I understand completely that people are keen to see their Politicians give me a bloody nose and if that does not happen they will never get support during general elections. The part I cannot understand involves the questions of why they have so many opportunities to do it by themselves but rather tend to expect the Politicians to do it for them instead? I mean the illusion is that I like them very much and they can do things and undo things whenever they want, waste my time and handle my work and earnings and property and tell tall tales. The Blacks have a habit where they share skin colour with me and it makes them my brothers and the prognosis is that whatever I own belongs to my brothers as well with that big mouth and the outcome is those media stations they create to manufacture stupid rap music through creating social conditions that are a problem for the law which I really hate by the way but cannot exist unless the atmosphere for the rap crap is done and created using my work and when people hear them complain with platforms politicians and media give them there is usually no indications that these kinds of things happen every single day as abusively as possible; however the reality remains that even others that are victims of it are still victims that the criminals use for their purposes never the less, they know their lives are being destroyed and what people think about them is being determined by rumours women make to determine what their lives become but they are still a part of it never the less and their support for it is unwavering, until they turn out dressed in rags and looking left right and centre all the time so that with all that rumour going on eventually what happens is that the Police stops them and searches them which they always suppose should never happen or believe the world will end if it does again with that big mouth. The white ones on the other hand are convinced that the standards in the Country does not apply to them as they handle other peoples property to get rich with and they make those excuses like they only have girls for children and that everybody wants to stick their penis inside of their girls forgetting completely that I do not wish to know that their lives are screwed and that I do not care how much of it is either. Most of these stuff is of course self confidence exercises but they are becoming more violent and I will continue to step up my own programmes as well, a large portion of which is to select a handy celebrities that I write books and blogs about so that it might end up in Court and I can watch what becomes of their self confidence when they fail to win the case; they always say they have lots of money and there is no way I can sustain such a court case anyway but that actually really means setting the stage for my problem with Popular music Industry boffins and their wickedness and violence especially towards me to be resolved and settled and very soon indeed once and for all, so we can find out if they have got it too and find out more so on a global stage, hence I know I have written blogs or two about some of them I have chosen and they have decided to change their lives to undercut that and savage my earnings but it makes no sense to continue to think that I am a novice when I do those things. The part that will be the death of them is the insults of course and I do hope they think about saving those for a time when they might really need it because I really do not have to get out of bed everyday to put up with them and that stupid media they run them with as well. There is the other provocative talk by the way of why all these things are happen to me because I am an extremist and do not care about anybody and so in the course of creating a safer and more secure and fairer world there is a need to control people like me; I mean it really has nothing to do with extremism either since we all know that I would never think of messing with peoples finances, I would never be that cruel especially when it is of prime consideration that they have no body looking out for them financially and the finances they have therefore are not extras much less if I have extras and have people looking out for me for good measure as well but this is something they need to do as a matter of the needs they have looking for trouble all the time. The outcome and reality is of course that they have these Fame Industry connections, find their way into my government provided security and sit on media to abuse me and make better the lives of their stupid kids using fame, while at the same time getting me stuck with poor and really stupid and violent women in the plan they are genetically selecting whom I get married to and in order to do that need to handle my finances and therefore come up with these excuses all the time, all of which clashes heavily with my royal privileges and royal office and creates these madness all over the place while they brag and the Political cheer. The problem now is that they enjoy doing publicity for absolutely every move I make for me, so they can insert their stupid products that make no sense and get rich and these are the kinds of things that happen when people have business models that say they need to set up a gig to run an establishment - they have some much time left on their hands and space in their heads wander all over the place and they are never at any point in time in a situation where they concentrate on a particular thing and that is why I cannot have any peace or normalcy in my life and these are the kinds of things I need to destroy and they for their part might want to think about how they want to leave me alone as it were too. I had warned them before they need to find other ways of making money, so it is not a new story either, nor is it the case that those stupid lies will ever run out. I am not dealing with any dire situation; I know perfectly that to stop this I need to set out a Politicians or a media operative and teach them a lesson they will never forget which will set a stage publicly for a statement that can be made for my purposes as well; otherwise lies and claims of my extremist views by which people need to keep an eye on me everyday and control everything I do so they can get approval and security from Politicians and these media fools to rob me which they give everyday and give as a personality need and give for fun and give for power will never stop - this is not what I am talking about, I am clearing up facts on those stupid populous idiots claims and their foolish charity work that goes along with it that the reasons they do the things they do to me is not because they are insolent and abusive but because I am an extremist who does not care if people are suffering and dying in the world and of course the argument with them is never worth it because we all know they are pure evil and we try to avoid a process where situations are made worse for those who are already suffering like they claim even though such people might have been as evil as they are anyway. These things are not complicated matters; I mean there is nothing complicated about a TV Personality that cannot do his job without savaging my finances and making claims I do things that distract him and interfere with him which of course I understand but they do not wish to live their foolish lives off my income and my studies and job either and that is why I had to look into his distracting and abusive and selfish and destructive and greedy and evil they are and have therefore come up with products which mean people do not have to engage in difficult communication parameters with them if they can simply quote me instead - however it is that process where media is power and all I do is explained away as as a aspect of the relationship they have forged between me and them which actually does not exist but also the part where they cannot have enough of calling me names, then turn out to find out what I will do about it as well for good measure by telling me any attention from me will form controversial or legitimate publicity and one is just as good as the other which is really impossible to tolerate or bear as well; so staying off the book sales would have ensured this did not have to happen in the first place and they really do need to stop calling me names whether it be or not as a result of how much they earn with that big mouth that cannot earn it without mine. There is no such thing as this matter being a big issue for me, it is not; all there is to it is politicians setting off with idiots who have fame industry connections and feel as though they want to become rich and powerful with it and so the only idea that comes to them is access that is real or made up on media to my government funded security and then from there games to be played with my personal life to keep me stuck and abused in a sexual context for community croons in order to facilitate a means by which their stupid children can deploy my work and property to get famous and marry beautiful people and make good looking babies - for it the bloody idiots think I am so disillusioned I will now agree that it settles well with me for them to invent a housing boom and push people out of a right to buy their own homes if they have the money, which of course is very badly calculated and I do not think they are their media fools are calculating well the cost of not keeping their plans to get rich out of my life yet. Of course they are certainly prepared to invent relations that exist with Members of the Royal family to show us how much of a collection of stupid thieving men we are dealing with in any eventuality, I have never said it is a surprise or that it is a major crisis.