I have not got an idea what all those rubbish people do on media when they are told to be the face of adverts for other peoples products really is and this is the issue that confounds me for most of the time. So he is asked to film her with a big simple about a product and the end product is something else entirely getting paid while finding ways to earn my income so I don’t earn it with another product and then and advert which attacks me. The forces and power of squander the call it but I am not the one complaining attacking other people, making friends with Americans and talking rubbish about how I will never rest until they are dead because they have shown there are things I might want that they will not let me have. I was not the one that opened up my life to them so they can see things they want, now they I am going to die as well.

Its like the music industry that they tell me I should do nothing to harm but I cannot see one good reason why this should be the case. They always think in that industry that when you speak of celebrities you have counted them among those and that attitude is always really annoying as it were. Especially when they claim the purpose of their actions is to fight for me. the idiots do not fight for me and never have; what they do is find ways of gathering information about me when I am angry playing or relaying them to racists and then turning up in public places to peddle me through music CDs like a drug or some kind of addiction to fascists and recently they have stopped to lowest of the low being famous on a cultural prognosis.

Then they tell me the things I do to them is not effective; of course it is-at local level I want good behavior from them no matter the age, age just makes it better, at Public level I want them to dress well for a change in their stupid lives and look publicly presentable so they can steal my beauties then beat me up to be more important than I am and look the part when they are. Don't get me started on their celebrity insults big ugly egos and the process of demanding respect from me, not to mention those things they tell idiots that will do violence for them to do because I refuse to give it, which simply ensures I soften them up, especially those their insolent managers and Daddys that feel they are tough enough to move me out of my personal life and move into my right, for the fascisms as well (which is the same thing I feel building an empire where the money goes else where to somebody else when they know I am past the violence, bearing in mind they think it is a bed of roses or something. So when they try to harden themselves up again and it hurts like hell they will know I am the Daddy nevertheless ). I am only asking for a single good reason why when I defend myself I should do nothing to hurt the music industry? It is not as if when I defend myself from trouble makers that just want to gobble up the world as they see it and have nothing on their hands to do to better themselves as they have heart desires on my property, they do not take it over and make out with their songs they are the ones doing that job.

In my view when people extract millions from your property it should be enough for them but not for these ones obviously, they will spend a substantial amount of it to get respect in places where you cannot give it for themselves out of you as well; so bearing in mind you keep the records when they extract these millions in order to make a business work, obviously once they re-establish contact you dispute ownership of those millions with the facts you have and never let it go. Now they have all kinds of money to buy drugs and stuff with and will always descend lower than me at all times for their lot. The normal eventuality is always that I think it is my fault they had access to me and to my work and property to do such things with but what do I do now that they always mess up my work so they can do it because they are doing it out of anger? What do I do with them, what do I do with their way of life and culture and society and Politics?