I hear that story all the time about a fall from my faith by a collection of money mad black idiots that have always had a habit of following me around and being a threat to my freedom to have sex with me, which stupid Politicians like to play along with and provoke me by attacking me on account I harm them while I ignore people which I am sure is apt as well because it makes them fart uncontrollably like their calculatedly planned insults do others and is therefore really funny. It breeds as such this question of whether a fall from faith has been measured by those who have ever been faithful to God in their stupid lives at any point whatsoever. Having said that this is not vanity fair and we had long reached a stage where I write blogs that bear the names of celebrities to deal with problems they cause me and their case would never stand up in Court for it as well but I have continued to give them time to homosexual and club life and decadence move on but they have long decided music and fame and fortune is about life and they will carve that life to sing it and make riches and fame with out of me under any circumstances which is why they are also certain there is nothing I can do. Vanity Fair therefore they do not seem to be attending thereby buying any tickets of their own recently anyway. It continues apparently like an old story about how there is nothing I can do to back up any warnings I dispatch and yes we have seen that with women that cannot stop turning up here to make it all possible for them, which will get worse once I get out there for a public life over it too anyway. As I did mention before their stupid husbands are clearly saving their live for a rainy day so they can kill me instead rather than deal with a problem. It will not go away of course so I should assume that when peoples names are a title on a blog over this matter via a website and on twitter or other networks, there will be no complains. So its the same old game of get around with my friends to have people take over and punish me for my faith to get rich using such nonsense as my parents did like all the things that will befall me to make me deviate from the Bible due to a waste of space Christian in the UK which is why Obamas corner hates my guts these days so much in that mad American Panel Government they have where everybody must decide what happens, as well as the part Politicians play throwing around cheap free insults which suggest I exist to come up with rules they can pervade to have secret societies of power but it is supposed to be assumed by them in every turn that they dont know they do evil things to me which is why they will get away with it as well. They go too far all the time, especially as it is the UK that stupid Labour socialist contraption they name a Political party and I want to know exactly for a definitive answer what they are going to far on otherwise this will never go away as well. Democracy with my person life they want but of course it is not a new thing; they could always have asked somebody to act towards them in accordance with the churns of diverse society; I am not interested anymore and the bottom line is that the reality being they know they do hurtful and evil things to me and tend to believe their own lies about how I feel regardless of what I say because they need to spend my own and save theirs for power so to speak, we draw close to drawing battle lines all the time when they could always have moved on and like I said, I am sure when celebrities have their names as titles for a blog and it is thrown out of a law court as well there will be no complains this is not vanity fair, it is my life and they dont live in it either.

The confusion that I have an inability to be a happy person is very well understood but the facts are amiss; what happens is that we have all these girls especially from the US and Africa here and they all have their ideas since they come from Nations where Panel government is practiced and everybody must have a corner where they can sit around and determine what they want to use other peoples lives for; of course they are losers so they don’t live in the US anymore hence they turn up here in the UK and like to apply some violence on me for the sake of it too. The problem is that they see what I may do in terms of getting around collecting the possessions of those their men as well for men that are not doing those things they are as something I would do if I lose my temper but I see it as something that I would not be questioned for going to work especially when they are my colleagues in order to do every day. The part about the Politicians is how much of something amazing they want to see from it by which they can feel like they have got power and that is why I have taken steps to laden them with all these responsibilities that they cannot escape as well. The part about society and culture being the one I will never compromise on because they know that a Christian will not like their evil secret societies and cultures but always feel like making sure he approves of it before he is allowed to practice his faith in his own personal life in the first place let alone do so with friends; so the outcome is that they latch onto what I say to get my books sold just like they think what I do with respect to accomplishing that is the worst I can do which is then very far off from reality – with which they then find ways of crafting arguments that make out what they do is about the fact they like me and that is why I am not giving back that society and culture so I can maintain an ability to search them and make the depths of their souls a public matter to answer the question of what they knew when they behaved towards me in ways that are harmful; this is why I need it and I will never give it back because it is so important to handle it at all times. I mean US Politicians say I am the thing that presents the idea the UK is more powerful than the US and for it I will start fighting them as well so they can understand what fighting them would look like first of all but above all because each time they do such things and believe it to be funny, what I expect is some miracle that will move them on of which everything to account they vandalise and destroy so they don’t and create therefore a commitment for me to do what I have to do to get on. Hence the same old story that the US is a democracy and that since it is a vast country and the duality of democracy means people think, then there is a two way of doing things for every man and if this resource is deployed it is limitless but the drawback is that the Nations full military might can never be accessed; they don’t want to live with that and they don’t want to live with it at my expense, hence the important reason I need to take them up on the thing about not going away but turning up at my affairs to draw battle lines all the time. The media ones say I get all over the media and provoke them of course but that is what is happening now; what happened previously was that they were powerful and were keeping me poor which has never been done before and they were earning the perks of my job with their Political idiots tending to trust them more and more with the Politics and Policies of perverts they can abuse me with on their media and of course my personal favourite where those who hold office of importance to government must fear them which then leads to a process where they control the earnings of those people. Most people would ignore it of course but I have had this thing about people attacking me on account they are certain that somebody in authority will support them which then always, always happens before those then tend to make up stories about why they complain to seek privileges as well but I am just and have always been mad enough to supply them information to a point where they cannot avoid deploying it but each time they do does my job for me. So it is about the same old story of what they do too price open my work and spend my earnings and property and the go ahead that their girls and women give for it whenever they see me and anything I do, along with the media ones which are not just about bullying but earning the perks of my job and stifling my finances to create their personal oppression and social power. Its like when Americans say a little inflation is good and I know they have picked that off from the British economy which is one of those provocative things that makes me want to start fighting them as well; I mean what happens is that companies research products and make them better and because of that process after a recession products always become more expensive because companies do not lower their standards but raise them, as a result the market opens up to cheap necessities and capitalist competition; that they claim inflation can be good and all be it in small quantities at the highest levels of American government is testament to their laziness and so called marketing but above all shows a typical example of what I have to put up with and how many times they review their economic plans that will affect some millions of people – they think it is a game all round you see and I have had enough of them especially Mr Obama spending my own on his stupid women as well, especially so when they speak of inventing a fight that involves me to bruise me over some trophy power they want to get from my faith and want me to relinquish my will over those stupid societies and culture all at the same time as well.  They do complain as we all know but nobody knows exactly how many times you would want to tell others if you are a head of state of a Country not to turn up and question you about a person you got involved with and more so when they know that doing so may raise a process where such people as racists have something to say about your family, Royal Especially, which may have had a justified disposition; I never sabotage anything of my work or the benefits of it - as I have indicated, with respect to the media what they did was when they were having fun, what I am doing now is because it is my turn - but on the whole it is a matter of cutting lose the dead weight from the west where people run economies with the help of silly little girls with immense problems because of their attitude, which then becomes a problem for their allies and therefore feel like they wish to handle my earnings all the time even pretending therefore that they might be amusement to it as well; I say these things to answer the question of my inability to be happy first of all but I also say say them because I have had enough of these matter and all involved need to move on or I will take the Politicians up on those stupid bloody minded battle lines they turn up here to draw all the time: no such nonsense as pressures of being at the top going on, they have a clear knowledge of what is meant to harm others and what is not and I do not want them here, never mind their community croons and the abusive insults which is really the epitome of how stupid they are and the fact they have no plans to stay outside of the lives of those they have come to fear.