The story of the NHS has gone on and on and on at this stage and they say it is my response that is needed; I cannot make out if the facts are not clear enough either – I mean both sides of the argument in the matter have a point i.e. the government is not spending anywhere near half of what they should be spending on the NHS on one hand is correct and on the other the reality is still that the party that has made this argument created the damages to the NHS that has restricted the hands of the current coalition government, so the fact it has become impossible to adopt a philanthropic position to bargain for value at the market for the NHS has become impossible because Labour has shown the industries that the NHS has got the money and they have turned up to pitch their tents as well to that effect. So it is never really obvious why they always think that whenever they must do anything about the NHS it is the staff that need to be pushed and or pushed around i.e. all civil service departments today are now split in half between normal people and compulsive lairs, so the normal people are split between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and Green Party and now UKIP as well while the compulsive Lairs are Labour fanatics; what I mean is that the staff are nowhere near half the problem as much as they are. Where I stand however is that it has to be the way it is currently for a while so that when we have considered all the damages that the Labour Party has done to the NHS so they can keep winning elections when others step into the mess and the damages others do to control spending and spend money where it is supposed to be spent to allow the best NHS to exist, then I have to accept that the Labour Party will not find me on their side somewhere in hell.

They do say I cannot deny part of the problem was created by me when I give away state secrets and facts in the roughest of neighbourhoods to those I cannot hold to account walking the streets or co renting property with me but of course the reality is that I know what is happening and that the issue has always been that these trouble makers are really stupid people who understand their stupidities can be destructive, so they always wish to deploy it to damage peoples work and personal lives then find ways of making sure those people cannot recover while they recover in place of such people in order to have what those people used to have while those people do not have it – this sense of power then deployed around the same nepotism and discrimination that is fundamental for their health and well being then becomes the history of success and get applied on everything and becomes increasingly more violent; the issue of course is that the Politicians have always along with their media people had an obsession with seeing to it that they find something powerful with which to ensure I have to deal with their madness all the time, so the part that actually beats me is the bit where they complain, I mean I am at a loss. I spent all my teenage years to put them under control around me but I have now had my academic work damaged on account of them by Politicians, so the complains do not make any sense whatsoever. It happens in the white communities too – in terms of those its largely a matter of how I and others like me come from overseas to show them how they should be living in their Countries and this is inferior race contamination and so most white people don’t want to be told whom they can get help and service or even learning from as well and it starts to get violent but this is the last thing we will ever see Politicians concern themselves with if deploying government office to ensure I am overpowered and made to deal with the madness of the black ones can become their main preoccupation instead. They have never really been a problem for me, I can handle culture and society comfortably, the issue has always been that my academic work is something I deploy to extricate an outcome where I spent years tucked away learning something that was fundamentally developed around keeping away from them and keeping them away from me – so it does not make sense when the Politicians damage it to create loss and regrets that these fools can take advantage of then turn out to complain about it as well; they say they do it to ensure those who can fix certain problems are getting stuck in but it is not an argument I entertain at all – the truth is that old case of socialist idiots that don’t like to be beaten by forces of morality and more so especially when those forces are children, so that I am always being referred to them as child or children as it were leading back to the same old conundrum there always was i.e. they need to keep off my books as it isn’t clear who told them to take that chance in the first place anyway and then again having said so we will never actually get to see the end of their self harming madness, there will always be new ones invented. There is nothing new about it, its just a problem that has been allowed to grow too big; I mean if we take a look at these guys we will find that they  have all saddled their parents especially mothers with lobotomy and so the way to handle them has always been to ensure parents are  immune to them and immune to it – what I came into when I returned to the UK in 2001 however was a condition whereby they had become adults, parents and grandparents even, saddled their parents with lobotomy because nobody knew what to do about it at the time and their children now live in a condition where they wouldn’t dare which means that the goons could do and undo basically.

So that it seems the big idea has always been that I am a dunce but I wouldn’t know – I know I was protected by the government as National treasure before 25 and there are only three things in my life really i.e. academic work, books written and this life being protected by my own actions where it is required. What they do for their part most of the time is find students that study sciences and set them up within that condition by which to make out I am a dunce, so that there is really no way of responding to it as well and then again of which there is no point since if I am a dunce I am clearly cleverer than they are; I mean I have not got a clue what they are doing at government anyway – we hear them ask why other young adults are not like me and more so when they are better, when the obvious reality has always been that I know what I am doing and they don’t and so if the recognise my leadership it is good for them and good for me and if not, nobody will hold it against them unless they have a large ego and turn up here to know things and mess it up all anybody needs to do is take a position at organised crime and then there they will find realities that point them towards Industry communities and realities that point them towards law and order and realities that point them towards government etc – the question is still to be answered here however as far as I am concerned i.e. is a condition whereby a collection of idiots get off to make a case for historical injustices and seek to harm others in a condition where their victims can neither defend themselves or fight back or harm them as well, fundamentally criminal or not? It is a very simple question and then they can pretend they know anything about the economy after it. After all if their support for it is funnelled along the route of their populous trouble makers, we end up mixing it with the part where their strengths are that they can wreck their lives, make other peoples personal lives into trends, seek it and confiscate it with civil rights as well and it is definitely meant to lead to those outcomes where they do not get their own personal lives first of all and do not get mine or other peoples own after all. So that this reality will then make a lot of sense out of how much of a dunce I really am; I mean all I am saying is that all that matters and happens here is whether or not I am engaged in an academic programme of study, writing and selling my books and looking after this office, none of those interference with Politics that is mentioned are happening here that is all invented – it does not really do for people to sit somewhere and make out I am a dunce just like that and they need to keep off my books especially when they are related to me.