I am of course very well aware that I am looked upon by some as an interference, the truth and reality is that I am not or rather more accurately I know what the degree of my interference really is, when I have to deal with behaviour from people that you will be hard pressed to find among the lowest of the low of the lower classes, hence when I dish out problems for them as well bearing in mind I do want my life to be easy as well. Now the matter of social inequality and wealth gap is a very popular topic on this matter and the truth about that is that everybody does it i.e. what percentage of what they have will they share with their family and then with those who work for them and then with some random people all over the place – so in my case it is the cruelty of seeking to ask wealth sharing from me while they wreck everything I have that seems to be most important and they speak in the UK of academies that create larger gaps between rich and poor when we know there is no such thing as a gap between rich and poor and that academies simply enhance those kinds of differences that comprise of what nature of society people wish to make their lives in. For my part however it goes far deeper than that; its the insults you see and they are done with it and have wrecked everything here and now I must stitch together my office and my work and get along and they are still here and it will not do, so we start off with the credibility of their wealth inequality stories, whoever on earth really wishes to listen to them as it were. I also hear they speak of how I play around with extremism but we all know what happens is that they handle my property and I cannot be allowed to breathe on account there are evils and evil people in their society or they are simply people who go to Church to preach the gospel of greed and cannot take a hint. So they enjoy whispering to extremists and then annoying them with a sense that they must act in a way that is linked to me and I am simply playing the game as well to see who will die first; after all I am ahead in the sense that I am ahead in every way over my own game, I am also ahead with that extremist nonsense they do of wrecking my life to turn out in public to make money doing my job for me and stalking me to insult me and wreck my finances because they have decided they are not too comfortable with the job I have and of course it also means I cannot get an alternative job too because they are having way too much fun; this is not a wealth distribution or inequality issue, which by the way in actual fact does not exist. It is not so say I don’t understand what they mean, I do, what they are saying I am aware is that things hurt them and I find alternative meanings for those things save the truths about them but when you are stalked by idiots like these who know that trying to understand the level of their stupidities is like trying to understand a process of sharing a room with an idiot that comes home drunk everyday while you are revising for an exam and then gets violent everyday at you as well while at college or University trying to make a grades, you will never ever pass anything and the bullying and insults and media nonsense will make you stupid on a daily basis until they themselves make that noise they do that you are mentally disturbed. So this is what they have stalked me and followed me around making out they are my parents who are telling me what I am supposed to do in that my job and royal office is something they do not feel comfortable with and it is the very nature of their Labour socialist party and its obsession with peoples personal life because they know it is the only way they get to extricate how to make up what kind of future that their stupid children that obviously come from parents as stupid as they are need to have but of course we all know it is comprised of comparative sense of superiority, which is where the whites likes to claim these things are done by black people but we all know they are the same thing and I must not be able to breathe on account their society has evils and they can do it to me because they feel they are superior.  My point is that it is the insults and the part where I am said to be playing with extremists is a thing or two they will find out about me with respect to who gets to die first; there is no such thing as wealth gap or indeed such nonsense as institutions more so ones that are academic in nature which widen them. I know saying so will not settle well with them because the wealth gap issue is hurting them but I do not care either; in the end I am certain we will still be here after my case over the self gratifying social media profile pictures of themselves they take to abuse me and get rich and then things will develop into an issue around interrupting me with the use of insultingly violent media. As for banging the doors of their stupid cars at me; that has always existed for as long as I can remember but when it is  means to interrupting me when I pray or finish work and relax which is then picked up by their stupid women and foolish croons, it is difficult to figure how it will become something I tend to forget, something that will not create a reason to pack them up and box them and put them away and make sure nobody gets to see them ever but for now I am playing around with extremists and it affects everybody when I do and that a start and there is no such thing as wealth inequality either. Its the insults and the familiarity with it too, marked out  a limit to the toleration of the theft of authenticity; for that I suppose I will simply have to see myself as the beginning of end to popular culture celebrity, I mean with the threats and insults and violent abuses where they turn out to pretend they want to ensure there is really no reason but they eventually find a way to kill me with a big mouth, what is the next best thing to a process where you do not wish to beat up peoples children to a point of a fatality? They say all the time these days that they work in secret and security services and that they get to keep an eye on me and that it is the reason behind all those bullying I cannot explain which means they get to claim I am mad and so is all I do; but I am aware the last I checked, when I left home, there was always the black men in the neighbourhood who thinks he is gay and the purpose of his existence is to park his car near my window and start it up and shut it down and start it up and shut it down to provoke and annoy me everyday because it makes him feel good and in that way he parks his car near my window everyday again and again, sometime around 12 pm for some five time before the night is out, which is much the same with the female idiot that takes down her curtains and puts them up again as I put mine up when I move in to give her the kind of access they normally need - not a problem of course people can be like that except I have had enough of them and they know I have on a global stage and understand I will tolerate them no further but are happy to tell me they work in security and secret services and get to keep an eye on me; I am pretty sure the person who gave them such a job was bullied into doing so.