The white people and black people conundrum is not a major issue, I don’t know why it seems all must hinge on a process where I speak of it anyway – so here we go i.e. people simply think they can mess about with me as much as they like especially when they are famous and so when the question of enough being enough comes up and I begin to chase them as well what we end up with is a condition where they band together as a community to deal with me and continue to speak of this their culture and history and all worth not – I mean they think about sex 24/7 and think about chasing and corrupting others with insults but I have things to do and I am sure they can live with that too – I mean its not like these are curfews anyway, you need a bus ticket to get to Town and no matter how rich they can you can walk into anywhere and rough up peoples three piece suit, so until it comes to that their behaviour and abject and total lack of respect can never ever improve; the black ones would like their names mentioned of course and yes it does matter, after all they like to say history of slavery affects us all but I should exist at a point where my lot is worse than the person that got the worst possible treatment from the white man because they can and if the Royal family does not rip up the Literary empire for me and it thus becomes a problem for all black people on this planet it will never be over and I will never stop as well – I hear them speak of pride going before a fall and the fall comes faster and harder with arts figures when you mess with them. The Politicians are of course another story – they will spend 14 years of my time and deploy an entire state to wreck my finances so these fools can manipulate me, it used to be because I am a Christian, now it is because I have gotten to a position that does not befit my level and have taken it the way it was not fit for me with those stupid insults we are very familiar with from these fucking lot as it were and now they want a public life and to make their point love to express they want it from me with a big mouth hence are getting it too and the world is seeing it, which was never my idea either.

The way to avoid trouble has always been as simple; this habit of deploying my work to make money and messing with my income as well to pretend they are so rich or famous I wouldn’t mind is developed around claims that their companies are so rich is virtually created the world in which I am writing and selling my books and yet I was there when that whole process encroached on me and have no plans to discuss it either – if they want to keep their cultures and histories and prevent a condition where I get my hands on it again, they will want to back off and shut that part of their useless 24 hour behaviour we see all the time down as it were. They do not seem to be able to do anything without it – handle my company and make use of the markets then mess up my own product sales and stifle my income to talk nonsense about their superior disposition being based on their fine looks or superior race and it all comes down to really stupid violent absurdities that I have never asked them to display here and then followed by stories about how my doing something about them can only lead to a process where they lean to the far right but leaning to the far right has always been the acceptable result, always the better option than to allow people make something out of you that travels away from a Country where people cannot let you be to another country where you are told you are giving a second class service and being paid for it and that the first class service was given to the white man while you were being beaten up and tied up and taken advantage of and insulted and abused and all that you strove and gave it free as well, all for nothing – so that it might not happen they can get the far right and mastermind an exodus and it will be okay so they can keep their stupid insults.

Apparently it is not the far right they are interested in but every fool that wants to play a game with them whereby they are the population with the majority in the Country and therefore should be able to oppress the rest and take anything from them and for that reason generally think they can bloody turn up here and handle or play their foolish insults out on my valuables as though I were their mate or something all the time, their mate each and every one of them as it were and I don’t see what the problem is when people must be famous by their insolence either.

As for the part about the Royal family ripping up my literary empire, it does not work that way – I mean I am in a business where I broker equities and people simply don’t want to pick it up and I now have to set out facts to convince them that if they don’t the Industries will and the result will be the usual case of not going out to engage with customers and convince them they are getting products the way that those who created them would be getting them, then they will have a completely different focus and the rest of us will pay the price all the time i.e. 5 people in an oil company board and 4 think environment is important but the one that does not can do what he likes while the rest claim they have tried their best with him or the other part where they built the country I am trying to write and sell books in with a big mouth and when I ask them about the one I built and where it has ended up as well talk nonsense like that being expendable for example and it is usually one of those eventualities where they don’t know me and are bound to find out thinking they are so rich I wouldn’t mind as it were.

I don’t think it is something people have to worry about, especially such areas as the part where black people are never wrong when it comes to what I think or I get what is coming to me with that yapping we hear all the time – it is as they say that it is the nature of evil that in the end all things will be revealed; its just a question of what happens until then. I mean we see it all the time, women must never work, what they must do is live off pillaging my finances and nobody knows why the men that support them at it have not got jobs anyway, it is however a measure of some of the things I do especially when those occasions rear their heads where I have the wrong perception about people and that the reality is that they fancy me, so that when it goes on for long enough what seems to get in my face is their stupid homosexual communities I will usually have gotten hold of and wringed the life out of so they can get new legislations to make new National rules on being gay for example but as usual it has only ever led to a result where they claim I myself am gay and it is the reason I do those things, stopping only when I inform them I will one day walk into their gay bars with a Bible in my hand just recently returning from Church and then it will become real as well; there is nothing unusual about it, if people do these things because they are famous, all that runs through my head is what they have which I need to mess with to create the same feeling of doing these same things to them because I was famous and of course I always find those things in the end too. By the way of which no women I get involved with behave in that way in anyway whatsoever; it is usually about such things as when they boast they will kick the wind out of blah, blah, blah and then when they meet me in the thick of it they don’t kick anything anymore so I can have a go at them for it all the time while they tell me to do it first.

