They say there is a curious case of me responding to absolutely everything to resolve but there is no such thing; it is provocative beyond measure for there to be government help for the fathers of the UK who get beaten up by women that give them a real fight to spend their time on all the time, to ensure they raise me all over again in order to feel like they are my fathers which will make them confident men for being the fathers of such a kid. They do say I am being ruled by women of course which is not true; I mean there is the odd occasion of living in a city where they think they have groomed and set me aside like their possessions and everything I own is to them for the manipulation and the taking and the lying and everything else to make a lot of money they had never worked for but then again there are other more serious matters that accompany this whole process of how they feel people are not paying attention to their wickedness like when they get involved with celebrities and attack me because they have saying women are important when I never had such a conversation and still this process of how they feel they can never leave me alone goes even further to a point where every thing I do to secure my livelihood is always followed by a story concerning a wake up call for women on National Media; so I am going to start detaching them from me and punishing each and every one of their involvement by making sure they are involved with their type like the tyrants of this world as well so they can get killed and we can hear all about it; they don’t rule me. Of course when I think about taking everything that constitutes a nice little earner away from them so as to cuel the problem, I wouldn’t want to discuss it first because most men will not support it and by that I mean the connection established between men who act against anything you do to protect yourself from evil women and paedophilia because of course nice little earner is something you extricate from a nice little thing and so on – so that they think they rule me is another example of the reasons they complain about the probability that I respond to absolutely everything that moves but on more practical matters its a story of how a Royal Position is jeopardised but I have no idea anyway since its a matter of a reality where half the story is people making money at your expense while highlighting dangers of sexual abuse and paedophilia but when you start to hear tales of how they rule you then something needs to be done urgently because it has begun as it were. I understand accordingly that my denial of the existence and operation of racism is astonishing but the reality has always been that the majority population will always tend to behave in a certain way towards the rest and it is up to them the Politicians and not me to decide how it is going to be and we are not talking about atmospheres built up by white women who claim they want to confiscate all I own for their stupid children and one built up by black women who say I am a nice little thing and women are powerful and violence towards me by them or their problems creates profit for nice little earners – I hear the reason they think it concerns me is that they want to see me in Politics so they can have some of mine too but it will never constitute a new eventuality since we all know evil people have the same characteristic all around i.e. when you have been bothered by their prognosis of evil and ripped up everything that causes it to exist and in my case main point of provocation being that my skin colour means black girls can play up violent aspects of race game and make me into a pitiful creature they can touch any how they want considering they have manipulated civil rights into a certain corner with a big mouth in order to get rich and decadent and be free of problems until they had consumed my entire life as well and it will only have made a reputation for them looking for trouble all the time, they always resort to violence first and when that had failed seek oppression and when that had failed back up onto love and involvement and this is where we have a problem; so I am always asked about the financial bit of me which has never really been an issue anyway i.e. if you have an internet based business you do not actually need advertisement, all you need is getting in touch with as many people who are interested in the network as you can, so that even a process of getting patents can create you problems because you don’t need it – in my case they get out of bed every day with an incentive to get on media and seek their fortunes by developing a counter of every single market book sales numbers I have built up claiming they own me and are really powerful, which means they know a thing or two about sales and have plans to complicate my existence, hence the problem we have with Politics at present and why people want to be free of me in terms of their culture and society – only an application of any conundrum they create for me on them as it were and yet each time they wriggle out with media they are back especially the blacks where the girls are encouraged by the men to think they can do whatever they like with me thereof damaging everything they are involved with and talking nonsense about female power that my Christianity cannot handle or counter to make me wish I had thought of it as a fun game much, much, earlier hence some catching up to do as well. So if people do not create me a business conundrum they don’t have to worry about anything and if they do they will face one too, atmospheres around me by powerful idiots who think they are not doing any work for money if they own me or not.