It is never really true I am worried about social democrats but of course I am not; The reality is that if social democrats meant people that have a good social life doing democratic things, there would be no issues; what it really means is a collection of people that cannot have enough of seeing you stand before them while they sit in a panel to ask questions you answer with your feet quaking before them and they gloating over your private parts. It is the same old story that has always existed from history only this time with a twist; men who will way lay you and take whatever they want from you especially sex on account they do live with rejection, doing what they can in a world where the law is rather tight. I mean when they set off social democracy because I refuse to either get involved with them or have sex with them on account that giving them such things are inevitable, what do they expect? They speak of the good aspects of course and it makes me feel as though I want a reckoning over their need to exasperate me to a point where I can feel them having a go at my anus and penis etc, which I will easily pursue if they do not see any need to shut it yet.

Then of course there is the part where they say I have a problem with the media versions which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they hound me all the time to get these things I don’t give them by rejecting them after they conducted their violent integration into my faith and personal life to have something they thought was up for getting in the form of a Christian who will build a big church they can do perversions to be politically powerful with – it reaches a point where I sleep on the bed but do not feel that I am inside of me sleeping with me because I am so angry and hence no matter how much I sleep it is never really enough and they never ever stop, always some excuse to ensure I am hyper ventilating even if it means diverting government resources that it clearly their own from where it should be to make that happen. I don’t think it a problem, I mean I do know about this so if I wanted to ignore it and live my own life I could but I am not going to because the insults are just too much and so do they talk too much as well for it. So as it stands what happens is that there is me and then there is my job which are the two separate lives I have to live but there is a big one in the middle that has to do with them and their needs, especially the media ones and it is not going anywhere with that big mouth. Then we hear them say I started it with a lack of respect for media people no matter how important or successful but what that really means is that when it applies that Industry people always abuse those stupid girls they get around with due to their insatiable capacity for creating people losses in order to ensure they continue to feed these kinds of pleasure, they turn out and get money from Industry people to make advertisements in which these stupid girls feature, stifle my book sales and cause me distress on account of them to secure revenge and fame and fortune for them because they are women and life for them should be a lot easier like we all know they always do, except they make me a special case and swear I will never earn a living wage in my life time and again so with that big mouth. It does not just happen from and as a result of absolutely nothing and they have been explaining their actions away with my books in order to ensure people are distracted enough for them to get used to it for years; it is not the only the reason that big thing in the middle between my life as a person and my life at the job is worth nothing except something you feel like hitting all the time because it is exhilarating to do so.

These things are the only things they know; I may be accused as such of not doing enough but that is because they have ran such a noise making campaign over my actions that they think they have now pointed out people they will take their problems on so that they might carry on without ever stopping at any point whatsoever; I am referring to the fact that for the rest of us our employers are people like us, when they have jobs for us we do the jobs, when the jobs are no more the jobs are no more – they on the other hand have businesses that thrive on a process of pillaging peoples personal lives which is why I want Pornography to move on from acting which is what freedom and democracy goons do like they always do so they can confess their problems on people to get answers by bullying them on account asking will make them inferior and less famous, we British people do not do Pornography and if at all, it ought to be iffy if at all it happens and that is how I like it.

The benefit of mentioning these things they would want to ascertain but everybody knows what happens is that when Industry people abuse those girls because of their attitude and ability to create people losses with it, what they do is turn out to help them take it out on me to maintain personality and fame, then extract an income from my book sales and stifle it to make them rich and famous and having warned them about their stupid media and social media with it, it seems they are now saying I don’t know what the value of my products are since they want the troubles to be handed back as it were and so it shall too.

