So I do not contrary to popular ideas feel bullied in anyway whatsoever. The middle classes are always feeling they are incredibly educated while their evil cultures should be all over everybody as insults and then it will mean that they can talk to anybody anyhow they like; I am a Christian so they move me left and have that my faith where they will be the controllers and managers of it to get rich doing my stuff for me and more so all the time; some of them have achieved much academically, Politically and Administratively and gotten called onto very exclusive quarters of the British Establishment and access to things that are always looking vulnerable and available thereof to make connections with and get rich; I still do not know what it means: that when they insult and attack the Queens Arch Prince while instilling morals in society and telling people not to do things like swear, it will pay off? The lower classes on the other hand I love to met out the worst possible punishment because their insults are always completely uncalled for. The middle want to do my religion in their own way so they want the part where it affects my matrimony to share so they might never have to believe its principles while they do and do on and then cal also use it to get rich. When you have reached a point where you are a Prince who is being threatened by a beating from people then the only logical way to deal with it is make sure no matter what money they have, they never get any respect for any of it, which is what I have done so they can tell me I say things when they have become stronger because it is not currently convenient for me to prove them, whereas I say things because I have recently made sure their insults are not funny on Public Television; if they get anywhere near me I will certainly kill them.

I have made it clear to them why they should get off my property as it stands, the fact they are beginning to behave like my work act like my work and talk like my work and if it ends them up somewhere bad like a court room for example those threats I issued sometime ago of directly sanctioning their right to speech all together will come into play but it does not seem this threat is having any satisfactory impact on them yet. It will not be the first time anyway, just like the fact when they cannot stop my book sales from happening they get crowd my market place to keep people out and never buy the books themselves, they always think when they split your empire between racists their white idiots and themselves, so they can play their stupid mixed race games and fight racism to be famous when they are not white all you do will affect the black race which is utter nonsense as I can easily and clearly fix the problem so I can do it anyway. They on the other hand have supplied me all the information I needed by ruining my finances and trying to force me into the preacher at the point where I should me married and settled with somebody I love.

It is not a matter regarding which I am completely innocent in any case as it were, the basic manner in which I operate most of my work is make their evil mothers famous as they are so their stupid fathers can show due respect to me, this I do not discuss because they are always bringing up things on Public television as lies and perception to get my attention and get ahead of me which means that rightfully which shows I am making the correct progress I tend to talk about what concerns women all the time. So I intend to make those their stupid evil mothers more and more famous the more they are famous which is about the same amount of embarrassment as being followed around by them everywhere I go. The ones that are not all together mixed race think it means that it all done and I am now scared of them which is where they win and this has no bearing to the truth as the entire purpose of what I have done to them is when their ugly mothers are famous, I train myself in the act of making sure they are kept away from Jobs except they vote a socialist government to spend tax payers money giving them those jobs which will not do them any good either if they use it to attack me or get near me in anyway, so their husbands can show some respect and leave me alone, their insolent daughters can know where to seek their future and beautification of their homes with their insolence and their tough media idiots can bully me less on Public TV behind the scenes each time I have something about my life and where I am going which they do not know about happening; for of course when people set out to bully somebody until he is brainwashed and does everything they tell him but end up spending all their culture only to end up with the result of being brainwashed themselves, then what they should do is attack the person to cause him pain to rebuild their stupid cultures and then get on media to ensure they control directions of his life and can use the news to bully him into doing things that suggest he is brainwashed into doing (bearing in mind their leaders can simply sit down in whatever Countries they come from where following what you like no matter how others are affected is the norm, and make out that because the systems of government in heir Country is Political and mine is not that is just something for which they should pick on me, hence dispatch them to cause abuse that they call discipline for an action of robbing shoulders with them on my part, looking for trouble which never seems to go away either, talking rubbish about archaic systems of government that need to be removed through revolution which always has an ending that is pleasant to them too as it were, hence the reason they hate my guts deeper and deeper everyday.).

Am I proud of being called upon to defend our civilization and way of life? Writing books to make a living from it might indicate I am over excited but that is not the main prognosis, the real prognosis is that when I do things which have to do with civil rights bearing in mind I do not need to, I need to be doing it alone so I don’t get betrayed for trophy by any scum.

They think they have worked it all out, idiots on standby to be the ones that have the future I grew up to build when I enroll at college, mixed race games incase a marry a white women and the list goes on like that endlessly. It helps if they would leave me alone.