The Politician I hear ask what my problem with people seems to be and hence why people seem to be impulsively and perpetually angry because of me – it is as though they dont know that the actions of their idiots are derogatory and abusive and that there is no way I will be stuck somewhere doing something filthy and unpresentable so that perceptions can be built up about my personal life for everybody’s enjoyment in order to make them who made it happen famous and privileged; the problem we have now is that the Politicians having supported it must now find the power to make me. I do not have a huge concern about it or lose any sleep on it – there seem to be no second go by whereby we do not have cooing and insulting mooing and all that nonsense from their community croons as a whole in my direction and we need to hear them speak about civil rights when you had taken steps to hide them from the rest of the world as well – I mean they say I am stupid and a dunce but these are the kinds of things that happen when clever people are not being made to spend their time among incredibly stupid people as it were – we all know the purpose is to keep an eye on me and insert something about sex into my affairs whenever I have an assignment or a job or an academic work at hand and how on earth do you make the grades when the sex is taken from you from a distance whether you liked it or not anyway? It is all they are good for and all of it as some form of wickedness or another, ranging from media claiming to control me, to these community nonsense and Politicians making complains about my issues with people, I fight for light it does not make me the weak link and when they wind me up we had better not heard the complains as well, besides which it is around my book sales that it will blow up in their faces and that of their stupid celebrities as well; I mean the big men that protect them they say and more so especially the black ones concerning whom my point is that one more case of them messing with my work especially the Americans and I will settle their case – so now it is up here those who want to take me up on that can kick it off and get back to me as well. I mean as it stands deploying their home wrecking nonsense to make a career based on fame and fortune by which I will be famous as well could be the least of their worries anyway: they complain the things I say is scary but talk stupid insulting threats all the time, they complain getting involved with me results in a process where they come up feeling like pussies but it does not mean that their violence can always be met with weapons here as well and that they need to stay away from me and from my people and stop assuming that a safe world where children can enjoy their youth without being bothered with wickedness to be seen that they come up with is never something that people leave to chance – and then they can set out an original provocation from there and get into government buildings to make bag logs of laws on it that will result in a state of affairs whereby they dominate me whenever they want with a big mouth: I mean we hear how the problem of the world is religious people and how they want to kill or seriously hurt some to make their point one moment and the next they complain the legal state of affairs in the Country and most Countries in the world are made to suit Christians – same old story with how ignoring them means they wreck everything until you show you have had enough of them by wringing your sales out of black people and being a real problem for the whites at the global markets – those talk nonsense about being media bosses all the time, media bosses that work for corporations that know they are not an intellectual property space that belongs to a specific individual who is actually royalty in his right: they work for those and cannot tell the difference between a corporation and what is owned by a single person and like to talk nonsense about whose boss they are on grounds they are media bosses and it never has a limit of course, like the old case of how mentally ill I am when we all know that their temperaments matches that of those who are mentally disturbed and know they are ill than mine does and besides which I do not worry about it because it is the fallout from getting out of bed every day to follow on something idiots get on media when they get out of their own bed to do to see if the media they work on means that they do have that power they perceive they have to make me unemployed and cash strapped, following it on with a process of saying something and doing something that provokes them so intensely they have to keep it going and hold out thereof until we meet and find out how much bleeding we can get out of each other to make their stupid twats understand – I dont do that anymore and this is just the fall out, so I can only say I am not mentally disturbed but I dont have to explain myself to any scumbag either. They do say the problem happens to be that when it comes to difficult decisions about women I back out and when it comes to their sweetness I am known for using them; there is nothing new about it, it’s the old case of black girls getting involved with me whether I like it or not and endlessly trying to get people to ascertain exactly how I feel to that effect of which there is nothing to feel about all those times they had found a Christian that will be bullied into homosexuality so that they might be important of which two issues emerge and one of them was my inability to tolerate their party life and night clubbing alongside handling that stupid culture as well to show that those who give me a taste of their impudence will receive some of mine as well – now they enjoy invading my space – it clearly seems to be the only thing they know and all I can say is that their insults are an abuse and they will complain a lot more than that provided it does not find its level and we are not talking about the Christian that is making them emotional and controls their hearts from a distance for that matter either. Their men complain about feeling like ‘pussies’ when they get involved with me which again annoys them further with that big mouth but over here I make the rules and we are not talking about the big Church syndrome either – we had been there and done that – when they want to be free of me they will take the offer and stay out of my life and my company, there is nothing to feel about it. The media ones are an interesting lot all together – individuals with personalities that are 90% ego – so that everything they do is based on what people tell them their physical appearance can be capable of and so they believe I have gone from the coward they fear to the one they dont anymore with that big mouth and it is much the same thing at all times; for the blacks starting their own off for them as well and wringing your sales out of them but for the whites make the rules because an innocent must suffer for their experiences or else we will never breathe with a big mouth. I do not worry too much about it in any case it is not a crisis but the various forms in which their evil must take and the various flavours they various have about it – they always start off the threats first and we all know they have a problem with seeing you dress piously and attending to your church business and that problem is violent too, knowing perfectly well that whether or not the need to show that Money is God is dependent on whether those Christians that like to come up with ways that others ought to live their stupid lives to suit everybody are becoming a threat to their stupid freedoms or not – and now they say there is a huge big Country in the west called the US where this way in which they want to live and like to claim is freedom is a way of life and hence things I cannot enforce which I have also so far shown I am not quite interested in as well.

The part where I have fallen low at the Monarchy and have been reduced to a state of low culture for my part being utter rubbish since everybody knows they are paying dearly for the fact nobody has the right to breathe unless HM gives somebody else what I have got on the basis of a Birthday or some celebration or even a jubilee, somebody white and preferably, with dark hair: so the bloody fools do need to leave me alone for their part as well. I do not make use of women and their beauties and their sweetness, they simply think along with their idiots who think their own form of wickedness is involved with corruptibility, that when I have female colleagues they can work whatever they like on me and they lost like they never have before, it has nothing to do with my work or my company nor does anything I do that involves women have anything to do with my books and public work and company but you can hardly catch them dead making mention of the fact they are only keeping up – like that old case where they can never be seen saying that they are torturing somebody who has duties with respect to those who put themselves in harm’s way to keep the rest of us safe but is kept out of harm’s way himself – by the way of which my business is Intellectual Property Administration and not some filthy sales.