Being in a cat and dogs situation does not apply over this matter; the facts are rather different i.e. for the Politicians it is a matter of how difficult it is for them to convince the world as it stands that if somebody got up every day to do a public work which means inciting others to throw stones at or damage their surgery they would not have found it offensive. This style of Politics has no place in a parliamentary rule books of course but as a result of the vanity of power and insolence and ego, it has taken over everything else that Parliament does. Hence you may put up with it for a marked out period of time to show you are aware of the existence of a tolerant society, normally of which you should not anyway but after that it blows up around them as well. Of course they say I incite things to happen to others too but that is largely because they have no wish to comply with the idea I have a right to earn a living whether or not I am a Christian they have marked out for abuse and poverty in order to feel good about their stupid lives and so for the media that plays he is chicken and we are catching him for you to build up confidence for people they continually make out on a daily basis will have me beaten up for them should I refuse to comply, this matter will continue to get serious and the MPs must stay out of it and if they do not do so leave out the complains over the punishments I dish out for involvement as well. It always starts right across the west with the same attitude that I sleep with peoples wives and then that will buy enough time for people to listen to all kinds of nonsense they want to say about me and after that the process begins and I am being barred from a job and a living wage by media; people need to keep their Political office and stay out of it, stay in Parliament to avoid getting some of the problems as well unless they want to pay for all these. Its something about a fact I have never really cleared up i.e. I work with female journalists but the male ones decide they wish to kick the female ones, then take over anything they do for me, then kick me as well and take over everything  and build alternative lifestyles and Popular culture nonsense with my faith and personal life – of course I don’t mind such things coming from female journalists I work with as such but the males are not my fans or followers. They say it happens because I pretend to be better than them whereas in reality while they dress in rags in public their homes are small castles and that sort of abuse completely wrecks your life whatever it is they did not take from you through that alternative lifestyle means that you know exists to enable them to gather around you as a community to fleece you and enrich their socialist nonsense in order to do business and get rich which is of course the only way they make sense of the ideology, that can only work by the way when they are abusing you intensely to extricate power from unbecoming areas of your life and body to ensure you are not a tight fist bastard - it is after this that the main reason for attacking you all the time is that you pretend to be better than them: this is why I do it as well and Politicians need to stay out lets see them make me unemployed and cash strapped for the rest of my life which is what this is all about. Naturally there are Politicians that wish to understand how I get these things done but it is rather simple i.e. stick to my guns early and stick to it hard because people ganging up on your to spend your income on themselves while finding ways of extricating power in the most unbecoming parts of your life and body to ensure you are never a tight bastard cutting them off at some stage until they had destroyed everything and created one of their own to taunt and abuse you with for pretending you are better than them will always be done with a blend of social justice which is an ideal, so there is a chance of being taken in at some point but if your stick up firm and hard enough you will always have a fall back stage - at least this is my recipe; They always say there is nothing more to me that an obsessive need to protect the fundamental basis of capitalism but the truth is rather that there is something wrong with their socialism, an anomaly that they have no intentions of rectifying, the one about which MPs earn more money than those who come to their surgery and therefore have to be permitted to earn that money by them - it is not my problem and has never been, all I know is that when what I know is inside of me and others want to acquire it by any means but what is respectful and curteous and legal it is an abuse and what I have said is an answer to a specific question nothing to do with the fact I will abuse their socialism in such ways as well so they can understand and stop being such tight fist bastards themselves. It is the process of wrecking your life by abusing you over the claim you pretend to be better than them when they build homes that are little castles and dress in rags when they appear in public at your expense that locks you into the fight - it is never really something that you determine you wish to do or not. I have lived comfortably with it even though I am a Christian until now - I mean the whole thing about people practicing a behaviour that handles you directly which has to do with changing things from the way God intended it is so widespread in the UK that when people ask if you can speak English the real purpose is to ascertain if you are homosexual or not but from me they have always crooked my book sales and stifled it on a daily basis to seek a reaction and so I will no longer - they say they do it because they had promised to keep me poor and cash strapped for the rest of my life to make a statement about how important their socialism is i.e. consume my very existence to facilitate some free method of communication by which their socialist nonsense will connect with people and this is what we will play out to the end it shall bring too. The end game eventually being that I still spend time in their society and that it is what brings about the problems because I am on their minds but besides the part where I have my own life and my personal life is where I live while my job is where I work and there is a whole universe of their needs between the two and I cannot feel I am inside of me when I sleep on my own bed and hence my mind never really gets any rest, the reality is that they used 12 years to make this happen and for such trivia reasons like the need to have something amazing to look at which will make them feel equality and thereby give them confidence and energy to face their jobs - no care for my right to have one either, it would never have mattered and they must wait for another 12 years to find out what will become of me moving out of their society as well, or they can push for instant results and find out what will come of it too - I should suppose I give the easier way of getting it done a test; they need to leave me alone and keep their stupid selves off my book sales. I mean they normally say this is what happens i.e. we bottle things and then pick up the country and rule them but of course everybody knows what really happens is that they have never before done a thing about the violence and social instability that comes as a result of competition installed with media abuse and Political violence into religion, in fact they suggest it is privilege not to when finished. Of course it may be explored why they do it but I am sure it will lead to the same old result that it is a one of many tactics like homosexual acts without consent, or actually putting together contingencies to keep another person cash strapped for the rest of their lives to keep a feeling you get from it going, just because of the fact the desire is intense for them etc which ensures that it is impossible to say no to them when they want anything from you because they will take it anyway: it is the reason their socialism needs to be abused in the same way too because they cannot at this stage even explain to people what they are going too far like with with let alone explain what they want when they do these things or understand what others are saying when they find it distressing.