it has turned towards attrition hence how people squeeze them with leverage on one hand and on the other people have things they can never have. The media however we all know will never change and is full of goons that enjoy the power of irresponsibility of using them to spend your personal happiness and finances on themselves, which is why they always always get involved and know how to transfer and throw around their problems too.