So now we have these great matters at hand of Politicians holding me down to Public responsibilities, partly being that they want to be able to control and use me the way the Monarchy does, which is utter nonsense as the Monarchy is only interested rebel or not, in those who have turned their lives around and are not creating problems for the realm, hence no idea what parity they find between that and their Political duties which is to administrate and lead anyway; except of course if it is woven into the picture the idea that I have provided another leadership recently which finances need to be squandered and I need to be abused all the way for while they use it to glorify themselves, especially the Liberals and socialists that are always talking nonsense as insultingly as possible about respect. So two main cases have emerged today and one of them is that the Minister in question prefers to criticise the Fire service before Government perform reform to its operations and then tell me that it is because my responsibilities could be relied upon, while the other is that Americans are creating problems for me that I need to resolve to make politicians feel comfortable; I couldn’t make it out anyway, since if it is a matter of ignorance, then the main issue that has not been addressed is the ones Politicians provide resources for i.e. most males these days want to gain footing at popular culture and preserve their health by living lives of hoodlums so that they might dominate women in bed, so that where it applied to the fire service is that if there are 20 companies in an area for example and they want to know something about the way that fire hazard is controlled, what they speak to is some 10 companies that specialise in it which are run by none whites as it were, when we know that none whites are rather always more interested in fame and fortune popular culture and profiting from hating the Country than such Industries in the first place and that even if it were otherwise, the ones run by white people would have existed decades before the ones run by none whites and therefore more experienced – as for problems created for me by Americans however, I am not aware of any that I cannot manage but it still comes back down to a process where Politicians organise people to squander my income over leadership I have provided which they have failed at while the tax payer funds their vanities at exorbitant prices. Then we hear them tell me all I say simply makes me vulnerable to them and it is much the same as Middle Classes attacking me when it is as much as suggested I look at women within their league but get after every Royal female I am interested in or in a relationship with because it is simply an opportunity and competitive to do so and it is never really competitive until we are in a relationship as such; I mean my current debutant has always been around them for years without any interests being offered, until she took interest in me and continued to be seen in public making statements about how she does not know if her hearts wants her to use it to make the rest of her life operable and so at the point where I found her protecting my interests on Twitter I had to make it serious right away for my part as well and suddenly ended up with women beyond my league by a collection fools whose idea of controlling gangs and drugs and crime really has to do with taking drugs because the real crime is possession with intent to distribute and have always understood that a relationship with upper class women will never work for them, so we can see why it is ever so difficult if they are not in pain. The Politicians on the other hand have always had a desire in their hearts to be attended by servants and I only need look like it, no matter who I am of which will guarantee the result they hunt me for the rest of my life and rip up my finances to extricate the essence; for my part Christians have no respect for any other source of power save God and National Parliaments that turn up to cut up my finances and make me seek money will ever change that as it were, in terms of the fire fighters the reality is still that my half monastery existence is the most important thing while my public engagements are split between Politicians and celebrities and people can show a regard for finances that are to come from selling books by providing a leadership that they have failed at providing after being paid tens of thousands of pounds by the tax payer to do so otherwise they can take me on instead; when it comes to looking like a servant and being attacked by those who need servitude, it is not that I never had servants when I was a child, I did but my Dad always had a thing about treating servants properly, hence I am nothing like they are or indeed vulnerable to them as they claim, such that the story has always been here that fire fighters are criticised before the reforms are done, knowing that revolution to bring about republic of Britain is happening underground and is facilitated by the heavily finances industry of immigrants which the Politicians themselves that profit from such things the most have failed to control – the question now has to be whether I think these people who want republic of Britain are a bad thing, which I have no idea how to answer; all I know is that these people are their age mates and only they can tell which spent all their days doing truancy in school and now believes his financial problems are caused by others, as for me I only know they want to play up civil rights on my financial well being fostered by ageist Politicians and am always likely to talk from such a perspective. The bottom line is that I have written my Books and will ensure that the problem is exacerbated for anybody that squanders the income and am starting to fancy deeply the idea of that going from Popular culture idiots and media goons, to the Politicians that ask them to do it and I am not talking about the goons showing up in Public to take revenge for what I have done about Russian attack on Family life either - they always finish off by making up their own stories on the tabloids about E.U. attack on Family life hence it becomes news all together all the time.