I hear the story of Scottish Nationalism for example has moved the independence debate to gender issues, I cannot make out what that means anyway but they have already settled on how women are more cautious voters and men are more willing to take risks, whereas the issues where rather the ones about the difference between a Scottish Man with his family on a Beach and an English one doing the same i.e. does it then mean that it would be better if they had more freedom to add to it as them beaches will now be controlled by new Scotland and a new freedom mantra? Does it then mean that doing so would have served them in anyway whatsoever? I still reiterate I cannot believe that the matter has come to a referendum myself anyway, all that rubbish that Alex Salmon and his friends talk about all the time and it is the same example I had used earlier i.e. two men have been friends for 50 years and in that time one has been a bar owner and the other a fisher man who supplies the bar, so when the bar owner wants 6 extra crates free of charge with his purchases, the fisherman thinks he has done something wrong by not giving it before it was asked anyway – it appears Alex Salmon and his friends have found it out and broken it, in return of which they have made their connections with the bankers and the oil industry and want to give them a new country with that of which Mr Salmon and his friends could always have made connections with bankers and oil industries without pretending that being fans of mine includes breaking up the UK which I have no idea how it tends to mean they are fans of mine as well; best reflected of course at the Trident Question; where this man and his friends at age at this stage and in these times cannot find their way around the issues of 20 to 25 year olds being trained to fly bombers that will deliver nuclear bombs in their time – my point being that if a line is not clearly drawn on this matter using this Scottish referendum each and every one of these fools who find it difficult to find their way around the Country will always want it to become a new one and the question as a matter of time becomes that of what stage this simply then becomes a means to an end. As for the part about reporters and the media however, that has never been an emotive issue, its a simple case of when you see journalists report the news while dealing with fame freaks from overseas, it is normal to enjoy it because it is the nature of their job and they are paid to do it – the trouble they have with me is first that they have no plans to keep their jobs out of mine and the result now is that I cannot concentrate on a job search let alone keep any jobs I have as it were because of them and the insulting and abusive manner in which they do it tells its own story all together too – it is the sort of lack of respect and curtsey that makes animals out of perfectly normal persons since we all know there are people that are not kind to them in society but when you protect them from it be it that they steal that by raiding your friendships and personal life or not to get it through corruptions of involvement that American Politicians and corporate idiots will sanction with a sense of freedom and democracy which if they don’t the Germans and the Japanese will instead - the Spanish are probably dead at this stage so we do not tend to hear a lot but the Danes are busy with a society of Trust anyway so we still have our hand full, what happens as a result is that it turns out that we can never run out of glossy magazines pillaging your life and finances yet again every single day. So that they reach a point where they say I am going back to where I started which is utter rubbish since I was actually simply after something that has now been accomplished; i.e. it did appear that their violent consumerism had created a world where brands mean nothing anymore and so now they do again and mine is on course to become one of the most notorious of all – don’t get the wrong idea, I put them up to the violent consumerism so they ca do it 24/7 without rest or respite none stop as they wanted it dished for them as it were but it does not necessarily mean that I want to see any of it around my concerns either: hence the same result – they need to sell the fucking wares and sleep with all the whors in the world to make their point and pretend they can address anybody they bloody well wish with it and save their insults where it might be better appreciated, keeping their stupid hands off my Royal Estate and Royal office and its Literary Empire so this matter does not escalate like that fight they make noise about wanting to win all the time. I mean the Scottish independence story is a fine example of how it is claimed I break up brothers at their commitment, whereas the reality is that they really have a problem listening to what people are saying to them i.e. I can catch you at your anus and penis every time you use yourself in a way that does not suit my purposes which winds me up and then he will say, I am selling gadgets and you might want to buy some but once selling gadgets is done he will want to know if that is how they do your own, so what they are saying is that people establish brotherhood with when they do that. I hear for my part that I am somebody they can do and undo with but it has never been so, when we all know it is a matter of their seasoned stubborness that has taken years and decades to evolve into what it is today, so the reason all they do is so violent and painful and hard and unforgiving with people personal life and so on is that all they know is what they are feeling and what they do not want to feel and what they want to feel and how to ensure they are feeling what they want to feel - so they say my Christian personal life offers that, I ask them about the repentance and the rules and they talk rubbish and what I get up to leads to the media nonsense we see all the time. To this effect they like to say I boast but have lost everything which is utter nonsense since the last time I checked my big Church programme was running at its peak -they have always insisted that those