I am always told my activities can be explained in two main fashions and one of those is that I taking jobs from Politicians, while the other is that I am taking up what the State ought to do to serve me and doing it for myself to make Politicians irrelevant or remove sources of income for those who get involved with Politics from Public affairs. It is not based on truth of course; the reality is that being British as well as they are predisposes me to this sort of thing because I am involved with information business, it is just being done because they believe themselves to be enjoying another practical joke all together. So it really does boil right down to those reasons that they think it is a worthy activity – reasons such as the illusion the public holds while they are doing it i.e. that racism is a specifically developed system of politics designed to punish those the white Community thinks is responsible for creating such a amount of problem for them that it has either become a local or a National issue, so it would not necessarily be a bad thing to get killed in a process where they were punished for their liberal stupidities should a racist government had been elected by the general public – this is the illusion that builds the idea for these idiots that they cannot just simply have an arrangement with their family that lets them concentrate on running a government without finding reasons to pass insulting blame in my direction as though they were dirty dogs and I were a piece of meat and no consequences would have emerged if they did for however long they had wished to.


It turns out others had started talking to them about how what I have said is indicative of dictatorship and I am rather lost as per how they ended somebody to give them a sermon on the matter before they could recognise it, since last showing up in public to throw themselves around on the left and right and find reasons to make work for me that is not going to pay me, back to back for years was more important than being an MP save when they want to pack it in for a while and become really slippery all together; same as the media spending years of my time to experiment and try to find out if supposing they used their ability to decide what the Public was thinking, it was possible for them to keep somebody out of employment for long enough to ruin the persons life and therefore have a power of oppression that is their own to keep all together, just as we have seen that their need to show up in public places and the civil service to work this nonsense has become the main foundation for their self confidence that is to facilitate the stupid media job all together.


I am angry about them finding out I was talking about dictatorship too early because it is apparently the business of being the better person that puts the health on the line to wade storms from both sides that sets me out as the main target to be whipped with opportunism and have my finances pillaged by self seeking Political idiots improving on their insults on every day that goes by. I am a bit disappointed they have not suffered just a little bit concerning the fact they might be as stupid obviously but can clearly see the effects their activities have on others but chose to explain themselves on the basis of a decadence that suggests the victims can take it every day. So in my case we find them talk about me being the target because people hurt their bums talking of war, while the business of showing up to build me work that will not pay me endlessly for years and brag about the ability to oppress is based on the same idiots watching me while I am asleep, to get off during the day telling tales of feeling me dream of something to do for them which I have not been doing. We hear them blab about my lack of respect for those who are answerable to the electorate but so do we find the bloody idiots play around with the fact people get to pick up my equities and deploy them as tools for self management at Industry and that their stupidities may likely not take a turn for the better even when the female ones who need to protect themselves from industry goons end up dealing with a fight that was a result of the fact it was impossible for me to be and feel protected, so they might end up in my right hand as the person in my history if not their family because they had lost their lives, playing stupid MP games and will never give it a rest, will never go into Parliament to be an MP without persecuting me, needs somebody giving a seminar to show them when I am talking about dictatorship, talking rubbish at me still (then there is my party piece i.e. the fact while their stupidities rage on and all these things are happening the biggest casualty is still the fact my Books are not getting sold and my Academics is not completed. It is important to me; these guys wish to do nothing for all of existence, save spend time at Culture making sure people cannot pass exams in school, once off it provide Celebrities with twisted evil filthy private security Industry services – I can handle them but the Media and Politicians need stop ripping up my finances and academic for it and find out when I am talking about dictatorship when told by somebody else minutes after without any sticking in of the proverbial knife having happened first. They do say I am all over the place while reality is that people can show up to build me a relationship that I do not want or they can always show up here to buy a Book I have written; at this stage they always say its my fault but I wonder if those women who pass insults at me because they deserve some of what I work for and have men to beat me up for their needs do not have husbands and children to spend their insults on as I have no relationship with them and they have no rights around here all together – I wonder if they have not seen women incessantly point out that I need to keep myself off being the source of pleasure for others, picking up things I do to protect themselves from Industry goons by: we can see rather the fact if I girl is chasing me around and I said she needed to get a Book as she is not married to me, we are not actually allowed enough dignity to be able to communicate with each other that clearly by idiots showing up at Market to get rich and having rights to discipline others all the time, blabbing nonsense about a barrier I have created to their ability to provide speeches and leadership and seminars for the sales armies that make them rich while they had decided I cannot do my own all together at the same time.).