So their favourite question comes up here; the question of what makes Christians different from the rest of us, which as I have mentioned before is a matter of the fact when they see women it is a big pile of feminine flesh that has no chance of getting hurt or crying on them for example and of course thereafter anal sex is arousing. Apparently the issue is that they cannot snap themselves out of it which is then why I asked them in the first place. The more different the lives we live the more of a problem they are for me especially along the lines of my earnings and the right to have one all the time without stop, lies told for the pleasure all of the time too.

It’s the sex I am not having, the pop stars I loath-(who love to make out things I have done which they have benefited from was directly targeted at them when I did it so they can hurt me with it and do nothing else with their time but extract an income from my property or have an excuse for a product with which they use their money define capital in alternative ways and earn my income instead of working for theirs, then set out to make sure anything I do which does not benefit them is what they have claimed was done to benefit them anyway because they already know the way they live is to hurt me with anything I do which benefits them for example writing a book that might be of good to them and various other Royal duties that are clearly their privilege), the girls friends I don’t have, the drinking I don’t do, the smoking I don’t do, the prostitutes I do not sleep with, all the time, which then is what makes other peoples lives really difficult, as in their view these things happen without reason, especially while they are controllers of the right to protest about prejudice and are treating the job centre like their personal and private property with it and are always threatening to beat up people especially me, fighting for peoples rights before they were born even when those they target are older than them and the fact that being a Christian does not mean being any less the person you are does not apply to their sense of things, bearing in mind also their freedom is based on ruling others and it is always about "what" they "do with" "it" and money, so I am always being helped, being told to and made to do things that I am avoiding with and by everything, especially media where they stir it all together; after which they complain about how some of the things I do is not really like a Christian when those things are all about them and the choices and decisions they must make and make quickly too; as we all know the children will grow up to be like the parents but somebody else's life needs to be wasted by the parents to help them discipline the idiots they have brought into the world. 

I was there when all those their insults began, it is a decade of my time that was spent creating levels ad levels of insults that go from treating me like women and has now reached this point, which is then also followed on with ideas I have gotten used to it because they are planning to get away with it as well and if I let them they will make laws on it; so the threats and far right games continue of course.

For me it applies I can always ignore these abuses and threats of violence bearing in mind they are not quite fascist but far right enough with a big mouth, in order to attack me all the time because they are trying to have power for as much as I can because at a point I will cease to tolerate it and I do not want them pretending I have any gotten used to it so they can make laws on it and make the state my enemy because I am not a rebel they are and when the state is my enemy it will not be the revolution type.

Very vicious very vile people who think of nothing but their wickedness obviously and I should look down on them at all times too because it never spares me and always has an excuse no matter how clever I am, except of course as it were that I have female friends to empower, hence our paths happen to cross because they always go out of their way for it and celebrities to deal with each time their male idiots have been making them rich sharing my fame with them, most notoriously, insulting and abusively Pop stars and do so, more so to excess, unto the point of damaging my book sales and finances; bearing in mind I had their own issue figured out a long time ago anyway and still have no idea except for suspecting their Politicians, how they continue to have access to my property with the use of media to that extent.

They can just turn up and have a problem with women that always trap them somewhere and no matter how much they help will not let them be or let them go until their lives are completely ruined because they mentioned something about helping women which is insulting and for those of them that are now grown ups have girls and mistresses that tell lies all the time and find somebody to take it out on especially when there has been a chance to be famous and rich, then they have moved left already and are taking on the ones that are not quite feminist like although they want nothing to do with men and soon enough they are knowing everything about silly things women talk about among themselves all the time, then getting round to attack my earnings and grab it because they know who is tough and who is not, soon enough they must have moved from this as well and so their problem happens to be women that do really silly things, especially when they have gained the backing of their really ugly mothers so that others might want to create a condition where people have to be them in order to look like a superior race or kind of person and therefore be famous, whereas the corporate greed on the left and cultural violence on the right really was their problem and then of course when done at this stage it is time to approach me and ask me exactly what makes me one of the best and coolest men to walk this planet (which I am by the way), whereas the real and most important question was what exactly they have done for people besides their media lies and theft that they should have become famous and therefore rich by it as well. Hence their answer; that they are making those that can fix it to fix it for them, while they chase after their Prime objective of being famous and therefore very rich by being famous, which I personally do not think is a bad idea either since the Politicians have agreed to pay.