I have been told today that I am a problem that needs to be controlled but it will never make sense to me anyway, especially if I tell people not to move into my right hand and drop out of University later on because they really want to – so detaching any reasons I may have invented for the bullying, we can see these are fools that want to live in my personality after they had started abusive and insulting tales of how it is the type those who have taken part in National service should be having; it helps to foster their ambitions to build their stupid self confidence by having served in the Military for it naturally and some of those who think they were tough enough have already gone off to get shot at by the enemy fighting my battles at a limit for it so far, I am now left with these other ones talking about me being a problem that needs to be controlled to those who have not asked them for a conversation about me let alone one that may be so negative – pushing aside any excuses I have made up for the bullying, we can see there is no difference between what they are doing now and what they did to get me dropping out of University some years ago, the one outstanding difference is that when they do it they do alongside a process of reminding me I had dropped out of University because of them and had better co-operated with their needs, how it then makes me a problem that needs to be controlled is that which they have never actually explained and tallies up with the business of their stupidities at Liberalism getting protected by my Books by means of a process that involves stifling the sales and dispatching the culture and society goons to chase my bottom and private parts because they want to be able to run off a certain amount of Publicity on it which will let them decide if they want to turn the Public Off my Books or turn the Public onto it, I bet it makes me a problem that needs to be settled by their stupidities blabbing off a big mouth like that even when they know they have racists and gangs and criminals in their Country.

Feeds into the story of my actions being the cause of death for other people which is utter nonsense; what has caused their deaths have been the need to play around with aspects of culture and society that leads to outcomes where people can decide what is to happen to another person’s life and then blaming me for it the outcomes, since the claim that it would make me look the coward and make them look brave had failed in every way imaginable. Even now, we hear that I am about to be married off to the Royal Family like an item that should be used and put away and yet the only way they can achieve such a thing is to ensure that I have state work judged along the lines of the financial wellbeing of Celebrities who are actually culture and society goons that have perfected the process of extracting money from my Public image and showing up to dominate me with it but then again which it is their right Royal humiliation of me all the time that has affected my finances to a stage where such a thing would have applied; we all know if I stopped the abuses and insults this year I would finish University in 4 years’ time and then the rest will be history so the question that hangs over it all is that of what exactly happens to be stopping me anyway. They do say I am a trouble maker who reads meanings into people’s actions but we all know they are usually abusive enough to ensure those they wish to assault with distant violence and blame culture are aware just like everybody else is, that such a person was the target; the part they do not fancy will be the one where the Monarchy decides which state enemies they are supposed to deal with to resolve the problem they have created by damaging normal working and talented persons because their narcissism loves obscurity, what they are complaining about is the fact that I want to teach them a lesson as well for my part all together and it has a lot to do with hearing more of that complain that they are a population that is not protected.

We see these stupidities all the time; racism happens because it is the privilege of the white population which everybody desires, so if somebody was locked away in a room and nobody knew such a person had existed and they were given an opportunity to practice racism on the person, they would enjoy it so much even when they were not white because they lived in the UK and would have loved to be white – except they need to be armed with blame culture thereafter if their behaviour towards the outside world was affected by it. It is not the only form of bloodless genocide that we see them exhibit while they blame others who do not do what they want for racism all day long on Media as well – I am an example of what happens to those who attend Church around here and its not the one where I disregard what my parents say or disregard the need of my family to get involved with bad company and have my bank account controlled by a mistress or something like that, it’s the one where such a thing is organised and imposed on me from Government Buildings and National Media, then we find them get into a conversation about me being a problem that needs to be controlled, while I am thinking the Celebrity culture has a part of it which I will soon confiscate and deploy to clean up every mess they have made here and if it does not pay the Bills, this will never be over, just as we can all confess to a single occasion in our entire lives where these fools having become so fond of their abusive insults have put their finances on the line in order to enjoy it. Apparently it seems that the insults do not get the Christian and Church person reacting, if it does not affect their four walls and feeding – so this is what it has been all about from day one when it began in 2002, unprovoked and without reason, only to show up and set about wrecking the Public image and the process of just carrying on with daily concerns complaining about the fact it is not twice or three times and four times my size like it had originally thought, hence blowing off the big mouth that I had become a problem that needs to be controlled.

So we see it all over the place, ripping up University work does not make me inferior, getting a job and running off to the top of the Company will do the job – whenever it shows up with the abuses and insults in hand, I end up cash strapped and have to get about the jobs market, then I come up stuck with people it was abusive to in order to get to the top of company, who want to be abusive to me as well because they want to get to the top too, yet we see the fools around my Books as if they wrote it stifling the sales everyday and complaining about being a population that is not protected. Now it knows if it takes the insults about doing my stuff too seriously as it is never clear to them how much of a nasty and abusive nonsense it is as long as they are using it to express their authority at work and to show they are successful enough to deserve certain privileges over others on the streets, there is every indication I may take them up on those tribalism raids at Industry and nothing good will come of it. they always prefer to tell me it is the media that gets the better of me when the Media is dealing with its own depression and psychosis that is the result of tackling me and it is incredibly difficult for people to handle such illnesses while putting a name to their faces to do Media work let alone do it while bullying the very person that is the source of their problem at the same time; what happens when people show up to attack you at the world place and then when beaten pull the children out of school to take you down for them, I have done everything to avoid the outcome and have only allowed it happen partially but I have allowed it happen anyway and those children have ended up with less rights than they had all together. It is not really important to me at this point what their needs are, just the same as it is said that I am never consistent at anything I do while the books I wrote have been on the websites publicly since 2009 when I had them published. Speaking of the business of getting involved with the Royal Family with nothing to your name, that was done deliberately, was a matter of the one I was interested in; if she wants me, she will do the Money and we will have an equal partnership, if she does not, I will pick up my studies again and move on but it does seem I will have to find another way to proceed from this stage and as ever, like people complain about hurting bottoms and how I pick up what is too much for me to ensure the blow out affects others, it will be nice if they just let me get on with it; we all know the bottom hurting bits is about gangs and criminals looking for easy life and that they are the ones making it worse with busy body opportunism on account they cannot do it for themselves but bitterly hate and attack those who can because it is the buying Books I have written bits they find terribly difficult; in the end what really happens is that its impossible to chose a working team of ones own since any team that operates Royal work is only to exist if it were selected by HM - I have selected some Teams of my own in the past because some Royal had a habit of getting around with Celebrities and dumping the effects on me to such an extent that what I am doing becomes obscured and then it becomes a threat to my position and even my well being, now I know they understand State matters are the most important I can get the off my own version of team list and get a life.