So I hear now that I am a coward that will do anything to avoid a fight; what really happens however is that these people are really stupid and it’s not just the part where they cannot tell where the social demarcation between their academic work and the existence of gangs and criminals are supposed to be either, it is far, far reaching than that to add to their really twisted and destructive nature – so that what actually happens is that 90% of their existence is like this, while 5% cannot exist without stealing and the remaining 5% is capable of killing people and when I had run their case through until they are left with the latter 10% and therefore feel I do not need to go further, what happens is that they gratify themselves with tales of me being a Coward all over Media. In the end it is an old story of the fact he is twice your size and if you let him get into a habit of hitting you then he can kill you but there is nothing preventing you from having him at a point where he cannot and leaving him with the beating of his life as well for your part anyway. I personally like to play it out with the attitude of motorists and the idea the Cars are their circle of power and in it they can do anything and get away with it even gang up on pedestrians to have their pleasure if they want to anytime they wish and it will continue and lead to an outcome in which I have terrified them out of it too when that space starts to get occupied by me spiritually all together and of course people will not die as a result too considering nervous drivers make bad drivers as it were, since the easier option was to keep their eyes on the roads and off my bum. They do say it is something about their freedoms which I have taken away, in the same way that they claim I am in no position to posture the way that I do; in terms of the former of which they have no freedoms, all they have is a hatred of morals and peoples religion and the need to exhibit that on diplomatic and Political circles all the time and because they damaged my finances and academic work seeking prerogatives of injustice, I not live to ensure they never have it, which means that each time they spend making sure my finances are in tatters and I am always either limping because of it or because my academic work is in tatters as well, they will edge ever closer to the bad neighbourhoods that they came from as well and then the things they grew out of will turn up in their lives while they are trying to make a living the way they ensure it does mine with their stupid Media and in terms of the latter, I am in a position to posture as much as I like, considering what it is about is their wicked and twisted and evil nature needing somebody to attack because it makes them feel good and their Politicians financing it by making sure I fall  behind them in terms of financial well being so their stupid confidence might go through the roof. It is so difficult to work on this structure that ensures people are able to buy my Books the more successful they become and that means that I become successful the more successful people become as well, providing me the means to socially control what violent people do with jobs and careers when others can ask them if my concerns draw their attention because they want to take it over, bearing in mind that I do it in such a way as means that it is at the point where the Fascist or the Tyrant will have become tired of justice, that the way he really was should have become obvious to the world and the general public, only for the Politicians who get tens of thousands in salaries to encourage people to rip up the finances and set about abusing me for it as well; in their case of which it started not with the current claims of how I abuse and insult them but with the fact my little business at the garage must have no respite,  until they eventually got into government and laid down plans for their vandalism right up to expenses scandal and the stupidities these fools get up to and then found out that they have a small business too but even the parliament ceases to be a place where they can control the profits on my account and then I became insulting. I have always made it clear that the Court is an all female business with me but they have always loved to get involved because they have needs and even now Journalists will not report the news unless their posture suggests the phenomenon that is my Books; so because my Business is intellectual property administration their relationship with me has developed into intellectual property administration vandalism to gain attention at Industry and then we hear them complain as well and tell me I keep digging a hole for myself whenever I speak of providing leadership at Industry which is why the Industry goons that send them out to bother me in such ways do not trouble me at all and what they mean is that of religion that kill people, whereas the question really is whether it is religion or provocation that does it all together – in terms of religion of which they are latching onto the story of Islam that feels suffocated, whereas the reality is that the Bible is very clear over here that there was a time that Mankind was without Law until it was given them directly from heaven through the prophet Moses, right up to the time when Christ actually fulfilled all the law all together but Islam does not have a consolidation for the fact that it actually does not recognise peoples agency to come in and or leave the religion as they may to and when that is the case, what we have is a cult and not a religion and they will tell me that there is a passage in the Quran that allows the killing of persons such as myself which leads to the whole prognosis of jihad i.e. the great servant of Allah that has been killing people and making them confess to being religious or confess that God is the highest source of justice before he sends them to the other world, was not prepared when drones struck and hence ended up in Hell – so we do not know how pleased with Him Allah