cultures and societies they are attached to if messed with will lead to death but I have messed with it by manipulating them into giving me the license to do so and now I am not dead anything - the result is that they can carve fame from it and politics from it and fortune from it and Industry from it and jobs from it and leave people alone if they wanted while I supervise, so I can catch them at their anus and penis as well: it is where they tell me it is one of the most important issues at the Heart of the Scottish Independence story - the one where I think Power is an escapable phenomenon on account I have left Church and gotten myself involved with Government and it is utter nonsense as I don't think that in anyway - reality is a matter of how you use power i.e. if you say to a 17 year old I want your personality, you know his parents will support him for another 2 years and he has a platform with which to go his way so you can go your own since it must be that you have to have such things and there is something wrong with you but if you say it to a 21 year old, you understand already that you will never ever get it and when you are after one that you know can kick you as well if he wants to, then keep going and he will at some point. Its much the same story with the rest of them at Industry - say the best way to handle the economic crisis is to settle consensus on the fact Rich people did not just exist in a flash and were born somewhere, grew up somewhere and as human beings with perspective, are heading somewhere with their lives, so the pretence they do not belong in the Country is better done away with rather than the sense we need spend tax payer funds to bribe them to keep businesses here for jobs: what they have done with this is turn up to tell me they want more and so their Popular culture idiots are up in arms and so are their Industry goons and so are their media fools and so in order to be fair since they say their companies have changed the way the Country works so much that it is impossible for others to set up one without making use of their own in some way and each time I look at it there is evidence they describe themselves handling my Royal Estate, the mean thus has been to ask them about the Country I built as well which they say is expendable and I think they say that because they do not know me well enough and they have been tinkering over it for the last decade and more is to come which indicates it will end very well too: for these then as well as these goons talking nonsense about how people like me always end up in the weaker side, then set out a case for accountability when nobody is asking me which is the biggest apology for power that there ever was offered by those that cannot lead, we do away with the academics and settle the straight matter of them making me do what they want while I make them do what I want to answer these power questions. They do say I have taken up the future of young people and gambled it away at Industry of course but it is the same story with the blockheads all round; first of all which it is not my responsibility to look into the consequences for them of their inability to accept my leadership and secondly there is also the reality that nobody told them to turn up here and express the benefits and powers of their stupidities which generally means they can answer all their questions in life by being hard and unforgiving and violent using their seasoned inability to listen to what people are saying to them on those they describe as softies - describing people as cunts has led to trouble all the way to US as it stands but the underlying issues have no changed and they still think they are tough enough to that effect too: of course its never really been about whining, its an old case of people setting of small corner stone sex industry in strategic locations where they can do stuff and use the British to get rich and important or famous and we all know we are British and do not do sex very well because sex always leads to the same old result of peoples doing our stuff anyway but for these guys there arises a question of how much is enough; now I have set off Popular culture as well and they have so far since I started retaliated by spending their money on making popular culture and since then I have rounded up the whole thing and the whole process is starting all over again, with their stupid children and a hint of antisemitism going on there in the personality thinking they are really tough which means they can do whatever they like with me using hat blindfold they have over their eyes about what my age is as compared to their own and so on but at a limit, however which it is still too close for comfort: I understand it is said this is a confrontation I cannot sustain but it is not a matter of what I can or cannot sustain when every time the question comes up about whether it is British or not, it turns out others are using it and that they can have interests in the same place as well except that it has to be like that of the British but one that befits their size if they are bigger or befits their size if they are smaller but above all which is where it all comes from is the attitude of their leaders - those are block heads too and all they do thereof is hard and violent because they come from backgrounds of seasoned stubborness: the stubborness of the Popular culture which we all know affects other peoples Industries in various ways anyway but some still are actually dominant with it and claim its about power hence that other delusion that when they talk nonsense all the time and get involved with markets it tends to mean they can fight me and win or take me on in a fair fight to their advantage - in the end if British does not like it, then British does not like it and it is that simple and it is easy to see they are heading for the freedom goons living in slums who hate Royalty thing because we keep going around in circles over the matter and of course we do have Popular culture as well but it is seldom destructive let alone dominant especially those concerned with my Royal Estate which exist to serve me.