will be anyway, just like it is fun to suggest they abuse Women at home and not outside because Allah will see from outside etc and hence the same old story where they take out all the spec from people’s eyes but the log in their own is still there. In the case of these goons however, they hate religion and so they chase me around for the one I practice in their personal lives because it will draw a crowd which will make their violent gossips financially beneficial to ensure I am always cash strapped and start to pretend I am scared of them as hatred of religion cannot just be an opinion and has to be followed on with threats and of course there is nothing that says my Faith means that I must get off and be a criminal like them instead of work for the money I pay my way in the world with and they are finding that out in a very grand way as well, while their Politicians are seeing the part where they observe these things happen overseas and want to see what it will feel like, to tell me there is the British one I cannot get out of as well, whereas the British one was the one where they separated me from my faith and took it over and practiced it, so that they can understand it and then put an end to it as they have continued to express the fact it provokes them but people like me come up with new ones all the time and of course the first time it became an issue they were complaining about me Nationwide at Football and the next time it is there will be another complain just as equally too. So in the end I do get told most of my activities are not making a head way, which is not really true – yes these people are sent by industry goons but so can they make their own choices and decisions as well, therefore I am not obliged, besides which the Industry people I can handle anyway, the one where I do my research on their stupid activities and gather facts I need to help me sell my Books and then cease to look like there are external forces that control me; the rest comprise of a history of revenge and the first was the damage to my finances because the Christian was not the type that was likely to make compromises with evil, he had not even had a bad experi4nce before he turned to God and was still a virgin by the way and had to be dominated before he was allowed to do his academics and any chances of getting a job – the other revenge was the stalking me to damage my academic work at the University of Greenwich and we are in the third one now which is about my Books, I am sure there with be a fourth about relationships too and then the fact those that can actually take me on should be lapping it while those that cannot exist at a point of perpetual pain as a result of the fact they really wish they were will become more obvious. As for the idea I am digging myself into a hole and digging it further and further, there is no such thing; I do not have a history of harming myself like these goons who just decide to save their energy so they can dominate women in bed and seek a life of hoodlums that expect to make money at Popular culture by taking advantage of people such as myself – in the end of which if I had not let it run its course people would still have continued to claim we religious people do the provocation and have no respect for civil rights; worse case is that I will end up with a legitimate right to keep them off where I was born and how I was raised and my childhood friendship sensibilities and earn the right to stop people from being famous in a legitimate way, while they will use their own lives to make a perspective on the left by which fame and being important is possible and they always say it will lead to trouble of course while they can see I have already hut down the left hand side all together for my part, so they might live ever closer to the bad neighbourhoods they came from to get all the fight they want. Even now, they will never report the news as Journalists and News anchors, unless it is about the phenomenon that is my Books and that means total destruction of everything that my patents protect around what I do to produce my Books in terms of social and cultural work all together, hence a problem that will not go away and so the digging a hole for myself thing is not quite accurate because if I did completely rip up everything about Men’s world and especially the part that will have gotten me to show up in public for endless lamentations about how I could have been somebody until they turned up in my life etc, the way it will not affect me is that I am well sorted for a process of getting my sales and market out of the Men and Fat boys who want to control atmospheres of entire communities in order to become advertisement and marketing geniuses at Industry alongside Media idiots are usually the best targets considering the social and cultural problems associated with their stupid jobs ends up in my Office with blame culture and stupid Women who make unreasonable demands of people who then spend their own lives for them as well until they seek civil rights, of which it makes no sense why any normal person would make alliances with such women for industrial purposes anyway but we can see how the hole I dig for myself and dig ever deeper is unfolding if it were to be described anyway – the rest are fringe but do give anyway if it comes to it. They do say I like Americans and talk like them but love to sneer at them as well which is utter nonsense, I like Americans but not as per I want to go off and live there and do like to punish them with this juxtaposition endlessly for my part too anyway; the reality is that this is what people usually think i.e. when people from upper classes end up in company of lower classes, the lower classes always make out they are American when they are not and I am not American, they just live out this very stupid and destructive existence all the time and it is clearly not the one where they makeup reasons for their problems and punish those who have nothing to do with it for it all together as well as it were.